A New Day A New Chance Beyond COVID-19

We Can Change!

Now the world as we knew it has changed forever, I wanted to write about the new opportunities that await us if we can see beyond the constraints of the past. Astrologically, the heavens are supporting changes made in our lives. Now is the time to move forward, to pivot ourselves away from situations and people who no longer serve our highest good. We can change ourselves, our society and the world at this pivotal time in history.

Throw Out The Past – Be Creative

A time like this comes only once a lifetime if we’re lucky. Yes, lucky! We can reflect, reassess and review our lives and what we want to do in future. From the darkness of Covid, society will be forced into change. We can now take a big picture view and bring new insights down to Earth. Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all retrograde in Capricorn and they assist us to take action steps by making stuff real now. New beginnings will soon come if you make space now.

Create Your New Reality with these Tips

It’s super important to be grounded in practical reality. The physical world is calling out for us to throw out the past and be creative now. Here are some practical ways to create your new reality and gain freedom from drudgery and restriction:

  1. Rethink your career strategy. Were you happy doing what you were doing previously for money? How can you now pivot your job prospects? What about turning a hobby into something that pays? What about working from home? Can you do several contracting jobs rather than seeking fulltime employment with the one company? Take control of your career.
  2. Reassess your relationships. Are your relationships fulfilling? Are you surrounding yourself with people who uplift and encourage you? Or do they hold you back? Most important is a positive relationship with yourself! Be your own loving parent, lover, friend and family.
  3. Is social media negativity dragging you down? How about ridding yourself of tiresome connections who seem to be mired in fear and negativity? It’s ok, you’re allowed to unfriend people who are selfish and only think about themselves. Facebook even has a feature where you can hide their posts but not actually unfriend them and they’ll never know if you select this option. There’s a saying you are the average of the five people closest to you, so do be choosey!
  4. Time to make things physical! With so much planetary energy in Capricorn right now, it’s time we take a leaf out of the Capricornian book of life by manifesting in the physical world. Improve your health and wellbeing by going for regular walks. Try to get more into nature and be alone without the distractions of devices. Make stuff real and take action steps towards success!
  5. Capricorn likes people who are organised and don’t take shortcuts. So pay attention to details and be determined to improve yourself. Take full responsibility. I know you can do this! So do it!

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Have a wonderful month! Rose xxx

Author: Rose Smith