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Animal Messages from the Duck

Animal Messages and Totems

The Duck

image of two fluffy yellow ducks in the grass

Ducks are a symbol of fertility, productivity and opportunity. If you have been noticing ducks around you, pay attention! They are trying to open up your eyes to the opportunities available to you.

Move swiftly on what opportunities are being presented to you so that your ideas ‘take flight’. Use your energy and intuition to move forward now. Use affirmations too such as “I Can Do This” to open the way to help you achieve what you wish to achieve. Trust in your intuition!

Ducks also remind us to explore our emotions and release some emotions from time to time. Find a way to clear the air for your emotions. Express your gratitude outwardly through meditation or by just shouting it out to the Universe when you feel frustrated with a situation. Release your emotions now!

If you are drawn to ducks, you are the type of person who prefers to be in a place where you feel comfortable. The Universe might give you a kick up the backside now and then to get you out of this comfort zone. You have the ability to blend and adapt and be empathetic to so many people around you and you have so much to offer!

The duck also tells you that you really do enjoy living in the moment. Well done to you.

Rose Smith
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