Making Long Distance Relationships Work

image of a woman talking on the internet with her long distant partner

“Long Distance Relationships are hard, but they’re also incredible. If you can love, trust, respect and support each other from a distance, then you’ll be unstoppable once you’re physically together.” – Anonymous

The number of long distance relationships has gradually risen, and will continue to do so. Partly due to the need for many people whose work involves travel to and from the workplace, or at times relocate to minimise travel expenses to and from your workplace. Greater access and exposure to the internet and social media sites, chat rooms and dating sites have also played a part in the increase of the number of long distance relationships.

Studies also show that there is nothing to prove that long distance relationships have a higher rate of breakups, infidelity, relationship problems etc than your ‘regular’ relationship. As the quote above says, if you can love, trust, respect and support each other from a distance, then you’ll be unstoppable once you’re physically together!

Long distance relationships aren’t for everyone. Obviously we are all different and have varied expectations as to what is workable in each individual relationship. If you are wanting to come home to your partner every evening and spend that quality time together on a consistent basis, or if you don’t feel quite settled when away from your partner, then a long distance relationship would most likely not work for you.

Long Distance Relationships Can Work

Some people however, who enjoy their own company, have a strong independence and focused direction forward, may find that this type of relationship is just what will work for them. When you both have your own direction with work, family commitments etc, long distance relationships can be something that works well for you both. This type of long distance relationship can be seen as a compatible connection where you are both happy to be focused on your own direction and commitments while apart, and enjoy building a strong foundation and memories when you do get to have your quality time together. If you are a lover of your own space and company, having someone come and merge with your existence for a weekend, week, overnight – may initially feel as though your space is being invaded or at least your style a little cramped. Even though you can both be longing to see each other, you still have to allow each other’s personal space and be respectful of those adjustments taking place.

A successful and happy long distance relationship doesn’t just magically happen. It is a result of both parties wanting to make the effort to maintain the relationship together. Making the effort to physically spend time with your partner (when time permits of course), to communicate with ease and consistency, with a natural flow and balance when it comes to who initiates communication or contact etc. When you both make an effort to feel an important part of each other’s lives, that is when you will see the relationship flourishing and growing naturally.

Self-Love and Self-Esteem

Great communication does not come with a licence to bombard your partner with insecure and fretful type messages. Nor multiple missed calls, one after another, because you can’t get through your day without checking on what your partner is or isn’t doing. If you are the type of person who hits the panic button straight away, or immediately starts thinking all the worst case scenarios if you are unable to contact your partner for a time, then I would not recommend a long distance relationship until you have done a little work on self-love, self-esteem and self-confidence. Once these areas are balanced and no longer blocked with old emotional beliefs, then you will be free to enjoy all types of relationships.

Along with great communication from both sides, also comes trust and respect. These two areas are also vital areas that need to be established early on in a long distance relationship. By building trust and respect in your relationship will help alleviate some of the concerns that can come from living apart for long periods of time.

Treat your long distance relationship like any other relationship

Sometimes we can create disruption to the natural ebb and flow of our lives by trying too hard to make something work. Relax and see how things turn out. You can always reassess certain areas of the relationship if required, but don’t jump the gun by trying to have a million rules and regulations. Do be sure to openly discuss and listen to any areas of concern that you or your partner may have, and allow yourselves to decide what works best for you as a couple. I am not a great believer of needing to place rules in relationships, I feel if you need to change someone through rules in your relationship, then you are with the wrong person. The way the two of you interact and respond to each other will give you a good idea how compatible you are together.

As mentioned these are not rules as such, just areas that you have both raised and discussed and agreed upon for peace of mind for both of you when apart from each other. This is about what works for you and your partner. It is not about what your friends think your partner should be doing. You should not base your choices on your family’s decisions, your work mates or anyone else for that matter. Everyone will want to give their advice whether or not you want it, however it is important to continue moving in the direction that feels right for you and your partner.

Are You a Frequent Long Distance Relationshipper?

If you find yourself repeatedly becoming involved in distant relationships, where you both seem to spend a lot of time and effort making plans for the future, plans to meet up, but never actually managing to connect……you may want to ask yourself if you may have some fears or emotional blocks that could be holding you back from feeling confident and comfortable in meeting someone closer by. You may lack trust in yourself when it comes to closely connected, physical relationships. This can be caused by many things, most commonly old fears and hurts from previous relationships or outdated beliefs that no longer apply to your new relationship opportunities. If you feel this relates to you, or someone you know, you may like to book a psychic phone reading with one of the gifted psychics at Absolute Soul Secrets. This will be an easy way to identify and release any blockages that may be unconsciously causing you to self-sabotage any attempts or opportunities at a more local type relationship, while receiving support and direction during your reading to create positive changes.


If you are in a long distant relationship or you and your partner are considering one, please remember to consider the following – Keep the lines of communication open. Schedule a time that is suitable for both of you to have quality conversations, where you and your partner have the time to listen to each other and share your hopes and dreams.

Take the time to respond and acknowledge a message, missed call, email from your partner where possible. This will stop anxious thinking and concerns your partner may have if you have been out of touch for longer than normal, or haven’t made contact as scheduled.

Stay involved with what is going on in your partner’s life. Keep your partner up to date with your lifestyle. Sharing what is important to each other helps keep the connection in your relationship fresh. Feeling you are an important part of each other’s distant lives, having input at times, being able to support your partner with their dreams or difficulties they may be experiencing, are all important ways to strengthen the foundation of your relationship.

Simple things can mean so much, whether it is a handwritten letter, a card, a surprise visit or anything in between can make all the difference to your partner. Most importantly of all, enjoy your time together or apart. Make the most of what you DO have. Enjoy the time you get to spend together. Try not to spend all of your time together talking about the relationship and the relationship only, find a comfortable balance when it comes to your quality time and how you spend it.

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Author: Rose Smith