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Hi I’m Cate Marie and I am a professional Spirit Medium, Empath and Grey Witch. Having retired from medicine some years ago, I am now working as a psychic medium full time and enjoying it immensely. I am clairvoyant, clairaudient and with a strong sense of premonition, I can give clarity where it’s needed, and direction at those times that leave us all at the crossroads now and then. My regular clients have all been very happy with my service. I feel this is my vocation, rather than a job.

Born into a family where the psychic gift runs strong, I come from a long line of psychic mediums. Having this wonderful gift, my earliest childhood memory is talking to a man and lady in my room when I was a baby. It wasn’t until years later that I realised that no one else could see them. They were my grandparents who died in the 1950s tragically early, and it’s through my grandmother that I have my abilities. At the age of 43, I decided to leave my former profession in medicine and look for a change. After doing my PhD in Demonology and still having not found what I was looking for, someone who I’ll never forget told me that I should be reading professionally, so taking her advice I struck out on my own and have never looked back.

Now as a professional witch and medium, I assist others in living their best lives possible. I am also able to channel into the loved ones now departed, or simply answer those tricky questions we all have from time to time. I offer my clients a relaxed environment to talk freely, where I share straightforward advice directly given from what I see, feel and hear as the spirits communicate.

Over the years I have developed many psychic gifts which include:

  • Clairvoyance
  • Clairaudience
  • Clairsensory
  • Mediumship
  • Crystal Ball
  • Grey Witch
  • Theban Oracle Cards
  • Spell Crafting
  • Wordsmith
  • Seer

My reading style is relaxed and easy going, calling on my trusty crystal ball I use for scrying, or my own personal Theban oracle cards when extra confirmation is required.

I have worked for other sites in the past but none as professional and caring as Absolute Soul Secrets. I look forward to reading for you here on this site and helping you find the answers you’re searching for.

If you would like a reading from me please use my ID No. 2121.

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Country: AU
Starsign: Aquarius
ID Code: 2121


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Reviews for Cate Marie

Cate Marie is rated 6.0/6 from a total of 35 Rated Reviews.

Had a reading with Cate Marie. She said I would get contact that nite and I did. Amazing Cate.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Mariella review:

Awesome news Mariella! Look forward to catching up with you soon. xx

Cate Marie

Great reader, fast and accurate on current situations.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to N. review:

Many thanks for your review N. and talk soon. Blessings to you. xx

Cate Marie

Cate Marie you have given me hope. Thanks for clarifying my doubts. xx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Mariella review:

Very glad to have had the chance to talk to you Mariella. Trust the process. All will be well. xx

Cate Marie

Thank you so much Cate Marie for your reading and comfort. Not much I can say for now but a huge thank you as it has given me support at that time of need. God bless. :)

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to E. review:

We were definitely meant to talk that day, and I’m glad we got the chance. Look forward to catching up soon when things are looking up for you. Blessings. xx

Cate Marie

I'm a bit amazed that this lovely lady does not have more reviews. Cate Marie you are simply fantastic… the impression I get from you when I speak to you is, you just say it how it is straight from your guides… there is no way you can have the correct information if you weren't so accurate and in tune… it's as simple as that. A gifted talent and should be highly recommended to all. xx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Sandra review:

It’s always a pleasure to have a chat with you Sandra, certainly a few giggles on the way too. Looking forward to talking with you soon. xx

Cate Marie

Thank you Cate Marie - what a reader! Exceptional! What else can I say? You picked up on my questions before I asked and gave amazing feedback. I will let you know the outcomes.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Victoria review:

I thoroughly enjoyed our chat Victoria. I look forward to catching up in the near future as things progress. You put a smile on my face. xx

Cate Marie

Just another review for the amazing insightful Cate Marie! Spot on yet again! What a journey we have been on together! Cate has kept my faith when I honestly didn't think I should, could or would! You were right yet again Cate, he did have a surprise for me.... an early b’day present! Lol. Looking forward to the rest of my journey from here on out. Thank you Cate. Love ya. :)

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Flick review:

It has been an awesome journey together and I am honoured to be a part of your story Flick. I’m so glad things are going so well, and you certainly deserve all the great things that are coming! Love ya girl! xx

Cate Marie

Thankyou Cate Marie for your incredible gifts of insight and supporting me through decisions. I am thankful for your wisdom and guidance, always delivered with kindness, without judgment. My gratitude to you. xxx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Anonymous review:

Very happy to have been of help to you. We’ve all been there… no situation is black and white, and we’ve all needed a bit of help on occasions. Always here if you need me. xx

Cate Marie

Hi Cate Marie. Once again, your predictions have come thru. You said the money will somehow be made available for my son’s surgery and guess what… it has been. You didn't know where from, just that it would happen. Now I just have to wait and see if my son follows through with the surgery. Dentists can be scary!! You are amazing. xx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Anne review:

That’s great news for your son Anne! He definitely will follow it up, and his life will take a big turn for the better. It’s been lovely to meet you and I look forward to catching up with you again soon. xx

Cate Marie

It’s not everyday you connect with a complete stranger. I have had several readings with Cate Marie. She has now become a friend I confide in. Every reading is with so much love and compassion. A true earth angel in this realm. I look forward to that prediction coming to fruition, so as to have Justice ‘n Peace in my life finally. I would Highly Recommend Cate Marie to anyone. Many Blessings. xx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Jenny review:

So glad we got the chance to connect this year lovely lady, and look forward to further chats. Many blessings.

