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Communicating with Men

image of woman and man in an argument

Have you ever tried talking to a man about an important issue but were unable to communicate your thoughts effectively? Maybe he shut down while discussing your relationship or became angry when you brought up an event from the past.

For most women, communication issues with the opposite sex are a frequent occurrence. It’s no secret that men and women communicate differently. But more often than not, women attempt to communicate with their fathers, brothers and romantic partners just as they would with their female friends and family members.

When communicating with men, it’s best to take a different approach than you would with a female. Below are a few suggestions to make your next conversation with a man a success:

1. Give him time to think. Before you have an important conversation with a man, you’ve probably given a great deal of thought to what you want to say and how you want to say it. Then, when you’re having the conversation, you expect him to process your words and respond immediately.

This clearly gives you an unfair advantage as you’ve had much longer to consider your thoughts than he has. Don’t rush him into responding; once you’ve made a point, be quiet until he collects his thoughts and responds. If you feel like he needs an extended amount of time to think, leave him alone for a few minutes to let him cool off.

2. Replace “you” with “I” as much as possible. Saying “You never take my opinions into consideration,” is much more aggressive than “I feel like you never take my opinions into consideration.” Adding “I think” and “I feel” to your statements will soften the blow and make him less defensive. In addition, it will make him aware that you’re expressing your feelings, not necessarily stating facts.

3. Strengthen your filter. Honesty is always the best policy, but it’s generally not a good idea to blurt out every thought that crosses your mind. If you think you’re going to upset him or make him angry, try phrasing your concern in a softer light.

Many women have the tendency to “push his buttons,” meaning they pick topics they know are sensitive and use them to their advantage during an argument. Refrain from doing this at all costs; saying things that are intentionally hurtful or anger-provoking will only complicate your conversation further.

4. Ask questions. Make sure he understands what you’re trying to say by asking follow up questions. Try asking what he thinks and what his feelings are; some men feel like they can’t interject their own perspective, so give him the floor as much as you can and make sure he feels comfortable expressing his own thoughts, even if they differ greatly from yours.

Improving communication is a crucial step towards strengthening any relationship. Once you begin to tailor your communication techniques specifically for men, you’ll notice more effective conversations that lead to better resolutions for both parties.

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