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How to Defeat Awful Stress with Awesome Self Care

How to Defeat Awful Stress with Awesome Self Care, woman dressed in gold seated and relaxing against a grey cloudy sky.

What is Stress?

Stress is a part of life, there are good stresses and really awful stresses. We need stress sometimes to function correctly e.g. fear when the fight or flight response is triggered to release us from a potentially dangerous situation. When being stressed, a cocktail of powerful hormones races around the body preparing us for any onslaught that may happen. Effective stress management includes dealing with the interplay between good stresses and bad stresses.

The problem comes when we are subjected to chronic stress. Minor situations may happen multiple times everyday which can elicit a constant stress response. We may be at work or at home and before we know it, we are feeling stressed, sometimes without even realising it. We may not be fully aware of the dangerous effects of chronic stress traumatising our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Causes of Stress

Anything can cause stress including life! If we are chronically stressed, we can be traumatised by just about anything that happens, especially when it is unexpected. Some typical causes of stress include:

  1. Relationships – good or bad, they can cause a lot of stress;
  2. Work – changes such as companies downsizing, relocating, retraining, work relationships etc;
  3. Children and family – kids are ours forever when they do good or otherwise;
  4. Health – medical problems including depression and anxiety;
  5. Experiencing loss and/or grief;
  6. Major changes in life – e.g. relocating, divorce, illness, bereavement or ‘empty nest syndrome’ when children leave home;
  7. A low saliva pH level – lower than the healthy level of 7.4.  Your saliva pH should be slightly alkaline.
  8. Modern Life – everything happening too quickly and it’s hard to keep up with everything we’re expected to do;
  9. Ourselves – we stress ourselves in many ways e.g. worrying and placing unrealistic expectations on ourselves about what we can achieve and who we ‘should’ be.

Stress and Acidification of Our Entire World

We live in increasingly toxic and polluted environments which causes stress. Our food and water are tainted through the production process and it’s difficult to get everything our bodies need from store bought foods these days. Eating organically can help, but organic food is expensive and hard to find and that’s stressful. Our air is polluted. Some of us live in crowded and poor areas which are beset with crime. Some people worry about money and some worry about relationships and some worry about both! All these things vibrate at low frequencies causing acidosis and more stress. Modern life is increasing stress levels and acid production in our bodies which over time causes illness including depression and anxiety.


REPEATING as we descend in a downward spiral…

In order to minimise stress, we need:

  1. Clean air;
  2. A peaceful and clean environment;
  3. Good clean, wholesome food and water;
  4. Loving and caring relationships (pets, partners, family and friends);
  5. A community that cares about us;
  6. Movement (not necessarily hard exercise);
  7. A creative purpose or mission in life;
  8. A positive self concept and good self esteem;
  9. An optimistic outlook on life;
  10. A saliva pH of around 7.4 (7.365 or thereabouts).


Healthy Foods for immune system and effective stress management, set out on a table with a sign saying Immune System.

How to do Successful Stress Management?

Practise Awesome Self Care

You are the most important person in your world… say this statement aloud “I am the most important person in my world”. Did you find that easy or hard to say? Be honest now!

Think about your feelings when you say this aloud. What are you feeling? Write your feelings down in a journal. Now think about taking a plane ride… the flight attendant tells you put on your mask if it drops from the ceiling and then to attend to others including children. In other words… you take care of yourself first and then you give care to others. This is how life works. If you give care when you need care, you are likely to be stressing both yourself and the recipient of your care. Take awesome care of yourself first and then help others. I know it’s difficult when you’re a mum, to have time out however, it is abSOULutely essential to the well-being of you and your family.

Awesome Self Care Tips and Stress Management

  1. Take time out to be yourself without distractions. Get out of the house and go for a walk by yourself without devices to distract you;
  2. Be creative whether that be in your work or having a hobby e.g. gardening, knitting or carving wood.  Create and make stuff;
  3. Take care of your well being e.g. having a massage, going to yoga or getting your hair done;
  4. Moving e.g. dancing, riding a bike, bushwalking;
  5. Make some new friends who have common interests. Try Meetup.com and start a group in your local area;
  6. Look after your own health by eating a good diet with low acid forming foods. Minimise meat and avoid sugars which raise the body pH. Other no-no foods include those with so called flavour ‘enhancers’ and colours. These are usually concentrated food acids which will lower your body’s pH.
  7. Try intermittent fasting e.g. the 5/2 food diet or only eat 2 good meals daily with no snacking. Fasting is fabulous for your spiritual health as well as giving your digestive system a rest.
  8. Take 1 – 4 teaspoons of good pharmaceutical grade sodium bicarbonate to alkalise your body if your pH is under 7.4. Buy Universal pH papers at a pharmacy with .2 graduations. Do your research and then talk to your doctor about this.
  9. Give your brain a rest and stop thinking for a little while! Sounds easy right? But this actually takes practise. See if you can lengthen the time between thoughts. Try to make your mind a blank slate. You could imagine a waterfall washing all your thoughts away down into a fast flowing river. Or imagine your thoughts going out up into the sky in thought bubbles, far away from you. There is a time for thinking e.g. when dealing with money or working and there is a time for being and observing what is happening in your mind.
  10. Meditate, twice daily for 10 minutes. Before you ‘fly’ out of bed, try to remain still and focus on your breathing if you need something to concentrate on.
  11. Pay more attention to yourself and less attention to others. Yes, it is ok to be ‘full of yourself’ to a certain extent. When you sit and observe your own energy rather than focusing on others, you will become aware of the beauty of your own Soul. This is your BeYOUtiful YOU time. Do this daily, even just for 10 minutes. You will come to know yourself and how brilliantly beautiful you truly are!
  12. Be real, authentic and true to yourself. Value yourself first and foremost.
  13. Really appreciate yourself and everything you have had to deal with. Be grateful for what you have learned and what you have experienced to make you uniquely YOU!

Stress is pervasive and part of everyday life so it is unlikely to be totally avoided. However, you can manage stress and reduce the burden you carry by following these ‘lucky 13’ tips and tricks.  You can also get a psychic reading from Absolute Soul Secrets to make sure you’re on track.

No more excuses! It’s time to practise awesome self care and get back on top of life. All the best with it!

Rose Smith
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