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Image of woman using her strength to reach out representing the strength tarot card

Date: 06.11.17 Author: Rose Smith

Tuesday Tarot from 7th November 2017

Always know you can call on your inner strength to help you put aside any fears you have. Your calmness shines through when difficult situations arise. Others may call on you for help. You are a great mediator.

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image of cancer starsign personality video

Date: 10.07.18 Author: Rose Smith

Cancer Starsign Personality

Those born under the Cancer sign are known for their generosity and are eager to please. They are deeply in tune with others’ emotions and are very loving individuals devoted to nurturing their family and friends.

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image of a woman in a red gown representing the queen of pentacles tarot

Date: 31.10.17 Author: Rose Smith

Tuesday Tarot from 31st October 2017

Now is the time to set some goals for your future because success is yours if you work hard for it. People often rely on you for practical help and sensible advice. You are a natural nurturer who values relationships too.

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image of leo starsign personality video

Date: 10.07.18 Author: Rose Smith

Leo Starsign Personality

Leos love to lead and are comfortable giving commands to others to achieve common goals. They’re very considerate and have big hearts for anyone in their circle. Watch our video to find out if they really are the king of the jungle.

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image of a young woman sketching herself

Date: 28.10.17 Author: Rose Smith

How To Manage Your Ego for the Better

As Rose Smith explains in this article, your ego actually helps to protect you when you are feeling vulnerable. Understand how to manage your ego to better yourself, and gain insight into dealing with the ego of others around you in your daily life.

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image of virgo starsign personality video

Date: 10.07.18 Author: Rose Smith

Virgo Starsign Personality

Virgo’s can be quite the catch if you like a partner who is meticulous in all that they do, in particular being responsible with finances. Virgos match with Capricorn, Taurus and Scorpio best. Watch the video to learn more about Virgo.

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Date: 24.10.17 Author: Rose Smith

Tuesday Tarot from 24th October 2017

The High Priestess card suggests that you tend to lead a spiritual life. Going deep within oneself to find the answers to a problem is a spiritual practice you live by. Meditation really does help remove distractions to help you find the answers.

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image of libra starsign personality video

Date: 10.07.18 Author: Rose Smith

Libra Starsign Personality

Libras have analytical brains and can size up any situation with psychic-level insight (Rose Smith, owner of Soul Secrets is a Libran!) They are in tune with the needs of others and are generally very agreeable.

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image of a hand holding the ace of cups

Date: 17.10.17 Author: Rose Smith

Tuesday Tarot from 17th October 2017

If you have recently gone through some difficult challenges, the Ace of Cups reassures you that happier times are just around the corner. You are now entering a time of peace and harmony. Open up your heart to something new.

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image of a happy senior couple looking at a lake

Date: 10.10.17 Author: Rose Smith

Dementia Proof Yourself

Rose Smith shares her experiences about dealing with a very close family member who has Dementia. As she explains in this article… your health and wellbeing are of prime importance… so be proactive and take preventative steps.

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