Job Tips for Sagittarius

Sagittarius Job Tips

Adventurous and Optimistic

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and given the opportunity, are naturally inclined towards adventurous and optimistic lives. They love a change in scenery on their own time table. Sagittarians are usually fond of the outdoors and will sometimes work ‘piecemeal’, as they travel from town to town or country to country. You can find them blogging, working for travel shows or on YouTube!

Sagittarians are usually well liked at work as they are normally generous and positive, boosting everyone’s spirits even when the work is hard or prolonged. They are good team builders who boost morale and often have good leadership skills.

Best Job Tips – Sagittarius Might Consider:

  • Writing, podcasting or livestreaming from different locations.
  • Marketing
  • Work involving the outdoors or travel
  • Work with a sense of freedom and expansion
  • Jobs requiring good people skills
  • Leadership roles
  • Teaching
  • Human resources especially in managerial roles
  • Social welfare and humanitarian jobs

Downer Job Tips – Sagittarius Should Avoid:

  • Working 9-5 in an office without any breaks outdoors
  • A Sagittarian’s worst nightmare is a job with an overabundance of rules and regulations
  • Jobs with loads of responsibility or stress usually don’t suit the Sagittarian temperament
  • Jobs where patience is required as Sagittarius is known for being impatient and sometimes irritable

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Author: Rose Smith