Chase Your Dreams

image of a woman chasing her dreams

Be Inspired By Others

Albert Einstein’s “Theory of Relativity” the Mass and Energy leaves most of us entirely in the dark and I am sure in awe of him.

Leonardo Da Vinci, artist, evolutionist in music, engineering, and science of the natural world leaves me wondering if Da Vinci was a life force from a more advanced world than ours.

Martin Luther King, an activist, humanitarian and leader in the African-American Civil rights movement. The courage, conviction, and faith of this powerful spiritual man lit the way for lesser mortals.

Mother Teresa, the founder of the “Order of the Missionaries of Charity,” was declared a saint. Working through the hell holes of India, bringing comfort and care with a burning passion to those the world cared not for.

Most of us are none of the above, not even a shadow of them. Most of us haven’t a clue how many stars are in our universe, or for that matter how many universes are out there.

We All Have Doubts

I am like most of the people living on the planet, a nine to five survivor. We are battlers dragging our bag full of doubts and fears behind us. We have deep mental scars buried within us, the demons that haunt us in the rare silence of our disturbed mind.

I am sure most of us have tried to take life full on the chin. In our youth we had dreams overflowing with promise and backed by unlimited enthusiasm. Landing flat on the canvas too many times watching our dreams fade into a void of regret. Wondering in these dark moments if it was worth getting up like a punch-drunk boxer from the canvas.

If we were lucky to have a partner that was always there to help us with unconditional love, encouraging us to dust off our sad old dreams and breathe life into them again, we were blessed.

Just Be The Best You Can Be

There is also a voice deep within us with a conviction and gentle passion stated over and over. “You don’t have to be a hero, riding a white charger confronting the evils of today’s world. All you have to be is the best you can be. That’s all. That’s all we have wanted from you. To be the best you can be and share whatever gifts you have and to give no matter how small you think these gifts are. A small candle flickering will bring light into darkness.”

Take your dreams as far as you can… there is only you in the race and no finishing line.

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Author: Thomas