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Date: 20.09.17 Author: Rose Smith

How to be an Awesome Psychic Naturally for Life

For all you budding natural psychics out there, you need to look after yourself and remove all ego if you wish to share your gifts to help others. You need to look after yourself too as No 1! Clean eating, no drugs and continual practise of your gifts.

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Date: 20.09.17 Author: Rose Smith

How to Make Nasty Zombies, Aliens and Demons Leave

Zombies, Demons, Aliens and Vampires (ZADV’s) are terms used for people who try to see your ‘light’ and want to take some of your energy. They jump on to you for a feed and a free ride. Rose Smith shares her tips on how to protect yourself from ZADV’s.

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image of king sitting on throne with swords

Date: 19.09.17 Author: Rose Smith

Tuesday Tarot from 19th September 2017

If you are making major decisions at the moment, don’t let your emotions get in the way. You need to think clearly and if necessary, ask professionals for their help. Make sure you gather all the facts first.

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image of the soul energy surrounding a woman who is concentrating on manifestation

Date: 19.09.17 Author: Rose Smith

How to Pivot Your Way to Mega Manifestation Success

Looking for success in your life? You can change your direction to get onto a pathway of mega manifestation success. Manifestation is the ability to make your wishes come true. Your thoughts, your emotions, your actions and your Soul create your reality.

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Date: 11.09.17 Author: Rose Smith

Tuesday Tarot from 12th September 2017

Do I stay or do I go? As the Two of Wands shows, one bat is attached to the wall and the other is free standing. You are in two minds about whether you stay in your current safe environment, or take on the world?

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image of woman surrounded by 7 of cups

Date: 05.09.17 Author: Rose Smith

Tuesday Tarot from 5th September 2017

The Seven of Cups is reminding you to get out of your cruising zone… and start change. You have reached a time in your life where you need to make changes to find happiness and fulfillment. Remember to stay grounded in your decisions.

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image of rose smith

Date: 04.09.17 Author: Rose Smith

Mega Manifestation Keeping It Real

As we enter a brand new season, this is an opportune time to think about manifesting what you truly want in life. Does manifestation truly work? If you focus on something long enough, will you achieve that goal? Yes… if you keep it real.

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woman sitting blindfolded holding scales representing the Justice tarot card

Date: 29.08.17 Author: Rose Smith

Tuesday Tarot from 29th August 2017

The lady on the card has bare feet which suggests to you that you need to stay grounded at the moment. The owl tells us to listen to our inner wisdom. If you are involved in any legal proceedings at the moment, be honest and upfront.

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Date: 26.08.17 Author: Thomas

Life Is A Beautiful Disaster

Most of us will hold on to the journey despite what life throws at us through fear of the unknown if we get off the ride. Some will hang on to the ride hoping through faith and hoping that it will get better. Psychic Thomas puts our life journey into perspective.

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image of a woman holding a love heart

Date: 26.08.17 Author: Psychic Chris

Self Development is an Investment In You

Self-Development is about becoming a better person. It is about taking the time to reconnect and be truthful to yourself. Remove the mask you wear and delve into what you DO and DON’T like in your life. It is time to believe in yourself and invest in YOU.

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