Cate Marie

Cate Marie thankyou so much for your guidance with my situation. You are always spot on with your predictions. You’re always kind and I enjoy our chats, and I’m looking forward to my future with the man you predicted. Many thanks.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Rachael review:

I’ve always enjoyed our chats Rachael, and was definitely very happy to be giving you good news. I look forward to talking to you more about your lovely future. xx

Cate Marie

Wow thankyou so much Cate Marie, I was truly blessed to be given you today! You were spot on and did not fish for answers! I am totally blown away. You are so caring and made me feel so much better. You were spot on and I can’t wait to talk to you soon. xxxxxxx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Isabella review:

It was lovely to have a chance to connect with you Isabella, and I look forward to catching up in the future. Just know that everything will be great in 2019. Blessings to you. xx

Cate Marie

Cate Marie, thanks again for your guidance. You are always so consistent with what you pick up, reassuring and easy to talk to. I’m so grateful for your gifts and look forward to everything unfolding. Love and blessings to you! x

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Maria review:

Always enjoy our chats Maria! Thank you for letting me be part of your journey, and I look forward to discussing the exciting future ahead. Blessings and love. xx

Cate Marie

Always kind always truthful. Very accurate with people and timings. Love her to bits.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to A. review:

Thanks so much A. I always enjoy our chats. So proud of you and all the hard work you’ve done. Much love to you. xx

Cate Marie

Sending eternal blessings to you Cate Marie. My gratitude for your helping hand is beyond words. Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou. xxx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Sue review:

It was an absolute pleasure Sue. Look forward to catching up in the future. xx

Cate Marie

Thankyou Cate Marie for the gifts of your insight, understanding, knowledge and wisdom. Your strength is a force to be acknowledged. The support you are giving in the background has given me confidence to know that person is no longer able to use dirty tactics. Thanking you with much gratitude and appreciation. Blessings. xxx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Anonymous review:

I’m very happy to have been able to help you and thanks for your review. Blessings. xx

Cate Marie

Thanks Cate Marie! You explain the problems that I couldn’t understand and give me a clear head with strength to believe for exciting future. You tune into the situations very quickly without me telling much things at all, also visualized the person I like… told me how/what he looks like… very accurate! Spot on! Cate Marie is wonderful lady, really enjoy talking with. I strongly recommend her!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Haruna review:

I’m glad I could offer you some insight into the situation Haruna, as well as the peace in knowing all will be well. Look forward to catching up with you in the near future to see how things are. xx

Cate Marie

Cate Marie I just want to thank you for restoring my faith in psychics. Within a 6 month period, you have confirmed and predicted more events that have happened than any other. Your ability with time frames is amazing. Thank you for your calming and reassuring words. Truly here to help us mere mortals. xx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Anne review:

Dear Anne. It’s always a pleasure to talk to you, and I’m so glad that things are heading in such a great direction for you. Catch up soon. xx

Cate Marie

Not sure why she doesn’t have more testimonials, but this lady is truly gifted. I have had a few readings with her this year and she astounds me with her accuracy. No questions asked, gave so many validations and she’s happy to clarify without getting offended when you want clarification. A true professional!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to B. review:

Many thanks for the kind words B. Look forward to catching up in the future. xx

Cate Marie

I had a very good reading from Cate Marie, she covered everything that worried me and answered all questions. I’m looking forward to her predictions to happen. I’ll definitely call again! Thanks Cate Marie for the peace of mind and the great reading!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Ioana review:

It was lovely to chat to you Ioana, and I look forward to hearing how things are traveling for you in the future.

Cate Marie

This lady blew me away… without knowing much about this man, she was able to shed some light on it and I found her spot on. I cannot wait to see how this turns out with your predictions. I definitely will let you know the outcome. Thank you lovely lady. x

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Sandy review:

It was a genuine pleasure talking to you Sandy, and I can’t wait for the future update. Blessings.

