Scorpio Horoscope 2023
September 2023
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Scorpio September 2023 Monthly Horoscope

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Scorpio Zodiac Sign Tarot Reading

Hello and welcome, dear Scorpio! It’s time for your Scorpio Horoscope for September. But before we dive in, let’s draw the tarot cards to unveil what they have in store for you in the first and second halves of the month. Let’s see what these cards reveal for your journey through September horoscope.

Starting with the first half of the month, Scorpio, the cards indicate paperwork and important agreements on the horizon. It’s as if your decisions are being rubber-stamped, and even legal matters seem to fall into place naturally. This signifies a new beginning – a fresh chapter unfolding. The Ace of Swords aids this process, representing clarity and decisive action. Though swords can link to legal matters, there’s a sense of positivity here as obviously, decisive thinking relates to a range of matters. In fact, anything to do with money can benefit highly from this energy. The decisions you’re making are creating ripples of transformation in various aspects of your life. There’s progress in projects, especially in collaboration with new individuals.  It suggests significant decisions and logical thinking coming into play.

Transitioning to the second half of September, the focus carries forward, continuing the momentum. I sense that important decisions are still at the forefront, undergoing examination and analysis. Then comes a fascinating visual – a chain around your neck. Though it might appear stylish, it represents a restriction. However, good news follows, as this chain is about to break. It’s like a padlock falling away, releasing you from a hidden constraint. But wait, a significant card emerges – The Tower. This card implies a situation where an idea you built up collapses unexpectedly. Your intuition, a Scorpio trait, might have sensed this turmoil brewing. It could even involve another person’s influence, perhaps even an act of sabotage. Reflect on whether it’s external or internal sabotage.

Predictions for Scorpio Monthly Horoscope September 2023

Now, let’s zoom in on some key dates for your Scorpio Horoscope journey.

Beginning of the month, a Minor Grand Trine pattern emerges, channelling energies into creativity, leisure and pleasure and even romance. Neptune in your fifth house blends with Pluto in your communication sector, suggesting transFORMations in local areas and your interactions. Uranus in Taurus adds a dynamic twist to Neptune, possibly impacting social or romantic involvements. It’s a mix of creativity, talent, spirituality, and change.

Your horoscope says also that seven planets are in retrograde, inspiring introspection. However, Venus and Mercury break the pattern, offering bursts of activity. Don’t overlook the equinox – finding balance in your own and nature’s energies.

Venus Retrograde Finito!

On September 3, Venus the planet of love goes direct in your 10th house, enhancing your career sector. Things that might have felt sluggish or delayed start moving forward. This is great news for work relationships too and your love life could improve dramatically! Venus in Leo brings vibrancy and progress not only in career and love relationships, but also in many areas of your life.

Venus in Leo in the 10th house suggests that you have a strong desire for recognition and success in your career and public life. You possess a charismatic and warm personality that draws people to you, making you a natural leader and a magnet for admirers. You take pride in your professional achievements and may be drawn to careers in the arts, entertainment, or any field where you can showcase your creativity and charm. Your reputation and social standing are important to you, and you’re likely to excel in roles that allow you to shine in the spotlight.

Jupiter Retrograde Begins

Jupiter’s backward journey is quite positive for spiritual growth and begins on September 4 until December 30. It’s in Taurus in the 7th house (so physical consequences), but even with a wide conjunction to Uranus, it suggests that you bring a sense of expansiveness and optimism to your partnerships and relationships. You may have a strong desire for stability and security in your close connections, valuing loyalty, and reliability in your partners. The conjunction with Uranus adds a touch of uniqueness and unpredictability to your approach to partnerships, making you open to unconventional and innovative ideas in your relationships. You might seek out REALationships that offer both stability and excitement, and your partnerships may involve a fair amount of personal growth and change. This placement encourages you to explore new horizons with your significant others while still valuing the grounded and dependable aspects of committed relationships.

Mercury Retrograde Done & Dusted!

Mercury’s direct motion on September 15 boosts your communication, especially among friends and in your social circles.

Mercury in Virgo in the 11th house suggests that your communication style is marked by precision and attention to detail within your social circles and networks. September will bring thoughtful and analytical communications among friends and in group settings. Your intellectual prowess can make you a valuable contributor to group discussions, and you’re skilled at organising and planning events or initiatives within your community. You tend to be selective about the ideas and causes you support, focusing on those that align with your practical and service-oriented approach. Your friends may see you as someone who provides helpful advice and solutions when needed, and you thrive in intellectually stimulating social environments. Well done!

Full Moon – New Moon – Supermoon!

A New Moon in Virgo on September 14 shines light on new beginnings in friendships and groups.

Full Moon in Aries on September 29… but it’s more than that… it’s a Harvest Arian Supermoon and it’s the biggest Supermoon of the year! Close those curtains at night before you sleep as it’s bound to wake you in the wee hours (Supermoons always wake me around 3am… the light shines through the cracks in the curtains and the lunar vibes are so powerful I have all sorts of dreams). Your everyday life, work or health may get a bit of a shake up here, especially with Chiron conjuncting your North Node. This shakeup could even be fated, but it’s the kind of shakeup you need to get things going again.

