Healing with Crystals

image of a hand holding healing crystals

“May crystals give you power!” Isabel Walbourne

These amazing gem creations were formed millions of years ago within the earth. One particular crystal known as Moldavite, is formed when a meteorite collides with the earth, creating an amazingly beautiful and very powerful crystal.

Crystals have been used throughout the centuries for many different purposes such as amulets and talismans, used in jewellery, crowns, shields and staffs, also widely used for protection, meditation, abundance, good health and well-being.

Sadly some people tend to shy away from the use of crystals. This is mainly due to the lack of knowledge about the benefits of either working with crystals, or having them in your home, car, office…or in my case…all of the above, as well as on my boat, motorbike, under my bed, in my pot plants etc etc.

Read on to find out how you can simply incorporate crystals into your life and be amazed with the results.

The power a crystal possesses is as individual as each crystal is. Each crystal has its own qualities, abilities and of course energy/vibration. Crystals are able to be cleansed, recharged even programmed to work to their best potential.

I have a particular seer stone which once programmed, is able to retain certain information/energy from the area in which you place it. I once used this particular clear quartz seer stone while working on a missing person’s case and was totally blown away by the accuracy of the information it retained – after my son showed me how to retrieve the information. He was 7 years old at the time mind you. He said “Mum you don’t see the answers in the crystal, you look into the stone and it will show you the answers in your mind.” And he was right. I like to programme crystals that I work with so they also work for me at their deepest level.

The healing benefits of introducing crystals into your life and working with them is often noticed quite quickly, and if the correct gems are used, will bring about healing and change quite gently. Crystals can also be used for spiritual protection, healing, balancing energy, magnifying, clarity, abundance, spiritual awareness or simply for decoration. Crystals can bring a beautiful change of energy to your home and office, benefiting those who occupy these areas.

When choosing and using your crystals, trust your intuition! You may be drawn to certain crystals, others may feel warm to touch. Follow what feels right for you. Yes, you can buy crystals online, but I do recommend that you find a New Age shop, and choose your own.

Chakra healing and balancing is one simple, yet effective way to use crystals.

Each chakra point is recognised by position and colour. Below is a quick Chakra Guide along with crystals that will resonate well with each area. Remember there are so many crystals available that you may like to experiment with some that aren’t mentioned, that is fine too.

Basic Chakra and Crystal Guide

Base/Root Chakra – Visualise at the base of your spine.

Relates to – Stability, grounding and security.

Colour – Red/ Black.

Suggested Crystals – Hematite, Red Jasper, Bloodstone, Snowflake Obsidian, Garnet and Smokey Quartz.

Sacral Chakra – Visualise just below the navel.

Relates to – Creativity, healing, sexuality, desires and emotion.

Colour – Orange

Suggested Crystals – Moonstone, Carnelian Calcite.

Solar Plexus – Visualise just below breast bone.

Relates to – Ambition, abundance, power.

Colour – Yellow.

Suggested Crystals – Citrine (Citrine also cleanses other crystals), Tiger’s Eye, Yellow Jasper.

Heart Chakra – Visualise centre of chest.

Relates to – Love, compassion, emotional balance.

Colour – Pink/ Green.

Suggested Crystals – Rose Quartz, Jade, Green Aventurine.

Throat Chakra – Visualise at base of throat.

Relates to – Communication, centre of expression.

Colour – Blue.

Suggested Crystals – Blue Lace Agate, Angelite.

Third Eye – Visualise between the eyebrows.

Relates to – Spiritual awareness, intuition and psychic power.

Colour – Indigo.

Suggested Crystals – Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli, Azurite.

Crown Chakra – Visualise Crown/ top of head.

Relates to – Enlightenment, consciousness.

Colour – Violet/ White.

Suggested Crystals – Amethyst, White Calcite.

As mentioned, this is a simple Chakra/Crystal guide to become familiar with your crystals and their abilities. There is a great deal of information available on crystals at your New Age stores, The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall is full of information that will definitely get you on your way. You can also contact the fantastic Psychic Readers at Absolute Soul Secrets for more information and assistance with crystals and their amazing uses.

Some of my Favourites

Yes, I am guilty of having many crystals, and proud of it! So be warned, they are addictive.

I mentioned my seer stone earlier, I also have a Smokey Quartz seer stone, that has a beautiful depth, and a warm homely feeling when I am either around it or using it. Great for relieving any past issues or old belief patterns. Helps to gently heal.

If I was asked to recommend a crystal to someone new to the amazing qualities of crystals, I would definitely choose the beautiful, beautiful Rose Quartz. Fantastic to work with, to wear in jewellery, meditation companion. I call Rose Quartz a great all-rounder crystal. Also known as the stone of the heart/love, great for healing and for relationships.

Botswana Agate – this beauty has kept me from overloading many times. If I go to shops, hospitals, any crowded areas where there are bound to be be a mixture of emotions, I am sure to have a Botswana Agate in my pocket. This helps negate negative energy, in crowded areas it also filters the energy around you, helping to prevent picking up or feeling other people’s energy through their thoughts, emotions and or ailments. Also helps to relieve negativity and depressed moods.

Citrine – Love it!! Has the ability to self-cleanse and cleanse other crystals on it or around it. Helps bring ABUNDANCE, lift your energy and spirits in general. Great for the kidneys and purification.

Fluorite – I like to use fluorite under my pillow, helping me to feel clear and refreshed when I wake. Fluorite is also known as the genius stone. It can assist in retaining information when studying, and also help recall information in exams or when giving a presentation etc. Very nurturing and comforting stone, great to meditate with. Like having a friend in your pocket.

Moonstone – A very empowering crystal to have in your collection. This crystal of balance presents with milky iridescent, silvery blue shimmers. Helps balance the masculine/ feminine, brings health and well-being to overall areas of the body. Helps to recharge and rejuvenate the mind, also bringing balance to hormones and reproductive areas.

Aquamarine – Amazingly aquamarine will allow clarity of communication and ease of expression. Also assists in heightened intuition and clear channel of clairvoyance. Known as a stone of courage, in ancient times it was used to ward off dark energy and bring protection. To ensure a safe passage of travel, sailors would carry aquamarine as a talisman against drowning.

Don’t forget to incorporate the use of crystals into your meditation. You can choose one for its specific qualities if you are working on a certain area of you can choose a crystal and meditate with that crystal. Some crystals are used to enhance the ability to meditate and assist while in your meditative state. I like to use flourite for general meditation, and rose quartz for example if I am working on relationship clarity, family matters or any emotional areas.

Give the psychic readers a call today at Absolute Soul Secrets to find out what crystals would be helpful to your current situation. It may be suggested to place certain crystals in certain areas of your home. Give them a call today, you won’t be disappointed and you will start to see some beautiful positive change of energy flow into your life.

Author: Psychic Chris