Stay Single Until You Meet Someone Who Shows They Love You Every Day

Actions speak louder than words!

Staying in a relationship is easier when your partner supports you in daily life. The bedrock of a good lasting relationship is laid down on a daily basis by the actions of your partner. If they help you around the house, with work issues or with the children and they contribute fairly to your everyday life, these are good signs for a long and lasting relationship.

How to Know You’ve Got a Keeper

If your partner is supportive and understanding, then you will know you’re on the right track. If your partner treats you with love and care, is cheerful and supports your right to be an independent adult making your own choices whilst in relationship… you know you’ve got a keeper!

One Sided Relationships Don’t Last

For a relationship to succeed, it must be based on both parties having mutual respect and consideration for each other. These qualities need to be shown in some way every day by both parties. One sided relationships do not last – sooner or later the disrespected person wakes up to the reality that their partner does not respect or love them enough.

A lasting relationship will have its ups and downs, that is a given. The relationships that make it through the down parts of the cycle are underpinned by a love that heals, rather than damage done to the other person.

Communication is Important

Communication is vitally important and both people need to express themselves without fear with loads of respect for the other person.

In an ideal world this means…

  • No name calling
  • No belittling
  • No humiliation
  • No manipulation
  • No control
  • No domination

It also means…

  • Respecting your partner’s right to express themselves in a healthy way
  • Building up your partner rather than tearing them down
  • Treating your partner with dignity and honour
  • Encouraging your partner to make up their own mind
  • Allowing your partner feel they are free rather than trapped
  • Encouraging your partner to reach their full potential
  • Supporting, caring for and loving your partner every single day with both your actions and words

There are Advantages to Being Single

Although it is sometimes difficult to fulfill all these seven requirements all the time, on balance, happy and healthy relationships that last will have most of these 7 points most of the time.

If not, then it’s better to be single and learn to love, respect and honour yourself. It is better to be single rather than being with someone who just doesn’t love you enough.

There are many advantages in being single, so please don’t forget this! You can please yourself, you can treat yourself with gifts, you can love yourself without the distractions of having to attend to someone else. So when you meet someone special, if they show you every single day the advantages of being in a relationship, you then know a relationship with this person is worthwhile. They will support, uplift and encourage you. A good partner will help you achieve things together and separately.

Enjoy the Life you Have

When you’re single, although you may sometimes feel a little desperate pining after that special someone or think you’re sick of being single, just remember to stay both positive and realistic. We get more of what we focus on, that’s a fact!

So focusing on desperation will only result in more desperation. That’s a big turnoff to potential partners, so be positive and optimistic enjoying the life you currently have rather than focusing on what you do not have. It’s important to be realistic but don’t obsess on negatives.

Go Out In To the World

The right person is worth going out into the world and finding rather than waiting for someone who is unavailable in some way and doesn’t really give you what you need. In this case, being single is preferable to waiting around for someone else to make up their mind. Improve your life, your education, your finances and yourself generally while you are single and have the time to devote to yourself rather than someone else. Use your single time wisely. You can make your life so much better while the right person is being spiritually drawn to you.

Don’t Settle for Second Best

For your own health and peace of mind, it’s better to be single until you find the right person who will show their love to you in some way every single day.

Then one day, probably when you least expect it, someone special will come into your life and show you what true love is. You would have spiritually attracted them with all your self-improvement efforts as you bettered yourself in the time you were single.

Don’t settle for second best when you can be single and preparing yourself for the best partner you could possibly ever meet 🙂

Author: Rose Smith