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Job Tips for Aries

Job Tips Aries

Energetic and Creative

Naturally spontaneous and excitable, those born under the zodiac sign of Aries can be happy when using their organisational skills, creativity and passion. Aries is ruled by the planet Mars which gives a lot of energy and zeal towards whatever they’re interested in.

Aries also tends to be a real ‘people’s person’ so jobs involving communication provide a real outlet for their considerable creativity and motivation. Aries has natural personality traits of boldness, risk taking and they are action oriented which could propel them into any number of careers.

Best Job Tips – Aries Might Consider:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Public relations
  • Military service (or other adversarial careers)
  • Competitive sports
  • Leadership roles
  • Jobs involving creativity
  • Doing different things every day in the workplace
  • Risk taking where you can rely on your own instincts

Downer Job Tips – Aries Should Avoid:

  • Boring and repetitive work
  • Working in isolation
  • Being a square peg in a round hole… Aries need to make their own rules
  • Sedentary work or not sufficiently moving around in the workplace
  • Jobs where you have to follow rules that don’t make good sense. Often you can see a better way to do things but for some reason you can’t get others to understand your point of view.

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