Tips for Empaths & Sensitives During These Times of Sacrifice

On the 3rd January 2020, I went to bed and kept seeing multiple crosses over and over again in bushfires. It was impressed upon me the sacrifices being made not only here in Australia, but also globally with the many fires in Siberia, the Amazon, California and other places. Those of us who are sensitive are now having difficulty coping, we feel overwhelmed, it’s affecting our sleep, there are overall feelings of depression and grief. These are like black holes trying to suck us down into vortices of darkness.

Here’s some things you can do if you feel yourself slipping away:

Practise Radical Self Care

  1. Maintain a healthy distance from the topic of bushfires. This is not about sticking our heads in the sands, we now know what is happening and we turn off our devices and do something else when it starts to get too much.
  2. Drink lots of water, 10 glasses of pure water a day would be good.
  3. We process our emotions by doing things like journalling, walking, going out into nature alone without the distractions of the normal world.
  4. Find someone trustworthy you can talk to. A trusted friend, a counsellor, a good psychic… someone who is not judgemental and to who you can share your deepest feelings in a safe way.
  5. We take extra good care of ourselves including our diet, movement and daily routine.
  6. We avoid toxic people and those people who seem to relish the subject of bad news.
  7. We look after our sleep time and get into a sleep routine.
  8. We set up good healthy boundaries and say ‘no’ when we need to.
  9. Take ‘Rescue Remedy’ or Australian Bush Flower remedies such as Sturt Desert Pea. This is also good for people who are carers or those in the helping fields.
  10. We take time out to just ‘be’.

Practise Kindness with Ourselves & Others

  1. We help others when we can, in a healthy way without impinging on our own boundaries and good mental/emotional health.
  2. We find a healthy balance between helping ourselves and helping others, being kind to ourselves and others, loving ourselves and others.

Hope this helps in some way. The world needs good people who take care of themselves and others. If you take care of yourself properly now, you will avoid burn-out and possible illness. You will be able to help both yourself and more people over a longer period of time. Burn out will slow you down so that you accomplish less. So good self-care is abSOULutely vital in times of difficulty and sacrifice.

Brightest Blessings from Rose x

Author: Rose Smith