Why Isn’t He Asking Me Out?

image of guy flirting with a woman

Many women talk to our psychics about men who flirt with them but don’t ask them out. They express frustration with the mixed signals they’re receiving and confess to driving themselves crazy agonizing over the details.

This is an extremely common dilemma. Whether it’s a longtime friend, a co-worker or simply someone whose social circle closely aligns with yours, it can be puzzling to feel like someone is flirting with you when they’ve never asked you out.

So what has your stomach doing butterflies? A guy that’s always happy to see you, who goes out of his way to spend time with you and seems to remember every detail you’ve ever divulged about your life. Sometimes he makes comments about your psychical appearance, and other times you simply notice a slight twinkle in his eye when he looks at you.

Whatever his moves are, they make you feel good. You feel a spark, and may even find yourself thinking about what it would be like to go on a date with him.

But you always find yourself wondering, “Why isn’t he asking me out?”

There are many different reasons why a man you suspect is flirting with you isn’t asking you out:

  • He’s unsure how you feel about him. You might feel like you’re obviously flirting with him too, but maybe your moves aren’t sending a strong enough signal. Try being more deliberate in your advances and see if his behaviour changes.
  • He’s in a relationship. Maybe he does have feelings for you but is already committed to someone else. In this instance, he could use flirting as a way to engage with you without actually cheating on his partner. If this is true, you should refrain from flirting back in the future.
  • He’s just being friendly. It’s possible that you may be misreading his friendly behavior as flirtatious. Next time you interact with him, analyse his behavior from an objective point of view. Is he simply being nice and helpful, the way a friend might act?
  • He’s only physically attracted to you. If a man continues to flirt with you but doesn’t make any effort to go on a date with you, it could be that he’s physically attracted to you but doesn’t feel a connection on an emotional basis. In this instance, harmless flirting is fine as long as your feelings don’t get hurt.
  • He’s only emotionally attracted to you. On the flip side, a man who never moves past flirting might only find you emotionally attractive. He may enjoy flirting with you but isn’t psychically attracted to you, so he doesn’t feel the need to move the relationship forward. Similarly, it’s fine to continue harmless flirtation if you know your feelings won’t be hurt.
  • He’s afraid to cross the line. If the man is a family friend or co-worker, he might be afraid to cross a line that’s firmly established. He may not have asked you on a date because he doesn’t want to risk ruining your relationship. If you think this might be the case, don’t be afraid to make the first move and ask him out, as long as you let him know that there will be no hard feelings if the date doesn’t lead anywhere.

There are a million different reasons why men flirt with women but don’t ask them out. If you’re currently in this situation, the best way to find out what’s going on is to have a genuine conversation with him. When the time is right, tell him how you feel and ask if there’s a reason he hasn’t asked you out yet. The end result could be anything from happy to awkward to sad, so make sure to prepare yourself for anything.

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Author: Rose Smith