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Animal Messages from the Peacock

Animal Messages and Totems

The Peacock

image of a beautiful peacock

The peacock is recognised around the world by its beautiful feathers, which look like many eyes symbolising the “all seeing eye” of protection. They teach us of immortality and resurrection, like the phoenix rising from the ashes and transforming into our power. They also are great reminders to speak our truth when needed.

When you see a Peacock, they remind us that nothing should be taken for granted or taken too seriously, including beauty. Beauty as we know is only skin deep. This bird could also be trying to send you the message to acknowledge your dreams and desires, but have a light hearted approach in doing so.

Peacocks are sending a message to you to be confident. You will feel a sense of accomplishment in all the things around you and all your current projects.

Peacocks can eat the most venomous of snakes, spiders and plants without being affected, so they also teach us that with practise, we too can also self cleanse from the toxins that we may intake.


Rose Smith
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