Tuesday Tarot from 30th May 2017

Week from Tuesday 30th May 2017

Seven of Swords

image of woman with 7 of swords on tarot card

Feeling drawn to this card? Then you are a great thinker and planner! When you are in a situation that involves other people, you try and read their minds to help you work out what you should do next. Sometimes people underestimate your ability to analyse all the facts before you decide on a plan of action.

As the 7 of Swords card shows, you take 5 of the swords out of the camp, so you have the upper hand if a battle begins. You could be making a comeback after a setback or dark period in your life. You now have the ability to move forward in a positive direction.

If you are in a relationship you could be using your planning abilities to organise a surprise birthday or whisk your partner away on a surprise holiday to a surprise location.

In your work environment, be careful of office politics and work colleagues who have hidden agendas. Use your ability to read people’s minds when in these situations, to avoid saying or doing anything that could add fuel to the fire.

As the swords on this card are being taken away, this can indicate that someone close to you is not being entirely truthful, so be mindful of this and keep your cards close to your chest.

Author: Rose Smith