Cate Marie

So glad I finally got to talk to this wonderful lady properly. I’m amazed at the amount of detail she picked up without being told anything. Everything she said rang true to the situation and I’m super excited about the upcoming months. I can't thank you enough Cate… you certainly put my mind at ease and I’m looking forward to talking to you again. Thanks so much.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Nerissa review:

It was lovely to get the chance to talk with you Nerissa and enjoy a laugh, and I am very confident good things are coming your way. Looking forward to our next chat when things begin to happen! xx

Cate Marie

What an absolute pleasure it was speaking with you Cate Marie. Thank you so much for a lovely reading… you brought so much peace and understanding into my day and put my mind at ease. I will definitely be speaking with you again. You are so warm and caring and I immediately felt a calmness plus you were spot on about what has been going on. Thank you for reassuring me to stay strong.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Anna review:

Anna you are such a strong, compassionate lady who is doing your best for everyone. You will be blessed for this, and not too far off in the year. Keep the faith with yourself and cut yourself some slack. You’re doing great. xx

Cate Marie

After trying for ages to get thru to Cate Marie I did only to have my phone drop out after a couple of minutes. In that short amount of time she told me what I was ringing for, and said that it would happen. Will definitely be calling back to find out more.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Nerissa review:

I’m glad we finally got to talk Nerissa and I have every confidence that things will work out for your greater good. Look forward to catching up later. Blessings and love to you. xx

Cate Marie

Cate I have had numerous reading with your over the last few months and you are an amazing woman, so accurate. You helped me through a lot of man troubles. I thank you so much and I can’t wait for my future man to come into my life you have predicted.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Rach review:

Always a pleasure chatting to you Rach. Never give up. Your patience will pay off soon. xx

Cate Marie

You said my son would turn his life around in March. He did and with only a few potholes in his path he is still forging ahead one step at time. Thank you for giving me real faith and hope.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Anne review:

I’m just so glad I was around to help you in your time of need Anne. The only way is up now for both you and your son. Blessings.

Cate Marie

I just had to write a second review for Cate Marie. I’ve been getting readings from Cate for a year now... she is truly amazing! It’s like talking with a friend. Thank you for all your support and love Cate Marie.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Felicity review:

You were my very first client on AbSS and I have come to really enjoy our chats. It is indeed like talking to a friend, sharing the laughs and the tears. I am honoured to be a part of your journey. Thank you so much Felicity. xx

Cate Marie

Had a fantastic reading with Cate Marie. It was spot on with the validations and very to the point. A wonderful and uplifting reader.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Meri review:

Thank you so much Meri! I really enjoyed our chat too. I’m glad we got a chance to talk. Many thanks. xx

Cate Marie

I had a reading several days ago by this lovely lady Cate Marie she was just brilliant! Cate Marie was very fast in connecting into my situation and was very accurate with situations which had happened and very clear and confident about what will happen in the future. I found Cate Marie to be genuine and caring and I highly recommend Cate Marie for your next reading. Thank you for a great reading.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Anastasia review:

Thank you so much Anastasia. I’m so glad we got to talk. I love my work and it’s because of lovely clients like yourself that makes it so enjoyable.

Cate Marie

Had a wonderful reading. Spot on and I did not even give her any information. She told me what she could feel around me. Really looking forward to see what does happen. Thanks for the reading. Have told friends. Would recommend.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Maria review:

Many thanks Maria! I hope all is going well for you. Look forward to catching up soon!

Cate Marie

Cate you seem to creep inside me and know the fears and hopes. Amazing.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Lynette review:

I always enjoy our chats Lynette, and thank you for sharing your journey with me. It’s a pleasure. xx

Cate Marie

Thank you for my reading. A lot of what you said rings true for me... Would recommend.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Louise review:

Thank you so much Louise. I’m so glad we got to talk.

Cate Marie

I want to thank Cate Marie for her honest and genuine reading on my situation. My gut isn’t having a good feeling anymore. It’s time to just cut! Although I was disappointed when she said I would be single for 2 years by choice and just having fun, I realised as I hung up that’s what I want. I’m spending time on the love of my life - me. I also know I finally want to be free to do exactly as I want and live my dreams and love the new me. It certainly doesn't mean I won't have fun socially. My career is also more important to me than ever as I discover myself now. Thanks kindly :)

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to G.T. review:

And thank you to you G.T. for making it so worthwhile. It’s our lovely clients that make it so wonderful to work here! Hoping your journey is going well for you.

Cate Marie

Wow, Cate Marie is amazing. She picked up on the situation without needing any details and was spot on. She gave a lot of detail of what she could see and I look forward to seeing things progress. Will be calling again. One of the best readers on here.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to J.L. review:

Thank you so much for the kind words and letting me share your journey too. xx

Cate Marie

Wow... Cate you are amazing... So spot on it was mind blowing. You are a credit to Absolute Soul Secrets. Will definitely let you know how things go. Thank you so much for your insight. It made my day. x

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Felicity review:

Many thanks Felicity! You’ve been with me since the start and I’m so enjoying sharing the life journey together!

Cate Marie