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Your Journey Revealed in a Phone Psychic Reading: Meet Eliza Marie

Hello, I’m Eliza Marie, a Psychic Reader deeply dedicated to the art of Tarot Readings. In each psychic reading session, my aim is to ensure clients feel heard, leaving with a sense of hope in their hearts, guiding them towards their desired future.

Love Readings with Tarot Cards

Lately, my focus has been primarily on psychic love readings, and I always feel honoured when clients trust me with their intimate personal lives. I’ve witnessed pivotal moments where clients bravely choose to leave or commit to healing relationships. The tarot serves as a profound tool for matters of the heart, a passion I’ve nurtured over time.

A Legacy of Clairvoyants & Gifted Psychics

My journey with the tarot began in childhood, influenced by the wisdom of my mother and aunt, both seasoned psychics who introduced me to the enchanting world of cards and crystals. When I was 10, I would spend the nights flipping through each card by torchlight. Early exposure to the cards sparked my fascination with the mystical world, prompting me to pursue Reiki qualifications at the young age of 18.

Spiritual Guidance: My Psychic Path

Over the years my spiritual development has been enriched by diverse mentors and experiences. Guided by luminaries like Joanne Antoun, I delved into energy healing work, while joining a circle of wise women expanded my knowledge. This included ventures into herbal medicine studies and qualifying as a CTC Master Therapist. Among my most impactful influences are magical practitioners, shamanic healers, and talented psychic Lenormand & tarot readers, whose wisdom continues to shape my psychic reading journey today.

Tailored Psychic Phone Readings

My bond with the cards has only grown stronger over the years, enhancing my psychic and intuitive abilities. This connection allows me to tap into the energies that envelop you, bringing forth messages laden with wisdom and empowerment.

Spiritual Expertise: Clairvoyant Readings, Tarot Readings & More

During our time together we can explore your past, present and future. The types of psychic readings I love are around love, health, life path and career. We use tarot to engage life, not escape it, so my focus in a psychic reading is always to connect with you and your questions to leave you feeling present, empowered, and creative about your life and future. My aim is to give you the best psychic reading without distractions on the phone. Some of my psychic abilities include:

  • Clairvoyant
  • Clairaudient
  • Clairsentient
  • Clairsalient
  • Angel Work
  • Astrology
  • Crystal Energy
  • Reiki Healing
  • Cleansing & Protection
  • Runes
  • Spell Work
  • Tarot Readings

Call to Book Your Next Psychic Reading

We are all on our own unique and transformative journeys through life. I have been blessed to have been mentored by many wise expert psychics and teachers from many spiritual paths. Now it is my blessing in turn to share those journeys and teachings with others, to help you find the answers.

If you would like to book a psychic phone reading with me, please use my ID 2298.

Eliza Marie’s Other Qualifications/Psychic Skills

Reiki Master | CTC Master Therapist (Hypnosis, ETC, NLP, Reiki) | Bachelor of Applied Health Science (Western Herbal Medicine, Nutrition)

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Country: AU
Starsign: Pisces
ID Code: 2298


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Reviews for Psychic Reader Eliza Marie

Eliza Marie is rated 6.0/6 from a total of 3 Rated Reviews.

Straight to the point, lovely lady to speak with. As you predicted the Mr has really started communicating his trucking work movements, baby steps but I see changes already moving forward towards me. Definitely keep you updated.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Ronald review:

Thank you, Ronald, I’m wishing you all the best in the future, fingers crossed! :)

Eliza Marie

Lovely reading Eliza.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Lynette review:

It was wonderful to read for you Lynette, I wish you all the best in your future endeavours. :)

Eliza Marie

So lovely, accurate and picked up on many things. Waiting for the positive predictions, will definitely call back to keep you updated.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to AB review:

Thank you so much for trusting me with your reading, I look forward to hearing from you again! :)

Eliza Marie