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What’s Eating You? All About Ancestral Healing

image of the evolution of man. Ancestral Healing

Ancestral Healing for Spiritual Trauma – Your DNA Lineage Affects Your Whole Life

The intelligence of the body allows it to remember every single thing that has ever happened to it. This includes spiritual REALities that we have no memory of as well as ancestral wounds. Therefore, trauma may have been passed down through families, generation to generation is still alive and active. Examples may include behavioural patterns of self-sabotage, mental health issues and emotions such as fear or anger. However, ancestral healing is possible.

Ancestral Wounds & Ancestral Healing

Your body doesn’t remember in a logical cognitive sense like our brain remembers, but rather as a diffuse body memory. Examples may include a sore limb, a tight muscle, recurring flu-like symptoms, and vague collections of symptoms with no known cause. Often there are inexplicable feelings associated with these body memories and sometimes visual flashbacks. We can experience indescribable feelings of fear and anxiety, although there may be no obvious discernible threat. These symptomatic feelings are clues that something has happened which needs to be healed.

The traumatic memory may still be there in every cell, alive and hidden from view, as if the body is experiencing the pain/suffering/rejection again fresh, as if the situation is actually still happening. It is a cellular memory that doesn’t necessarily fade away as the years or lifetimes pass. For we are more than just bodies, we are spirits having a physical experience. Even if we have managed to partially come to terms with a traumatic event, we may still be left with a partial body memory that is spiritually similar to the scar tissue that remains after a physical wound.

Ancestral healing

Ancestral Healing of Generational Trauma

Ancestral healing of the injuries of our forebearers is a healing process of acknowledging and addressing the wounds and burdens that have been passed down through generations within a family or community. This type of healing recognises that spiritual injuries and suffering can be inherited. It is necessary to work towards healing to break the cycle of pain and dysfunction.

Ancestral Healing for All

Ancestral healing of the root of generational trauma may include:

  1. Acknowledging the ancestral injuries:

    It is important to recognise and validate the experiences of our ancestors and their impact on our lives. This may involve learning about the history of our family or community. Understanding how past events have shaped our present circumstances is also required. These emotional and spiritual energies of passed relatives are held in our energy field. Additionally, our children and children’s children and so on are similarly affected, until they are cleared.

  2. Cultivating self-awareness:

    Exploring our own patterns of behaviour and beliefs can help us to uncover how spiritual injuries have influenced us. Become aware so you can begin to unravel the ways in which you have internalized ancestral wounds and work towards healing them. Communicating with your ancestors through meditation, active imagination or writing to them can help here.

  3. Healing practices:

    Engaging in therapeutic practices such as counselling, therapy, or energy healing can be beneficial in processing and releasing our forebearers’ injuries. Additionally, practices such as meditation, yoga, or ritual shamanic ceremonies can help connect us to our distant relatives, bringing vital healing to our lineage. These are sacred practices and you might think about commencing these under the guidance of experienced healers. If you are of indigenous culture, then especially seek out and collaborate with someone of similar belief who can help you with the sacred practices of many generations.

  4. Forgiveness and reconciliation:

    Forgiveness is a powerful tool in ancestral healing, as it allows us to let go of resentment and anger towards our ancestors and ourselves. By practicing forgiveness and seeking reconciliation, we can honour the past and create a path towards healing and transformation.

  5. Connecting to cultural traditions:

    Reconnecting with cultural traditions and practices can be a valuable way to honour the past. We can draw strength from the wisdom of our lineage. By embracing our cultural heritage, we can find support and guidance in our journey towards healing energetic trauma originating in the past.

Overall, ancestral healing of distant familial injury is a deeply personal and transformative process that requires courage and compassion. We need to be willing to confront our genetic heritage. Taking steps towards healing ourselves and our ancestral lineage provides a legacy of healing and resilience for future descendants. Think of this undertaking as a bond of love for your family’s future. Ancestral healing is a type of love for future generations.

a silhouette of a large family of generations standing on a hill at sunset. Ancestral healing

Ancestral Trauma

When you carry ancestral trauma, the body can adopt a range of coping methods, including addictions. These may include food, alcohol, sex, work, exercise and the pursuit of perfection as examples. It can also become super-efficient with food so that we’re carrying fat as armour. Bodies store food and fluid for what they perceive, as the hardships ahead. And bodies certainly don’t want to be the size, shape, and density your genetic memory remembers when previously wounded and/or traumatized all those generations ago.

