Meaning of Dreams about Sex and Eating

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Dreaming of Sex or Eating?

Lucky you if you’re dreaming about having sex or eating! These dreams usually mean that some energy that has been out of your control is being incorporated into your personality. You will have control of this energy! Some examples of these types of dreams are explained below:

If you Dream you are Having Sex with a Musician

Then you are likely to develop an interest in music or singing. At the very least, you are becoming more creative and incorporating the energy of playing, singing or composing your life.

If you Dream you are Having Sex with a Business Person?

Then you may find yourself having ideas about starting up or developing a business. You are becoming more professional and/or entrepreniural. You might be thinking soon about going into business for yourself.

If you Dream you are Making Love to a Hot, Beautiful and Sexy Man or Woman

You will soon find those aspects in yourself coming to light. You are becoming hot, sexy and beautiful!

Dreaming You’re Making Love to Someone of the Same Sex?

During your growth and development as a child or young teenager perhaps the parent as the same sex as you, may let you down in some major way. As children we usually identify with the same sex parent. But if for some reason we couldn’t because at some level we didn’t want to be like them, then we may at some unconscious level have unfulfilled developmental goals that should have been achieved but weren’t.

Here’s an Example:

If you are a woman and your mother was abusive, neglectful, had mental illness or was an addict, then you may have decided as a child that you didn’t want to be like her. Whatever feminine aspects she may have had, may not become fully incorporated into your personality when you were growing up. If you dream you’re making love to a woman, then this represents part of the integration of feminine energy. Goddess religions, paganism and the matriarchy may become more important in your life.

Most commonly, a woman would be integrating masculine traits in making love to a man but if you still have unfinished childhood business then it’s also possible that Spirit may send you a woman as a real role model. Alternatively, you may find a special friend and never have a sexual relationship and yet you love each other on some level.

Don’t worry these dreams do NOT necessarily mean you are ‘turning gay’!  And if you did decide you wanted to experiment or indulge in same sex relationships, then that would be your choice and your right. You may have always had some attraction to the same sex deep in your subconscious and this would be completely normal and healthy. For millennia, there’s always been a small number of gay people. Usually 4-5% of women and 10-12% of men in most countries are gay and this is completely normal.

If you Dream you are Having Sex with Someone you Don’t Like or Eating Something you Don’t Like, Don’t Worry!

This just means that the shadow side of your subconscious is offering you gifts of awareness about hidden and possibly dark forces.  Subconscious energies are only dark because they don’t have the light of your subconscious awarenesss…yet!

When you have the power of these so called ‘negative’ or ‘bad’ elements you can choose do wield it in any which way that you like. Darkness is only dark because it has no light. When you bring the light of your personality down into the darkness, it has no control of you and all becomes light! How cool is that?

All the aspects of the dream are forces in our subconscious that are rising to the surface of our minds so they can be incorporated into our personality when we are awake and functioning in the outside world.

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In dreams, having sex and eating are more or less symbolic of the same sacred process:

Integrating Energy into Our Own Personality


Here’s a Summary of Dreaming and the Integration of Energy:

Dreams and Energy Integration: Dreams as Symbolic Landscapes

    • Dreams are like symbolic landscapes where emotions, fears, desires, and memories intermingle.
    • Dreams don’t always adhere to our conscious preferences or judgments.
    • In dreams, we encounter people we might never consider having sex with in our waking hours—strangers, acquaintances, or even fictional characters.
  • The Unconscious and Integration:

    • Dreams serve various purposes, including emotional processing, memory consolidation, and problem-solving.
    • Dreaming about someone you wouldn’t be interested in real life could signify an integration process.
    • The unconscious mind seeks to harmonize conflicting aspects of our psyche, bridging gaps between conscious desires and hidden emotions.
  • Integration of Energy:

    • Dreams can be about energy integration.
    • The person in your dream may represent qualities or energies you need to incorporate into your own being.
    • It’s less about the individual and more about what they symbolize—an invitation to embrace aspects of yourself that you’ve overlooked or rejected.
  • The Mysterious Dance of Dreams:

    • Dreamscapes defy linear reasoning; they’re like cosmic dances where the mundane and the magical intertwine.
    • When you dream of someone unexpected, consider it an invitation to explore the uncharted territories of your psyche.
    • Those dream encounters may hold keys to your personal growth, healing, or understanding.

Hope you find this article helpful in understanding why we dream dreams about sex and eating!


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Author: Rose Smith