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Hello I’m Avril, and I am here to help you discover and unlock your inner direction and soul’s full potential. As a professional Psychic Medium and Spiritual Healer for more than 20 years, my readings bring you back to a very grounded centre… this moment… the Now.

Anxiety is worry about the future. Depression you are in the past. Both are stories we have made up from pain. Stories are not real, only this moment is real. From a place of feeling grounded, we all have clear sight.

My love for doing readings and the joys I experience as I watch my clients grow to their highest potential, is my passion. From a very young age I knew I wanted to help others through expressing my intuition and sharing my psychic gifts. I had a deep connection to Nature’s Realm and the Spirit world. I had the ability to see energy fields and understood that a touch or a kind word, could visibly change this energy field.

This lead me to discover Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Reiki and Kinesiology, which further opened and strengthened my intuitive sight. My readings became stronger and grounded within these beautiful healing modalities. I also found a beautiful mentor, who helped guide and teach me all the rules of the Spirit world. Today I teach workshops that empower clients to trust their own intuition.

A reading with me will shine light on your soul’s purpose and very quickly undo the stories that keep you stuck. I can also help you connect safely with loved ones who have passed over to give you the information you need. Over the years I have added more tools and modalities to enhance my readings including:

  • Clairvoyance
  • Clairsentience
  • Clairaudience
  • Mediumship
  • Channelling
  • Angel Practices
  • Automatic Writing
  • Remote Viewing
  • Past Lives
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Light Worker
  • Pet Readings
  • Pendulum
  • Tarot
  • Oracle Cards

Naturally I have a love and connection with our dear animal friends too, which enables me to tune into their spirit and help them heal and recover.

Overall my readings are clear, concise and delivered with gentle compassion. My joy is contagious, and you will feel uplifted and on track.

If you would like a reading from me please use my ID No. 2164.

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Country: AU
Starsign: Capricorn
ID Code: 2164


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Reviews for Avril

Avril is rated 5.5/6 from a total of 10 Rated Reviews.

Thanks Avril what an amazing reading. You knew straight away what my issues were and offered great ways to help me overcome them. Highly recommended!


I just had a reading with Avril, who I found to be a lovely, friendly, easy to talk to person. She didn't waste any time in answering my question about a particular man, and told me exactly what I hoped and prayed to hear (no questions, just straight to it). I can't wait for things to unfold. Thank you Avril.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to J. review:

Hi J. Bless you for your lovely heartfelt words. You make my work easy. Clients who are open to receive love at this time in humanity, are such a joy. I am honoured to be of service. Many blessings on your journey to love. Godspeed.


Thank you, thank you, xxx. So very nice to speak to. Very grateful for your insight and guidance.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Linaire review:

Hi Linaire. Thank you so much for your kind words. My joy comes from working with clients who embrace life's journey. It was an honour and a privilege to work with you. Many blessings for your journey. Godspeed.


Most disapointing. Asked about someone only to be told that I clarify with that person their intentions. Told reader that’s why I’m calling you, I’m not ready to do that and I wanted psychic insight into the matter then ended call. Waste of money! I’m sorry, did you not realise this is why people call psychics in the first place, not be told you should clarify with person. Cop out.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Carlie review:

Thank you for your feedback Carlie. We did cut the reading short. I channel direct from source and I cannot change what your guides say. I am sorry you didn't get what you want.


What a great gift you have. I am pretty intuitive myself, so need someone who is fast, accurate and gets to the truth of the matter. Avril is a highly skilled reader and I am very fussy and have high expectations. Thank you. :)

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Leanne review:

Hi Leanne, thank you so for your lovely words. I find such joy in reading for fellow Intuitives. It was my honour and privilege to work with such a Gracious Soul who absorbs as fast as I talk. Many blessings on your journey as we all need you so…


I had a reading with Avril yesterday. I found her to be so cold and so disconnected. I would not recommend her to anyone. We are all different, but maybe some compassion your way would serve you well.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Jenny review:

Thank you for your feedback Jenny. Often folk don't mix and I am sorry you felt this way after your short reading with me. I am sure you will find the right psychic for you. Many blessings for your journey.


Many thanks dear Avril for the very clear foresight you gave me. I’m so looking forward to the next stage! I AM grounded but uplifted too!!! How does that work? Haa. Love and all blessings be with you dear lass. xxxxx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Julie-Anne review:

So much gratitude for your lovely words Julie-Anne. It was an honour to work with you and your soul group. Pure joy. Many blessings and remember… feet on the ground so you can fly high.


Avril is able to quickly and very accurately read situations past and present extremely well. I’m amazed. She describes and explains things in a no-nonsense approach. Thank you for your insight.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to S. review:

Thank you S. Many blessings and so much gratitude for your time in sending this lovely review. It was an honour and a privilege to read for you.


I may be over the top but you saved my life. Can’t thank you enough. xxx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Lynette review:

Over the top… Never! Just a wonderful expression of Joy and Gratitude in your own unique way. It was an honour and joy to walk beside you Lynette in your wobbly moment. Much joy and love on your next step forward on your incredible journey of life. Many blessings.


Great connection. Avril was able to pick up on the situations that are happening at the moment and could describe people in my life. Great spiritual advice. Look forward to her predictions, especially finding that forever home.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Jac review:

Hi Lovely Jac. Thank you so much for taking the time to send in such a lovely review. As I said, it was an honour and a privilege to work with such a lovely soul. Many blessings for your life's journey. I know you will walk it with grace and ease. Godspeed.