Following a trauma and with its own particular body reasoning, this intelligence which all sentient beings possess, reasons that particular shapes, sizes and densities are not a safe option. So, the body adapts and we either lose weight or put it on to escape the hurtful experiences.

Often coming to terms with a devastating incident may involve going through a range of emotions such as anger, sadness, and fear and then finally acceptance. Initially, we may even be in denial that the event ever took place, or that we had a certain unpleasant past life or indeed any previous lives. The body memory is there through all of this, having been genetically imported from ancestors on our DNA or spiritually melded into the body around the time of conception.

Sometimes these second-hand energies manifest in this lifetime as a physical illness. Some examples are fatigue, heart conditions and/or corresponding obesity or anorexia. It is even possible to manifest accidents from these unresolved issues. We are responsible for our own lives. Therefore we must become conscious in order to move past forgotten issues and claim our right to ancestral healing.

a 19th century woman, a viking woman with blond hair and an egyptian goddess representing a past life. Ancestral Healing

The Past Life Ancestral Healing Journey

What if the body also remembers injuries from previous lifetimes? How about if the body remembers the spiritual and physical injuries of our ancestors? Poverty, starvation (think of the Irish potato blight) or war? This would mean that many of us are now still bearing the spiritual scars of our ancestors. In the case of the Irish potato blight – we could now be eating for our ancestors, without even realising. These could be ancestral memories or past lives and sometimes they are both! Our current family members may have been family in the past lives or not.

Accessing Ancestral Memories

Many people have not accessed the memories of their ancestors, nor have they accessed memories of past lives. So how would they know if they were eating for their ancestors or not? How would they know whether they are truly eating for themselves or someone else that they might have been in a past life? Unless they have flashbacks of places they’ve never been to, how would they really know that that they have lived before?

There is no substitute for the actual experience. Reading the family tree or studying reincarnation, does not impart the feelings, body knowledge and true knowing that something has happened to you. It’s a bit like watching London on TV, it really is different when you’re there. The smells, the sounds, the energy is more vibrant than that which can be conveyed through our present technology.

So our previous lives or those lived by our ancestors, are more vibrant than can be conveyed through our present miniscule brain usage. Einstein said we only use 8% of our brain at present, so what is the other 92% doing? Amongst other things, our brains don’t remember our past and who we really are! We may remember little bits and pieces such as a particular food liking, or enjoy various games, music etc. that have been around for a long time. Or we may feel right at home in a foreign land. But rarely do we remember that we have lived before and that our ancestors through the various processes of our DNA, are constantly influencing us.

Fat as Protection Against Past & Future Trauma

The body has memory set points, it remembers what happened to it when it was a certain size, shape and density. So it follows, if you are trying to ‘lose weight’ the spiritual and emotional injuries that previously happened when you weighed less, may have to be revisited. This may be true whether they occurred in this life or others. This also applies if those unhealed traumatic events are encased genetically, losing weight may be a trigger mechanism for past memories to surface. The body’s natural reaction will be to try and distance itself from the event. The body may react by not losing weight when we approach the weight we were during a particularly hurtful incident.

Being an Independent Observer

Do try to persevere with a new lifestyle, revisit the trauma as an observer, where there’s no necessity to get caught up in the pain. Just acknowledge that the event did happen and let it go. There are many ways of letting go of hurt. Becoming conscious is what you need to do if you wish to let go of the past. Do some research into epigenetics which may help you discover what your triggers are to the trauma within.

If you desire consciousness more than anything else, remember to ask yourself “what does my body remember”. And keep asking, every night as you fall asleep, that consciousness flow and be given to you. Ancestral healing must be your fervent desire. Sins of the past may be uncovered but you just might discover long lost buried treasures. Expressing gratitude when you do find a subconscious treasure is a silver lining which is beneficial for your mental health and will accelerate you along your spiritual path.

Precious gifts will be available to you if you look. It’s important to begin the process of healing now. Remember, “seek and ye will find”.

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