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March 2024
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Cancer March 2024 Horoscope: Embrace Transformation and Manifest Your Destiny

Welcome to the Cancer March 2024 Horoscope! Before drawing your theme tarot cards for the month, Rose likes to have a little vision first before turning the cards over.

Upon closing her eyes, Rose sees an old picture frame. As she takes out the picture, she senses the presence of people who used to be in your life but are no longer the main focus for this month. This theme suggests that you are moving away from past connections and focusing on your personal growth instead.

In your house of home and family, there is some turbulence with the moon in Libra. Take a moment to reflect on whether you have been sacrificing and compromising yourself for your family. Self-reflection is crucial to ensure that your own needs are not overshadowed by the expectations of others.

March Tarot Cards for Cancer

1. The Chariot: Move Forward with Purpose

The Chariot card urges you to move forward purposefully and fearlessly, manifesting your destiny. Trust your intuition and embrace personal sovereignty, freeing yourself from any limitations imposed by others.

As Rose works with your cards further, she senses a theme centred around animals. By aligning with your animal instincts, you can tap into your transformational power. Just like a snake sheds its skin when it outgrows it, it’s time for you to grow and expand beyond the expectations of others. Embrace this growth and allow yourself to evolve into the best version of yourself.

2. Judgment: Liberate Yourself from Old Beliefs

The Judgment card indicates that it’s time to let go of old ways of thinking and self-judgment. Shed the restricting beliefs that have held you back and embrace the freedom that awaits you. The angels are urging you to leap out of the boxes that have confined you and to stop giving your time and energy to what others think. Break free and live life on your own terms.

Career and Public Life

March brings tremendous changes and opportunities in your career and public life. Your vocation should no longer be just another job; it must be something that aligns with your heart and brings you fulfillment. The celestial alignment in your public chart shows that your life is becoming more public, and it’s time to shine your light upon the world. Embrace new projects, explore your talents, and don’t be afraid to dream big.

T-Squares: Challenges and Growth

While March presents its challenges, remember that they provide opportunities for growth. The T-square alignment involving Venus, Uranus, and the Moon brings moments of tension and potential disruptions in shared assets and intimacy. However, with dedication and effort, you can overcome these challenges and experience a rewarding outcome.

Pisces New Moon 10th March: Fresh Perspectives

The month of March holds a promise of new beginnings and fresh perspectives. The Pisces New Moon on the 10th brings opportunities to expand your horizons, whether through travel, spirituality, or connecting with other cultures. Embrace this time to incorporate new philosophies, broaden your beliefs, and embark on exciting new adventures.

Resolving Family Patterns

On the 25th March, a lunar eclipse in Libra, coupled with your south node, brings attention to family patterns, whether they are your own or stem from ancestral influences. This is an opportunity to heal and find resolution in any outstanding issues, allowing for a more harmonious and loving environment at home.

Cancer March Horoscope 2024 Summary

Dear Caring Cancerians, embrace your intuition, manifest your destiny, and liberate yourself from old beliefs. March 2024 brings opportunities for career advancements and public recognition, so seize the moment and let your light shine. Embrace the challenges along the way, as they will only strengthen your skills and contribute to your personal development. Remember to maintain balance in all aspects of life, allowing rebirth and renewal to guide your journey. Wishing you a transformative and fulfilling month ahead.

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February 2024
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Cancer Horoscope February 2024: Balancing Financial & Personal Values

Welcome to your Cancer February 2024 Horoscope. Let’s dive into the insights provided by the cards and explore the energies that will shape your month.

Rose’s Vision for Cancer

For the first half of the month, Rose sees a significant theme of escaping the boundaries we often impose on ourselves. The image of a white fence with two bar – a top bar and a halfway bar – symbolises the urge to break free from the limitations we have constructed around us. It’s time for growth and transformation as you shed your old skin and embrace new possibilities.

1. The Lover’s Tarot Card: Gaining Wisdom

Accompanying the theme of breaking boundaries, The Lover’s Card is drawn, embodying the integration of opposing energies. This can manifest in your relationship with others, presenting both challenges and growth opportunities. It’s a push-and-pull dynamic, where you come together and then move apart. This process holds the potential for healing and gaining wisdom, allowing you to absorb the energy of the opposite and incorporate it into your own personality.

2. The Ace of Pentacles Tarot Card: Assess What Really Matters

Moving on to the second half of the month, the cards highlight a series of action steps that await you. These steps signify messages from your subconscious, urging you to seek spiritual nurturance from within and from others. The Ace of Pentacles shows a brand new beginning, particularly in matters related to your finances, possessions, and personal values. Embrace this opportunity to reassess what truly matters to you and align your actions accordingly.

Astrological Influences for Cancer: Exciting Energies

Now, let’s take a closer look at the astrological influences that will shape your month. On the 1st of February, a wide T square involving the Moon, Jupiter, and Pluto introduces challenges related to your associations, shared resources, and intimacies. It’s advisable to avoid socializing or engaging in discussions regarding shared assets or important financial matters on this day.

However, the energy shifts as multiple planets gather in Aquarius throughout the month. Mercury enters on the 5th/6th, Mars follows on the 13th/14th, and Venus joins on the 16th/17th. Additionally, a New Moon occurs in Aquarius on the 9th/10th, bringing forth an abundance of energy focused on shared assets and intimacy. This powerful configuration, combined with Pluto’s presence in your 8th house, suggests a potential for transformative endings and beginnings in these areas of your life.

Destiny and Healing

On the 19th/20th February, the alignment of the True North Node and Chiron in Aries signals the emergence of destiny and deep healing from your subconscious. This pivotal event may revolve around your career, an authority figure in your life, or your public persona. Embrace this opportunity to release and heal, knowing that it is ultimately a positive development. Keep an eye out for sudden and bold changes that may impact your career or your relationship with authority figures.

Sun Moves into Pisces: Influx of Insights

As the sun moves into Pisces, you will experience an influx of insights and awareness regarding the need to expand your life. This expansion may involve travel, re-education, or a deeper exploration of spirituality. Additionally, pay attention to connections with individuals from foreign backgrounds or overseas, as these connections may hold significance for you.

The sun’s journey is accompanied by Mercury’s arrival in Pisces on the 23rd/24th, emphasizing the importance of timing, scheduling, and maintaining organization if you embark on any travels. Communication and financial transactions may also come into focus during this period.

Full Moon in Virgo

Towards the end of the month, the full moon prompts a bit of turbulence in your third house, emphasising the importance of communication and learning. If you’re planning a trip abroad, take this opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture and deepen your understanding of the country. Pay attention to relationships with siblings or distant relatives who may require reconnection or emotional healing.

Cancer February Horoscope 2024 Summary

February 2024 holds significant transformations and new beginnings for Caring Cancerians. Embrace the opportunities to break free from boundaries and initiate positive change in your financial and personal values. Navigate the challenges with awareness and take time for self-care and introspection. Remember, the world is calling you to grow and align your life with your true self. Wishing you a wonderful and transformative month ahead!

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