Tuesday Tarot from 2nd May 2017

Week from Tuesday 2nd May 2017

Four of Swords

image of woman balancing on 3 swords

Now is the time to rest and recuperate after the challenging time you have been through. Your challenge may be work related, if so it is now a good time to take any vacation time you have accumulated and have a holiday.

A broken relationship from the past may have caused you to want to retreat from the world. Allow yourself to cry yourself to sleep at night and spend days in your pyjamas as this helps you heal. You will be ready to face the world again in no time.

If you are in a relationship this card could suggest that you need to give each other some space, counselling could be beneficial.

The Four of Swords can also indicate that you recently had surgery or have been hospitalised for some reason. Once again this card is a reminder to take the time to heal. You need to build your reserves. Make sure you have plenty of sleep.

Always remember it is okay to spend time by yourself. Consider doing some meditation to help you recharge and regroup to prepare for the future.

Author: Rose Smith