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Psychics Available for SMS Questions

We have psychics available to answer your questions 24/7 by SMS Text. Please visit our SMS Psychic Availability page to see which psychics are available to answer your questions.

We have 2 options – General Psychic Chat pool or Favourite Psychic. You can text a question 24/7 to our general psychic chat pool which will be answered by the next available psychic.

To text a favourite psychic*, check their availability on our SMS Psychics Available page. Then text #psychic’s ID Code and send e.g. Text #1234 then send. You will receive a free message saying “you have started a chat with psychic 1234.” Then reply with your question. If you would like to end the conversation with that Favourite Psychic, text #end then ‘send’. This will allow you to start a new conversation with another psychic.

* All efforts are made to provide SMS psychics 24/7. If psychics are not available, your question will be answered by the next logged in psychic.

* If a Favourite Psychic question is not answered within 10 minutes, your question will go in to the General Chat pool to be answered by the next available logged in psychic.

image of psychic vivianne from absolute soul secrets

Country: AU
Starsign: Libra
ID Code: 0000


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