Angel Talk

image of beautiful cherub angel

Wondering how to communicate with Angels? Many people are! I’m not talking about Hell’s Angels, the kind that ride bikes! I’m talking about Angelic beings who in spiritual reality, are everywhere. In fact there are more Angels on earth than people and there is an Angel for every type of issue.

Angels communicate in a number of ways, sometimes it is face to face in the physical realm, sometimes it is through our dreams and sometimes they will create ‘Signs and Portents’. These are little confirmation messages that you have been touched by an Angel. Synchronicity or signs working together in a sequence of unusual events can be a message from Angels pointing you in the right direction.

You may ask ‘What do they tell us?’ Often it is a message of enlightenment and reassurance that is given in a split second when a whole lot of new information is imparted to you. It may be a message from a loved one who has passed and cannot appear themselves or it may be a confirmation that you are on the right track to making an important decision. You may hear your Angel in words or you may recognise the essence of what is being said to you telepathically. They can appear in a variety of ways, including the well recognised form of having large feathered wings, or as humanoids radiating light or even as balls of light. However they appear to you, they will always impart a feeling of love and security. There is no fear when Angels are present, for they are beings of love.

Primary Intention

If you wish to communicate with Angels, make angel talk a prime intention in your life. Focus on it and be sincere in your desire to achieve effective communication. Open your heart to the possibility and state your intention to form a relationship with Angels. It can take years of focus and desire, but the rewards are worth it. It may not happen overnight, you are required to build a relationship and it maybe several years until you see the first flicker of an Angel’s wing. It took me ten years of earnest meditation to see Michael the Archangel in his glorious entirety. Or it may happen in an instant with no preparation by yourself.

Meditation & Rituals

Meditate, meditate, meditate. I can’t stress this enough if you desire conversations with Angels. Make a start of just 5 minutes morning and night and build up the time gradually. Pretty soon, you will notice that time flies and you will be surprised how much time has elapsed whilst you have been in meditation. Set the intention before your meditation that you wish to communicate with Angels and then just let this thought go.

Do not judge what you experience in meditation, if you allow your ego to make decisions about your meditation experiences, you could end up thinking you are ‘doing it wrong’ or what you experienced ‘can’t possibly be right’. Just follow the energy and then let it go. Aim for a calm mind with no thoughts that is a completely blank canvas your Angel can leave messages on, just for you. If it helps, light a candle or do a ritual, burning incense to help you calm down and ready yourself. You can write down on paper any limiting beliefs you might have such as “I’m not good enough to talk to angels” and burn them.

People Can Be Angels Too!

Angels can appear as regular physical people (without wings!) who will help you in times of need. Sometimes these regular people are channeling angel energies and sometimes they are actual angels who appear in human form. Yes, rare but it does happen.

One thing I have noticed is that higher order angels are economic with their words. That is, they don’t talk much and usually only say what is important. If you meet an angel, a word may not even be spoken. A look from that angel’s eyes will be sufficient to let you know that you are in the presence of an angel. You will know that feeling as it is truly extraordinary and something you will probably not experience again in your lifetime.

Sometimes It Just Happens!

You might not expect it, but sometimes angels appear unexpectedly. A couple of early mornings ago, I awoke to find my guardian angel standing at the side of my bed.  Unannounced and unsummonsed, he stood there silently watching over me while I slept. I asked his name several times, but couldn’t hear his response, despite seeing his lips move. Then I was filled with the awareness that he was protecting me.  So I calmly just went back to sleep feeling secure.

Angels will often pop up in times of emotional turmoil or physical danger. I remember being in a vehicle once that should have been hit by a semi trailer and somehow was not. I was filled with the awareness that I should have been killed. I, still to this day, have no logical explanation why my passenger door wasn’t struck by the truck, and yet I know it were the angels who saved me. I have had several near death experiences and have seen angels standing in the light hovering around talking in soft calm and reassuring voices.

Author: Rose Smith