Animal Messages from the Horse

Animal Messages and Totems

The Horse

image of a mare mothering her baby foal

Horses are a true symbol of freedom, great inner strength and independence. They teach you how to ride through situations to gain more freedom and power over your life.

If a horse visits you in a dream or appears somewhere unexpected, you may be about to embark on a new adventure as travel is also associated with the horse. If you see a white horse it means that you are very much protected from any negativity or harsh psychic attacks.

On the flip side however, if you see horses that are tied up or in a stable, they could be trying to send you the message that something is holding you back, or your energy levels are feeling low.

If you choose the Horse to be your spirit animal or totem, this trusty animal will gift you with the strength and endurance you may need from time to time. The horse will set you on the right path to break free from any bonds that are holding you back!

Author: Holly