Job Tips for Leo

Leo Job Tips

Kings and Queens of the Jungle

Natural leaders, Leos love to be the Kings and Queens of the jungle and they are ruled by the Sun so they radiate warmth and energy. Leos also possess considerable determination, strength and stamina which help them to get ahead in life. They also like the finer things in life, so a well paid career is a must for the discerning Leo!

People naturally gravitate towards the warmth and generosity of Leo! They are attractive and charismatic and would do well selling inspirational dreams and leading others. Their ability to multitask, their intelligence and positivity bring out the best in others.

Leos like to be at the top of the tree as they love the spotlight but people are also magnetically attracted to Leos and will naturally put them in leadership positions.

Best Job Tips – Leo Might Consider:

  • Public relations – anything involving motivational speaking or being the ‘face’ of an organisation
  • Acting – stage, film, TV or working as a social media influencer
  • Leadership roles such as CEOs, as people tend to follow Leo’s lead
  • Jobs involving ‘the spotlight’, especially where people look up to them in some way
  • Careers involving generosity such as charities or leadership roles in social services
  • Jobs where Leos make the rules as they like to be the ‘boss of wash’
  • Jobs with challenges commensurate with Leos abilities and qualifications

Downer Job Tips – Leo Should Avoid:

  • Working in isolation as Leo loves an audience
  • Jobs where Leo has no authority to make meaningful change
  • Jobs with challenges that are either insurmountable or fail to provide sufficient stimulation
  • Jobs that interfere with Leo’s need for independence
  • Leos especially, don’t enjoy working in jobs where they feel unappreciated

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Author: Rose Smith