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How To Avoid Procrastination

image of woman struggling to avoid procrastination now or later

The best way to get something done is to begin – Author Unknown

I am sure most of us have experienced the phenomenon of procrastination at one time or another. Study assignments put off because ‘there is plenty of time before that is due’ only to find yourself doing the procrastination panic, because your assignment is due tomorrow and you haven’t even started. The habit of procrastination is exactly that, a habit. Which can appear particularly hard to break if you have become a chronic procrastinator that has followed your tail for years in the cycle of procrastination.

That being said, there are some simple and easy changes you can make and follow to help you achieve greater results in your life. Who knows you may even inspire others with your successful life results, and encourage them to do the same. Worst case scenario, you will feel accomplished in your achievements, work towards and reach your desired goals and have more time to fully relax and enjoy the important things in your life…without worrying you still have jobs that need doing or tasks that need finishing. That cannot be a bad thing!!

If you stop and pay attention to the way you procrastinate, you will not only be able to find ways to use it to your advantage and eventually eliminate most of your distractions, but also gain a better understanding of the root cause of your procrastination. This may be the inspiration you have be looking for to become successful in making the changes mentioned above.

Taking an overall view of your life and goals is a fantastic way to see if there are areas that may no longer be supportive to your goals, or you may find you are ready for some major changes regarding your direction. Having an accurate and uplifting psychic telephone reading, can be one of the quickest and simplest ways to do this. The professional psychics at Absolute Soul Secrets can help you discover certain underlying beliefs that may be at the core of discovering your procrastination triggers. A psychic reading will allow you to quickly become aware of what your main areas of distraction are, what beliefs and fears you may store, which in turn will sabotage your efforts in progressing towards your goals in the long run. Psychic readings can also help generate healing and allow you to work towards your desires through releasing blockages that may create an unconscious fear of not being good enough, making mistakes, not being deserving or even failure or success. Yes, some people are scared of becoming successful.

Having these blockages and beliefs is not something to be ashamed of, or worse still, beat yourself up with once you begin to identify what they are. Nor are you allowed to be hard on yourself when you realise how much time you may have squandered doing everything but achieving your goals. Being hard on yourself will only lead to more procrastination because you will become stressed, get distracted and overwhelmed and start doing something irrelevant, while enabling yourself to avoid what you know you really should be doing.

Take your power back and don’t let procrastination rule your life for a moment longer. Take the steps to success and live the dreams you were meant to live. Remember these small changes are not as scary as they may seem, especially when some simple short term changes can bring long term success in all areas of your life.

Martin Luther King Jnr once said, ‘You don’t need to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.’. This leads me to mentioning that it is perfectly fine to break your tasks and or goals down into smaller, more do-able sized segments. Procrastination often comes about when we feel overwhelmed at the entirety of a task at hand. Breaking it into smaller parts and focusing only on one part at a time, while giving your best effort and attention to detail to each individual part, is a sure fire way to achieving the desired outcome without any hesitation or fear lurking in the background.

Checking your horoscopes daily at Absolute Soul Secrets is also another way to help you prepare for any unexpected bumps in the road, allowing you to stay focused and on track with your achievements for the day. The more you learn to tackle your habit of procrastination, the more you will begin to take charge and become more proactive towards your current and future goals.

Take the time to clean and declutter your workspace, your desk, your office or place of work. Go for clean and tidy surroundings so you aren’t easily distracted by a draw full of clutter, or a desk full of non-essential items which are irrelevant to your task at hand. You will find you are more productive and able to complete your work more efficiently.

Once you have begun to take control back over your procrastination, you will find you become more confident working towards and setting time frames or deadlines for yourself. You will become more aware that failing to meet a deadline will have a domino effect on other tasks in the bigger picture of your life goals. The setting of deadlines creates responsibility and accountability. You are more likely to stay on task if you are responsible and accountable for the final outcome of the finished product.

Procrastination awareness can also help you to remove some of the excuses for having frequent breaks that can easily tempt you into distraction. Removing the opportunity to get distracted is as simple as extending the time you stay on task. Take the time to identify and limit your distractions. Remember we are all unique in our reasons and ways in which we procrastinate. Looking at the way in which you procrastinate and why you do so is about consciously being able to pull your focus back into the now when you find yourself and your mind wandering. It is about taking responsibility, as mentioned earlier, reminding yourself that other goals will not be achieved if this component or step is not completed on time.

What works for some, may not work for others…..some may have simple hurdles to overcome and others may feel that they will never reach the point of achievement.  A live psychic reading can help you identify any non-productive areas that you may still be battling with, and also give you some understanding and encouragement as to what is coming up once you have finalised the current jobs at hand. This will encourage to be ready for new and fresh opportunities to flow smoothly into your life.

Just as it is important to ensure your workspace is uncluttered and inspiring, it is just as important to surround yourself with people who have similar ideas and disciplines as yourself. They don’t necessarily need to have the same goals as you, but being around others that have taken the appropriate steps to set themselves up to achieve and succeed is a great way to change your energy from the space of procrastination to the place of contentment and success. Our behaviours and actions are definitely influenced by the actions and attitude of those around us.

Take some time away now and again to reflect, refresh and rethink your goals and direction. You don’t need to overthink things, or make it complicated. Think about your desired outcome, is there anything else you need to do to get there? Do your current thoughts and beliefs align with your desires, if not, how can you work at changing your perception of things that you may fear, or find hard to believe in yourself.

Take this opportunity to stop procrastinating and book an informative low cost psychic telephone reading, psychic email reading, or check your daily horoscope with Absolute Soul Secrets today, and be a part of the difference you want to see.

Rose Smith
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