Taking Back Control of Your Life

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‘I found that every single successful person I’ve ever spoken to had a turning point, and the turning point was where they made a clear, specific, unequivocal decision that they were not going to live like this anymore’ – Brian Tracy

With so many choices available in our lives today, it is easy to find yourself either caught up in the temptation trap of wants and must haves, or heading the wrong way on someone else’s path. This usually happens when you are giving away your power, and losing control over your own life’s desires.

Taking back control of your life sounds like a daunting task in itself, after all, if you have blindly lost control or are headed along the wrong path because you have chosen to try to live up to others’ expectations, how are you to know where to begin to start taking back control of your life?

One of the easiest ways to know where to begin when taking back control of your life is by taking an overall view of your life. An accurate psychic phone reading with one of our amazing psychic readers at Absolute Soul Secrets is a fantastic way to take in a complete view of your life. A psychic reading can help you uncover some of your own dreams and desires that have become forgotten about and neglected. A psychic telephone reading can also help point out some of the areas of your life where you are haemorrhaging loss of control in your life.

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed with where to start, try some of these tips to take back control of your life:

Self Awareness.

Try becoming more ‘Self Aware’. This is a great way to recognise where you may be giving away your control and not even realising it. As the quote above mentions, getting to that turning point of “not going to live like this anymore”, you have to be the one to get to that point and make the conscious decision or choice to change.

Becoming self aware isn’t as difficult as it sounds. By making the effort to watch your thoughts and feelings, you will learn whether you lean more towards positive aspects of your life – or whether you get weighed down with negative thought patterns. Sometimes you can become so used to negative or bad things happening in your life from having lost control of what is important in you, that you automatically expect or think the worst.

If you only realised that your negative thoughts and emotions are actually creating your future experiences, you would focus on becoming more self aware and create new positive life events. You do have the control over your future experiences, why not take that control back and start creating the future you really do want?

Self awareness can allow you to see negative areas that affect your energy and self control. Recycle negativity into something more positive by using positive affirmations. Positive affirmations will help turn around negative thoughts, lift your spiritual energy to a higher level and allow you to manifest what you would rather see in your life. “I am grateful for the fact that”, is a great start to any affirmation. Simply add what you would like to see in your life, to the end of that statement. “I am grateful for the fact that I am experiencing positive life changing events, while working towards achieving my goals”.

Be sure to take back your control. Affirmations and recycling your energy to your benefit may feel a little unusual to start with, but you won’t mind once the positive experiences start to flow in.

Empowering Yourself.

Yet another great way to take back control of your life. Empowering yourself is about no longer feeling snowed under by life, while learning to take charge and finding target areas to change. Get all of your dreams, desires and concerns that are floating around in your head down on paper. This process will help clear your head and allow clarity of thinking, rather than having all of these what ifs and unmet desires causing confusion and negative thinking. If you can imagine each negative thought as a snow flake, by the end of the day you may have an avalanche sliding toward you and destroying all of your positives in its path. No one wants to experience that, and yet many of us live like that each and every day.

An accurate, phone psychic reading can allow you to gain a different perspective of your life. Some concerns will be out of date and no longer need to be chewing through your energy. When it comes to your dreams and desires, your phone psychic can help you discover ways to take you one step closer to achieving your goals. Breaking down some of your concerns into more manageable and achievable tasks, can bring the bigger picture back into focus for you.

Positive versus Negative.

Have you ever stopped to take a look at the circumstances and the people around you? If you find yourself surrounded by negative people and their dramas, you may also find yourself fighting a losing battle when it comes to taking back control of your life, as negative people and experiences often drain you of energy, both physically and emotionally.

Stepping back from negativity and drama is not only empowering for your soul, but speaks volumes with regard to the changes you want to make in your life. If this feels foreign to you, please persist with this process. You will begin to find you have more time to pursue what YOU want in YOUR life, while making room for positive people and experiences to come to you. Remember, if you are feeling a little uncertain how to do this, our fantastic and talented psychic readers at Absolute Soul Secrets can assist you in how to make these changes gradually.

Nourish and Recharge yourself.

This is an important part of your everyday life which is often so easily overlooked. Take the time to reclaim your control by eating energy rich foods such as lean meat and a variety of complex carbohydrates such as wholegrain breads, fruits and vegetables, as well as rice and pasta dishes. These foods will sustain your physical energy for longer than the so called convenient, fast food. You will find yourself feeling re energised, inspired and sleep more soundly, rather than going to bed late, wondering just what you have achieved throughout the day, often kicking the snowflake/ avalanche thinking into full speed just before you are meant to be drifting into a restful slumber.

Meditation, yoga, relaxation exercises of your choice are also great ways to clear energy. Being true to yourself is very powerful in itself and will allow you to follow a path more suited to you and your life values. Why not book yourself the best online psychic reading with Absolute Soul Secrets today and start taking back control of your life. You will be pleased you did. Go to our Home Page to find out which psychics are available right now.

Author: Rose Smith