The Challenges of Life – It’s a Beautiful Disaster!

image of a young girl sitting on the side of a road ready to go on a journey

Life’s Challenges

From the cradle to the grave, life takes us all on its rollercoaster ride and indeed Life is a Beautiful Disaster! For, life’s challenges and rewards are many and varied.

Childhoods, some are filled to overflowing, full of sugar coated dreams. Others are played out in the theatre of conflict and or war.

Teen years, are where dreams that have not turned into nightmares are under constant siege by addictions of so many uncontrollable kinds. Our expectations and that of others around us are the vehicles for this purgatory.

Then love comes along, like a beautiful rose. Its blooms are exquisite, so richly perfumed and overflowing with promise. To the unwary, the rose will draw blood. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of love, many will try again and again. Others will hide their deep mental scars in the darkness of their pain reflecting on how life has been unfair to them. Life never has and will never promise to all that journey on it, that it will be fair.

Most of us will hold on to the Life is a Beautiful Disaster journey despite whatever life throws at us through fear of the unknown if we get off the ride. Some will hang on to the ride hoping through faith and hope that it will get better.

Destiny will rarely if ever, ever change its path. Life’s challenges will continue to challenge us, too far beyond our limits taking us to the ecstasy when two are one to the tears that come from deep within our soul in our times of loneliness. In reflection at the end of this journey, in another time and place, we all will know that life’s journey is the sum total of the collection of the bitter and the sweet moments we experience along the way.

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Author: Thomas