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My name is Grace and I live with my two children. We live close to the beach and often go for long walks along the sea front with our dog.

I grew up in the North of England and had a dream of living in Australia. It is wonderful to have realised this dream so my children could enjoy the beach lifestyle. Australia has also been the catalyst for the development of my psychic skills.

I have always had an interest in the psychic arts, which was fostered by my grandmothers in my early childhood, but it was not until I moved to Australia that I discovered I had a gift.

I started a course in tarot and dream analysis that prompted a multitude of further study courses in spiritual and psychic development. I also hold academic qualifications in Social Sciences and Education, which have value-added to my psychic skills.

I feel the angelic realm and spiritual beings have been with me every step of the way in my life’s journey. It has not always been easy raising two children alone however, I have endeavoured to grow and develop through life’s trials and tribulations.

I can read a dynamic of a relationship or a workplace situation from the point of view of the client. I can assess the personality profile and energy of individuals involved and what that may result in. Furthermore, I love metaphysics and can read simultaneous past and future incarnations through the Akashic records. I am finding that rather than predicting future events, I read energies of the clients manifestations so they can see if they are on track. However, I do have a strong focus on privacy and boundaries in readings. Sometimes, there is a privacy lock on others that I would feel and respect in the reading.

With regards to my skills I am also clairsentient, have knowledge of the Ascended Masters teachings and quite a few animals have been popping into my readings lately. I have an understanding of their symbolic meaning but will also actual smell them as well as see them clairvoyantly. My psychic abilities include:

  • Clairvoyance
  • Clairsentience
  • Tarot
  • Angel Therapies
  • Mediumship
  • Dream Analysis
  • Ascended Masters teachings
  • Akashic Records

I am also artistic so colour therapies/analysis tends to be prominent in my readings.

My gifts have been nurtured through my own experiences and professional development. I have been working in the field for several years allowing me to share my skills to benefit others.

My clients say my readings are enlightening, uplifting, healing and point them gently in the right direction.

If you would like a reading with me please use my ID No. 03779.

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Country: AU
Starsign: Pisces
ID Code: 03779


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Reviews for Grace

Grace is rated 6.0/6 from a total of 17 Rated Reviews.

I enjoy Grace’s readings. She has a lovely gentle and accurate style. I always look forward to talking to her and hearing her perspective on things. Blessings Grace.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Steve review:

Thank you Steve for your lovely review. I’m glad you found the guidance from spirit accurate and delivered with a gentle touch. Your heart radiates a beautiful energy that supports all the souls you engage with. The spiritual realms wish you well.


You really are Amazing Grace. You are such a beautiful woman, you have helped me so much in so many ways. Your timeline is very accurate, can't wait to get better and start living again... your insight and memory is literally out of this world! Can't wait to chat again. Lots of love to you.

Business Woman
Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Business Woman review:

Thank you for your heartfelt words in the review. I am pleased the spiritual realms are supporting you on your journey to health and wealth. The angels are also helping to navigate a golden pathway to loving and compassionate kindred spirits.


Grace is so spot on with emotion and enthusiasm throughout her reading and focused on results.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Sue-Ellen review:

Thank you for your kind words and lovely review. You certainly are an angel of the sky, flying high. :)


I don't think there are enough words to describe Grace. Why I say that, because I have never experienced such consistent, so accurate and honest, straight to the point readings like the ones Grace delivers. Grace’s so down-to-earth messages speak straight to your soul, often leaving you breathless. Her readings are so amazing, I wait for her when she is back on again to have my reading done.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Dennis review:

Thank you Dennis for your lovely review and feedback. I am pleased that the spiritual realms are supporting you on your path.


Grace you are a beautiful soul, thank you for your guidance. Your readings have kept me on the right track. Always lovely and supportive to speak to. Always accurate with your predictions. You know things that no one would know. Extremely special person and reader. Thank you Grace!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Laura review:

Thank you Laura for your lovely words. It has been a pleasure to assist you on your journey and see the story unfold of the songbird and the peacock. In love and light the angels delight and bless your life.


Dear Grace, it is always a pleasure listening to your so accurate readings. You have a very gifted blessing from God to help people. I always look forward to your readings when you are on line.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Dennis review:

Thank you for the lovely review Dennis. You have a heart of gold. :)


Dear Grace, I just want you to know that I was so impressed, yet again with your information and delivery. SO accurate and full of new things and helpful, helpful loving support. I think you’re a gifted one. xoxxo

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to J.A. review:

Thank you so much for the lovely review and feedback J.A. It is so good to know that you found the consultation with spirit supportive and loving in its delivery and found it quite accurate. Kindness abounds in your heart and soul, lighting your pathway with love. Many thanks again.


I wish I could give you more stars Grace, you made me feel so good at the end of our talk. Thank you so much. I hope all comes true and will let you know.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Karen review:

Thank you Karen for the review. Your call touched my heart and soul. I am so pleased the reading helped.


Simply amazing! Highly recommend Grace…

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Sandy review:

Thank you for the lovely review Sandy. Good luck with the tomatoes.


Grace, you are an amazing reader, genuine, caring and so correct in details! Thank you!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Angela review:

Thank you Angela for your kind words. It is good to know that the reading was supportive for you and quite accurate.


Grace your reading a couple of weeks back left me feeling uplifted and also it gave me confidence. Lovely reading thanks so much.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to J.A. review:

Thank you J.A. and it was so lovely to get your feedback. I am so pleased you were uplifted by the reading and you felt more confident.


I am sorry we were cut off before I could thank you. I felt better from talking to you and would highly recommend others give you a call.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Fiona review:

Thank you so much Fiona. I am so glad the reading was helpful for you. Love and laughter to you. x


Spoke to Grace and it helped so much. Grace was spot on with many issues and then she said I was getting "butterfly kisses" from my son - amazing when he was under 2 yrs I used to give him kisses with my eyelashes called butterfly kisses. I was blown away. Thank you Grace.

Sarah Elissa

Grace is a really fabulous reader. I gave very little information and she was able to pick up on very specific details regarding the situation. These were details that not even I knew and I was able to confirm this information with the other party involved!! Needless to say the other person was shocked I had so much insight regarding the situation!! I can highly recommend Grace as she is so very easy to talk to and her insight is tremendously accurate.


Absolute Soul best kept secret! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. xx


Ahhh Grace, such welcome relief! Thankyou.


Love Grace. She is so sweet and really enlightening. Contacted with my grandfather :)


I have had many wonderful readings over the years, from various psychics from Absolute Soul secrets, for which I am truly grateful. My reading with you Grace was indeed special. Your insight is enhanced due to the quality of care and genuine compassion you offer in your readings. Your reading was absolutely accurate and I thank you.


Grace is wonderful, uplifts my spirit every time I speak with her. I love to hear about the ET civilisations and know they are connected with me. Grace is always there to help in a cheerful voice. Grace is certainly a saving grace. Much love from me.


Grace is wonderful and an extremely talented reader. Not only does she speak with clarity and sincerity she has a calming nature that is easy to relate to. I have had many readings from Grace and each time she has been extremely accurate, she is the real deal and deserves the acknowledgment for her good work. Thank you Grace for being a listening ear and for your honest and accurate readings that you have each time delivered in a caring and sincere way. May you continue to do this good work and may God bless you.


Grace has been an amazing reader who is always right on target for me and has kept me on my right path. She has an amazing insight into my journey. Thanks Grace.


You are pure gold Grace!


Grace you are lovely, totally non-judgemental and one of the best! Thank you for your guidance. I will be back!