image of womans beautiful eye looking in to the future

Clairvoyance simply means “clear sight”. Our Psychic Readers can see spirits, guides, past, present and future. For some readers, clairvoyance is similar to watching television, the images often pass by very quickly as Spirit can have a lot to say. You may notice some of our Psychic Readers talk very quickly while they are reading and this is part of the reason. There is so much information to impart, readers can’t afford to be slow or they could miss something. When having a psychic reading with our psychics, it is best to hold your questions until the end of the reading, so that you receive the messages that Spirit has to offer first.

Our psychics will often use a combination of psychic abilities when reading. They may use Tarot Cards and have Clairvoyant visions over the top of the card. So although a particular interpretation for a given card may be given on one occasion, when that card comes up again in another reading, the interpretation may be completely different. Many of the psychic arts involve clairvoyance being interwoven with them. This often yields the best psychic readings.

Clairvoyance is available to anyone who has opened their third eye. This chakra is in the middle of the forehead, down towards the bridge of the nose and can be opened by a range of meditative practices. These processes are often long and involved, however some practices e.g. Karuna Reiki, can quicken the development of clairvoyance. Many of our professional psychics were born with their third eye already open, so they experienced many psychic events during childhood.

Clairvoyance is used by most of our professional Psychic Readers and you can find out more about our readers by clicking here.

Author: Rose Smith