Identify and Banish Energy Vampires

image of beautiful vampire woman in the moonlight

Whether you realise it or not, you’ve come in contact with an energy vampire at least once in your life. It could have been in a relationship with someone who was never happy for you, at work with a co-worker who always stole your thunder, or with a friend who always seems to rain on your parade.

An energy vampire is someone who is full of negativity and tries to drain you of any joy or pleasure you may be feeling. There are several different types of energy vampires:

The Poor-me’s

If you have the flu, this vampire had it way worse. If you got into a car accident and broke your leg, this vampire broke an arm and a leg. Poor-me’s want the attention on them, and they always have some sort of problem that needs to be solved. Whether it’s a bad relationship or financial troubles, this vampire always has something to complain about. And if you choose not to attend this person’s pity party, you’ll find yourself on their bad side quicker than you can blink.

The Aloof

Some energy vampires are more aloof – they show complete indifference when you have good news to share. This lack of emotion makes you feel silly for celebrating your achievement and can even force you to question the merit of your accomplishment.

The Interrogators

Interrogators will berate you with questions anytime you’re feeling happy. They’ll poke and prod until they can get something negative out of you or make you feel unknowledgeable about the subject at hand.

The Intimidators

Energy vampires who are intimidators use your own fears against you. They threaten you or scare you to the point where negative energy overwhelms you. If you express positive sentiment, they will use intimidation to convey negative energy.

As energy vampires are so common, it’s crucial for you to learn how to withstand their negative energy. First, you should try and infect them with positive energy. Resist their attempts to bring you down and try to lift them up instead. If that doesn’t work, you should simply ignore them instead. Disregard their rude comments or mean looks and carry on about your day.

If you’re dealing with a particularly nasty energy vampire, it’s important for you to cut them out of your life (if that’s a possibility). While you might not be able to remove certain co-workers or family members from your life, you can always ditch a negative friend or romantic partner.

Finally, you should evaluate your own life and determine if you have ever been an energy vampire. If you can only think of a few times, don’t worry – that’s completely normal. However, if you feel like you could be considered a true energy vampire, you need to work on identifying and correcting your behavior. An energy vampire is not a positive influence in anyone’s life, and you can end up hurting your friends and family a great deal.

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Author: Rose Smith