Tuesday Tarot from 16th May 2017

Week from Tuesday 16th May 2017

Queen of Swords

image of woman in blue silk dress with a silver sword

If you feel drawn to the Queen of Swords card, it shows that you cannot be fooled easily. You can see through masks that people sometimes wear. You call a spade a spade and if someone asks your opinion that is exactly what you give them. Even if the truth is painful, you feel it is better for it to be out in the open.

If you are looking for a new partner, you aren’t too concerned about physical appearance. You are more attracted to people who have a brilliant mind who show beauty within. Usually you like to take the time to observe the other person before you make up your mind if that person is right for you. This is likely because you have been hurt in past relationships, hence the need for you to take your time before committing to a new relationship.

Overall, you have a tendency to be very independent. That’s because you really are happy in your own skin and enjoy your own company.

When it comes to a career you are drawn to areas where you use your mind. You are most likely to be drawn to careers in medicine, teaching or some type of legal profession.

Author: Rose Smith