image of woman looking through a door of opportunity surrounded by question marks

Why, Why, Why and Why are you forever asking Why?

Why did they stop loving me? Why couldn’t I let go? Why couldn’t they see that it was me who really loved them? Why doesn’t anyone love me? Why is life worth going on with? Why don’t I fit in? Why did they die and take my dreams with them?

  • ‘Why’ is a destination you should think long and hard before embracing.
  • ‘Why’, if entered into can be an illusion where the truth is hidden in a lie.
  • ‘Why’ is a temptress who can seduce your weakness and be that nightmare that imprisons you into your darkest fears.
  • ‘Why’ will haunt you at every moment, driving your soul deeper and deeper into a hopeless black hole where even the faintest ray of light can never hope to go.
  • ‘Why’ will never promise to let you leave this place and if you do escape you will never ever be the same.

Leave ‘Why’ asleep, leave its door with its endless bag of tortures closed. Have the strength to move on without knowing why.

This strength can simply be found by repeating each day or each moment you are tempted to ask ‘Why’:

‘Universe bring me the best possible outcome today.’

Say it with all the passion and belief you have within your soul and know within your heart that the ‘Universe’ will never present you with anything that you can not handle. Know that what is being presented to you will form and shape you leading you to a destination that is filled with so much colour and brightness, far beyond your imagination and desires.

The ‘Universe’ will always work in your interest if you allow it in and it will help guide you along life’s journey.

Why would you ever want to ask ‘why’ again?

Author: Thomas