Animal Messages from the Parrot

Animal Messages and Totems

The Parrot

image of two beautiful parrot lorikeets grooming each other

Parrots are beautiful birds and teach the art of using colour in our life, they are symbols of the sun. People who are drawn to parrots are particularly good with understanding the healing energies of using colour. They are great listeners and have an acute ability to communicate effectively.

You will often see parrots grooming each other when they are gathered together. This grooming is not only a bonding exercise, it is also a very gentle form of touch – an expression of love and nurture. When we watch parrots grooming they remind us that touch is a very healing force. Sometimes we just need a good cuddle or a hug to lift our spirits and make us feel better.

You will notice too that parrots seem to fly around effortlessly in their search for food. This is another reminder from the parrot that we can reach new goals with ease and grace, that we can soar above any obstacles.

Author: Holly