The Super Moon in Aries on the 29th triggers changes in your everyday routine, health, and work aspects. It’s a time of dynamic shifts, marked by a burst of energy.

Sun in Libra – Libra Season Begins!

As the Sun shifts into Libra on September 23, your 12th house is illuminated. This period prompts insightful dreams, meditation, and a deeper connection with your subconscious.

In summary, Scorpio, September 2023 predicts changes and insights as planetary movements have already and are still changing. You’re a water sign so you take many things to heart. Fortunately, there’s not too much happening in fellow water signs this month. Neptune is associated with water however and he is the focal point of that Minor Grand Trine, but this likely works out fairly positive. So, whilst you may face some ups and downs, there’s probably more ups!

Embrace transformation, as even challenging situations can lead to growth. Remember to consider your Moon and Ascendant signs for a complete celestial picture. Wishing you a transformative and eye-opening month ahead as you step outside of your comfort zone. Take care and farewell for now!

For All Astrology Things…

Psychic Astrologer Rose Smith,

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Scorpio Horoscope for August 2023 – Predictions for the Month Ahead

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Hello, sensational Scorpio! Here’s your August horoscope with some exciting events ahead. Let’s draw two tarot cards as theme cards for the month. In the first half of the month, there are futuristic changes around your living arrangements, possibly related to technology and payments. The 6 of Pentacles suggests you will be managing your finances more wisely. Of course, do be cautious about lending money.

In the second half, you might find yourself seeking answers from the past and healing family or ancestral matters. The Ace of Wands indicates a fresh start, motivating you to explore new career opportunities or side hustles. Remember to find balance between your career, relationships, and home life.

The Lions Gate Portal

The Lions Gate Portal activated on July 28 to August 12. This portal peaks around August 8 and encourages self-love, confidence, and self-expression. Leo aligns with the Fixed Star Sirius reminding all zodiac signs to be independent, brave and free in pursuing our desires and increasing your self esteem. The Lion’s Gate Portal offers an annual opportunity for spiritual growth and empowerment. In the sign of lovely Leo, the affects of the Lions Gate Portal are particularly significant. It’s your time to shine!

Overall, this month’s astrology presents opportunities for growth and development of your talents and ideals through creative tension and challenge.

Double Sturgeon Supermoons – Rare Blue Moon

There’s the rare event this month of two Supermoons and the 2nd one is a rare Blue Supermoon! The first Supermoon or mega Full Moon in Aquarius is on the 2nd and there’s a second Full Moon in Pisces on the 31st. So all this lunar activity could be quite turbulent especially in your REALationships and everyday life, work and health zones. These Double Sturgeon (the name of a Full Moon in August) Supermoons will affect every star sign, but particularly you dear Virgo, so you could find situations may be challenging for a little while.

August 2023 Monthly Horoscope

According to the monthly horoscope, key events include a T-Square on the 1st, bringing a brief challenge in your home and career balance, and the Full Blue Moon in Pisces on the 30th, stirring up emotions related to children, creativity, or romance.

A New Moon in Leo on the 16th brings exciting projects in your career zone. Be mindful of Mercury and Venus retrograde, favouring completion rather than starting new ventures. Retrograde Venus in your 10th house might bring internalised changes in your career or life direction. Or perhaps you hear about someone you used to know, possibly in connection with your career or an authority figure such as a parent.

Mercury Retrograde

It’s Mercury retrograde again from August 23 to September 15, bringing miscommunications or delays, especially in travel plans. Whilst it’s not a great time to sign an agreement, it is a fabulous time to complete anything you started prior to August 16. Virgo is an Earth sign and you are ruled by Mercury so Mercury’s back motion in your sign Virgo, may have a very strong impact upon your plans. Be cautious and stay mindful of your circumstances, communications and try to remain clear thinking.

Delays or glitches in legal matters may also ensue. It’s not the best time to make important decisions at this time.

Go here to find out more about the effects of all the planets in backward motion this month 2023 Planetary Retrogrades and Eclipses.

Sun in Virgo 23rd August

The Sun enters Virgo August 23 bringing a major focus on your identity and a big Happy Birthday to all Vivacious Virgos! You now have a big opportunity to transFORM your approach to the world. It’s about being authentic and getting your message out there! You may even change your appearance in some way.

Mars Enters Libra 27th August

Mars entering Libra on the 27th may cause restlessness, but it’s a time for spiritual exploration to be more introspective. You could feel rather spiritually impatient. Maybe you wish to deepen your Spiritual connection, but nothing much seems to be happening? You could have some Spiritual goals that are hard to reach. This could be quite frustrating for the Scorpio zodiac sign because they are deep and compelling Souls who like to get to the heart of the issue.

On the 28th, Uranus retrograde in Taurus may bring surprising feelings in close relationships or legal matters.

Stay mindful and prepared for any unexpected developments. Use this guidance to make the most of your month sensational Scorpios. Check your rising sign and moon as well for a complete understanding. And don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more updates on all things spiritual.

Have a fabulous August! See you soon. Bye for now!

Your friendly psychic astrologer,
Rose Smith 🙂