Are You Waiting to Be Rescued

image of cinderella sitting on the steps with a pumpkin

Little girls have read dozens of fairy tale stories that involve a handsome, wealthy prince rescuing a princess who’s longing for romance and passion. But some girls grow up to be women who can’t separate a fantasy from reality.

The truth is, a fairy tale is just that – it’s a tale. It isn’t meant to represent real life or serve as an example of a normal, healthy relationship. Regardless of this fact, many women are still waiting to be rescued. But instead of expecting a knight to ride over on a white horse and call them down from their tower, they’re hoping they meet a perfect guy who rescues them from all the problems and challenges they face.

Here’s why that will never happen:

If you aren’t happy with your life when you’re single, you won’t be when you’re in a relationship either.

Women who are single and unhappy often assume that entering into a relationship will solve all their problems. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Getting a boyfriend or a husband won’t repair your relationship with your mother or make your boss like you. You should be happy with who you are before you ever start dating someone.

It isn’t anyone else’s job to “fix” you.

It’s up to you to be the person you want to be; if you can’t make that happen on your own, nobody else will be able to do it for you. You should work hard to be all you can be and live up to your full potential regardless of your relationship status.

No one is perfect.

You might meet a man who is perfect for you, but he’ll have his quirks and shortcomings just like any other human being. Your prince charming doesn’t have to be tall, dark, handsome, rich, or royal; he just has to treat you right and make you happy.

Relationships take work and compromise.

Even after you meet a great guy and start a relationship, it’s going to take a lot of work to maintain that relationship. You’ll have to give up things that you like, and he’ll have to do the same. Relationships are hard work, but the best ones are worth the effort.

Love is a wonderful thing, and when you meet the right person it can be magical. But no woman should ever wait around for a man to rescue her – she should live a full, fulfilling life and work for everything and anything she wants.

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Author: Rose Smith