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Supermoon Rituals

Embrace the Energy of  Powerful Supermoon Rituals

A Supermoon is a great opportunity to perform a Supermoon ritual. A Supermoon occurs when the orbit of the moon is closest to the earth. The moon appears up to 20% larger. Supermoons not only cause real physical effects, (such as larger than usual tides), they can heighten the activity of the mind having a greater effect on our feelings, emotions, desires and subconscious.

Whilst some people feel more sensitive during this moon phase, the Supermoon is still a wonderful time to celebrate, create new goals and embrace positive changes in your life. It is also a powerful time to release negative influences that may have been consuming you in the past.

Many types of Supermoon rituals can be performed, but the elemental basics of rituals are the Elements themselves; Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Each Element is represented by a symbol and each Element Ritual represents a particular goal or transformation that you wish to achieve.

Element Ritual Symbols to Use in Supermoon Rituals

image of Air, Fire, Water and Earth Element Symbols

It is important to remember that symbols can represent different meanings for many people; symbols can be personal or universal. However, using these symbols as you perform a Supermoon Ritual using one of the Four Element Rituals below can help formalise your intention for positive change.

What goals, transformations or desires do you wish to achieve?

All intentions must be present tense, positive and directly involving you only. Having negative intentions, involving other specific people against their will or framing anything out of present tense could lead to unintended consequences.

1. Air Element Ritual – Achieve Greater Clarity, Concentration and Mental Acuity 🪁

If you desire greater clarity and the absence of confusion in your thinking, performing an Air Ritual could be just the thing for you.

Step 1. Having a Positive Intention is Vital

Have a positive intention in mind before invoking the Element of Air. For example, “I invoke the Element of Air to provide clarity of thought and peace of mind”. If you do not have a clear and positive intention in mind, your subconscious will obey you literally which may result in additional confusion and you may end up with a positive or negative result.

Step 2. Invoke the Symbol

Facing East draw the symbol for the Element of Air with your index finger pointing straight ahead at eye level. Commencing at the top of the triangle, draw the symbol in a clock-wise direction. Complete the triangle by drawing the horizontal line. Imagine or visualise the line you draw to create this symbol as a bright yellow energy.

Step 3. State Your Purpose

“I invoke the Element of Air to __________” (complete the blank). Your intention should be to involve anything your mind controls including your memory, logic, personality, concentration, attention or attitude.

Step 4. Embrace the Portal of Stillness

Be still for a moment. Meditate and be open to the Element of Air to do whatever it is you request.

Step 5. Close the Supermoon ritual

This is done by facing East and tracing the Air symbol counter-clockwise in front of you. Then complete the symbol by drawing the horizontal line. Imagine this symbol as a bright yellow energy. Then give thanks to the Element of Air for performing your intention. For example “Thank you Element of Air for assisting me with __________” (fill in the blank).

It is up to you when to close the ritual. You may be performing the ritual to assist you to have a clear and focussed day and choose to close the ritual in the evening. You may leave the ritual open while you sleep, however do also add the instruction that it finish before you wake.

2. Fire Element Ritual – Letting Go🔥

Do you desire greater strength to help you banish negative behaviours, unwanted desires or bad habits? Try this Fire Element ritual.

The Fire Element has the power to destroy and purify. This ritual can help you improve or control a negative aspect in your life and help you ‘let go’ of other people’s negative energies too. Ideally, perform this ritual outside, however, I have provided modifications below to allow you to perform this ritual indoors.

Step 1. Decide if You Will do an Outdoor Ritual

If you have an outdoor space, you could build a simple fire pit, dig a hole in the ground or get a large iron wok to burn things you are letting go of. If you can’t burn the actual item you wish to let go of, we shall simply ‘throw it away with the garbage’ or bury it in Step 5.

Step 2. Releasing the Past

Write down on a piece of paper what issue/s you want to release and let go.

Step 3: Invoking the Symbol

Facing South using your index finger and starting at the top of the triangle, draw the triangle symbol for Fire clockwise, from eye level. Imagine the triangle appears as a brilliant red energy, filling the triangle. State your intention “I now invoke the Element of Fire to __________”. Your intention should be anything that involves a process of purification, banishment and/or removal of what you do not want in your life.

Step 4: Stating Your Intention

Loudly verbalise your intention e.g. “I am now banishing all negative thoughts I have about myself and others. I thank you for the part you have played in my life and now I command you to leave and be on your way to the source of all light”.

Step 5: Letting Go of the Past

Take your piece of paper with your written intentions and throw it into the fire (or light it with a match (carefully mind you.) Alternatively, crumple up the paper and throw it away with the garbage or bury it deep into the Earth.

Step 6: Closing the Ritual

Close the ritual by drawing the same Fire symbol counter-clockwise and say aloud “Thank you Element of Fire for __________ and now I banish all negative thoughts, desires and energies in my energy field back to the source of all light”.

3. Water Element Ritual – Improve Relationships and Emotions🌊

This ritual is ideal if your intention is to attract more love, peace and happiness. You may be seeking to improve your relationship/s with your partner or friends. If you currently doubt your intuition or instincts, this ritual may help you regain that trust in yourself.

Step 1. Decide upon your Intention

Plan your affirmation. It must be positive and in current tense. Here’s an example “I now easily and peacefully attract positive and harmonious relationships into my life”.

Step 2. Invoke the Symbol

Facing West, draw the Water triangle symbol in a clockwise direction from the bottom of the triangle. Visualise this triangle as being a bright blue energy filling the whole triangle.

Step 3. State Your Intention

Voice your intention and then be still, allowing the Element of Water to do what is your calling.

Step 4. Close the Ritual

Again draw the symbol for Water, this time in a counter-clockwise direction. At the same time say “Thank you Element of Water for __________ and now I thank all negative energy in my relationships and banish you back to the source of all light”.

4. Earth Element Ritual – Attract Prosperity and Stability🌏

If you desire to create more prosperity, money, fertility or stability in your life, perform the Earth Element ritual. The foundation of all the elements is the Earth, and this ritual is particularly beneficial if you are feeling generally ‘ungrounded’, spacey or not fully present.

Step 1. Decide upon your Intention

Use a positive intention or affirmation in current tense. One example is “I now easily attract greater abundance, good health and prosperity into my life”.

Step 2. Invoke the Symbol

Facing West draw the Earth triangle symbol in a clockwise direction from the bottom of the triangle. Visualise this triangle as being a bright green or brown energy (depending on which colour resonates more for you) filling the whole triangle.

Step 3. State your Intention

Be strong and confident when stating your intention eg “I now attract greater abundance and prosperity into my life:. Now be still for a moment, allowing the Element of Earth to do its thing.

Step 4. Close the Ritual

Again draw the symbol for Earth, this time in a counter-clockwise direction. At the same time say “Thank you Element of Earth for __________ and now I invoke abundance, good health and prosperity into my life”.

You can close all your rituals with a final statement such as “So mote it be” or “it is done”, saying these statements 3 times.

Personal rituals can be a great source of strength and transformation, especially when you are feeling helpless and experiencing a lack of control in your life. Timing your rituals with the seasons and natural events such as a Supermoon will enhance the potency of your rituals. Nature give us the tools to achieve change in our lives, it is up to us to use them.

Have a great Supermoon ritual and wishing you all the transformation you wish for yourself.

You can read more about the cycles of the Moon here.

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