COVID-19 We Are Here For You

COVID-19 Update We Are Here For You

28th March 2020 Update

Thanks for stopping by to read this Covid-19 update.

Staying Home Is An Act of Love

By now you will probably be aware many governments worldwide have implemented many restrictions, in an effort to combat Covid-19.  Although this virus is highly contagious, we still have the power to control its course. The single most effective thing you can do is to stay home as much as possible. You will be safe, and you will help assure the safety of others. Staying home is an act of love for others. If you absolutely must go out, stay out for a minimum of time, wear a mask, wash your hands with soap if you touch anything (or use hand sanitiser) and use social distancing (be 1.5 metres or 6 feet from others).

Think Outside the Square for Protection

As the Covid-19 situation is likely to continue for some considerable time, it would be a good idea to be prepared by taking practical actions such as growing vegies (in pots if you have to) or making your own masks as they are in short supply now. Although home-made masks and scarves are not ideal, they are better than nothing and do give some protection. You can also make home-made hand sanitiser with alcohol (such as grappa or methylated spirits, alcohol content should be 62%-78%) and glycerine (or aloe vera), and a few drops of essential oil (such as basil, wintergreen or oregano).

Our Adjustment Reaction

We are all going through an ‘adjustment reaction’… you can think of it in 6 stages and sometimes we flip in and out of different stages:

  • Denial (it’s hard to believe this happening and still, many do not).
  • Anger (people lash out at others or themselves).
  • Bargaining (taking small insufficient actions but not really grasping the reality of the situation and thinking ‘she’ll be right mate if I just do such and such’).
  • Fear and anxiety.
  • Depression.
  • Acceptance when we finally ‘get it’ and we become more clear-headed about the decisions we have to make.

Personalised Service at AbSS from 5am  – 1300 934 733

The telecommunications system in Australia is under some stress at the moment, due to the sheer volume of phone calls and internet use. We have had the odd issue receiving calls during periods of peak call volume.  If you can’t get through, please keep trying or call back at a less busy time.

We will be opening our Customer Service Manager booking lines an hour earlier at 5am on weekdays for the next few weeks as a trial.  We’re available 24/7 if you wish to use our self-service booking system on 1300 721 884.  Booked calls through our Booking Managers will be open 5am – 1am AEDST on 1300 934 733 in Australia.  Please check our Contact Us page for phone numbers in other countries.

A Reset for Humanity

Humanity is now going through a ‘reset’ and we need to!  As a species we have gotten too far off track, many do not value the Earth and all her inhabitants sufficiently.  We can use this experience to reorder our priorities and connect again with the Earth and each other.  Take care of others when you can without jeopardising your own health. Perhaps you can call elderly neighbours and offer to do an online grocery order for them?

We’re here for you 24/7 in these times of uncertainty.

Stay calm, Stay well, Stay home!

Rose x

18th March 2020

To Our Valued Clients

I just wanted to reach out to let you know we’re very committed to maintaining our psychic services in order to help you during this time of uncertainty regarding Covid-19 (Coronavirus).

Although we do ‘foresee’ inevitable issues when some psychics or booking managers may be away due to illness or family emergencies, we want to assure you that we will do our very best to maintain 24/7 psychic services as we have done since 2000.

Our Team Works Remotely

All of our team work remotely, and all have been briefed on what to expect in the upcoming months. The online operational nature of Absolute Soul Secrets will facilitate continuation of psychic services, regardless of what is happening in the physical world.

Stay In Touch With Us

I will be posting regularly on our YouTube Channel and you’re always welcome to pop along, leave comments and I will answer them.

Regarding this Coronavirus, remember to wash your hands very regularly, minimise touching your face, avoid crowds and self-isolate if you have any flu or cold-like symptoms. The Government will only test you if you have been to certain countries very recently or been in contact with a confirmed coronavirus sufferer.

Safeguard Your Health

It’s up to you to be super careful with who you come into contact with. 80% of people who catch this virus will only have mild symptoms however 20% of people will get very ill, so please do your very best to safeguard your own health and that of your loved ones.

Don’t Panic – Take Preventative Action

Being prepared is not the same as panicking, so we encourage you to take preventative action now – stock up on essential items including medications and basic food items. Panic buying is not a good idea but work out a plan and put some preparations in place. There will probably be shortages in the shops as people fall ill, so you might also consider growing some vegies (even in pots) and perhaps keeping chickens as I do, as well as stocking up on groceries.

Working Together as a Nation

As a nation, we can get through this and find a silver lining, society does need to change, and this pandemic will certainly do that. It would also be great if you can help those who can’t help themselves, such as keeping an eye on an elderly neighbour or helping a mother with her children in some way, providing you don’t put yourself at unnecessary risk. Together we can make the world a better place for all.

We’re sending out positive vibes to you, Australia and the World.

All the best and take care of yourself,

Rose and the Team at Absolute Soul Secrets xxx

Author: Rose Smith