The Dance of Life

image of a little ballerina girl in a pink tutu putting on her ballet shoes

The life you have been given is like a dance, the music you are dancing to may or may not be to your liking.

The music can move fast, faster and even faster then slow to almost a walk. You may have no rhythm in your body and two left feet but you must dance. There is little choice as the music, like it or not, plays on and on and on.

You look around seeing others gliding across the floor to the music in perfect harmony with a minimum of effort.

As the thoughts in your head race along to the tune over and over again you say why can’t I? The frustration takes over, yet the music still plays on and on and on.

How can you escape this dance, tears flow, a heart is broken. All you want to do is to leave the floor and hide in the shadows in the corner. Still the music goes on faster, faster and faster.

The secret to this dance of life is to keep dancing but move to the steps that are yours. Allow the beauty of your soul to take control and it will put your rhythm into the dance.

Relax, don’t compare your movement to anyone else as yours is unique. We all dance to the music but in our journey through life we have to find our own steps to the dance we are given.

Author: Thomas