Tuesday Tarot from 23rd May 2017

Week from Tuesday 23rd May 2017

Knight of Cups

image of woman drinking a pint of beer wearing knight's clothing

It is time to act on your feelings and not daydream about them. Listen to your gut feelings more and trust in taking action! Take care and avoid ‘rushing in’ to a major decision that could impact your life in a really big way. Whilst action is required, step back and listen to your inner voice before doing so. Call on your intuitive side.

If you have romantic feelings about someone in your life, the Knight of Cups is giving you the nudge to make your feelings known to this person. If you make your move now, there is a very good chance that your intentions will be well received and you will have your feelings reciprocated.

If you are already in a relationship, this card is suggesting that you need to inject more romance in to your life! Take your partner out on a date and let them know how much they mean to you.

A new job offer or promotion may be on the way which will make you happy and allow you to express yourself in a creative manner.

Your nurturing and caring nature could lead you to a career working with the elderly, or in the field of social work or nursing.

Author: Rose Smith