Channel Positive Energy Into Your Life

image of woman running over the ocean

It is a well known fact that everything consists of energy and everything is connected to and by energy. Energy itself it neither good nor bad, it is our perception of the results of an energetic exchange, which our minds classify as either positive or negative. But the energy itself is a natural expression of the universe and so has no evil intent in itself.

Even if we cannot change a situation, which we view as negative, we can change how we feel about it. We can learn from our experience that if we do ‘A’ we will experience ‘B’ as a cause or consequence of our action. For example if I put my hand on a hot stove, I will get burnt. There are logical consequences to every action that we take, whether that action is just thinking about it, talking about it or actually physically doing something about it.

How to Manifest Favourable Influences

Whilst it is not possible to live in some Utopian dream where nothing ever goes wrong, we do have the power to influence our surroundings and be the architects of our own lives. To be the beneficiary of only good and positive energy is an ideal in physical reality, however we can be happier and more fulfilled if we are aware of our reactions including all of our thoughts and feelings, most of the time.

A very powerful train of thought to consider is, we manifest into existence what we think and feel strongly about. Scientific studies have shown that, thoughts and feelings are actually pure energy and this energy is what dictates the outcome of the thought process, corresponding physical action and the eventual outcome of events.

Plainly put, think positive gets more positive, and think negative gets more negative.

In short it is really important to focus on what you want. This does not mean denying the facts when negative things happen, but that you do not spend all your time worrying about these difficulties. You look for a silver lining and make some positive come out of a difficult situation. Even if that positive belief is ‘well I learnt not to do that again and so I have grown as a person’. Or perhaps ‘I’m older and wiser now so I’ll do something different next time’.

Here are several tried and true methods that are recommended in order to channel positive energy into your life:

  • Be grateful for something every day. Focus on producing a genuine feeling of gratitude when expressing your gratitude. Try doing a daily gratitude statement and posting on social media for a given period of time. Make an agreement with yourself that you will post daily no matter what and always keep your promises to yourself. Post a fresh and original idea every day and sincerely try not to use the same gratitude statements more than once.
  • Develop a good affirmation system and constantly repeat the affirmation with complete conviction. This will allow the subconscious to get used to it and start to accept it as a reality. Check out our Monday Mantras on our Facebook page ( write them down and put them in a place where you will regularly see them e.g. on the fridge.
  • Control the amounts of media you are exposed to. Being constantly bombarded with negative images and loud aggressive music does not create a positive and calm mindset.
  • Be wary of the people and conditions around you. Keep your environment as positive as possible. Negative people will only drag you down.
  • Surround yourself with positive people; people who genuinely like you for who you are and who do not place unrealistic expectations on you. Quite often we stop trusting ourselves because we are heeding the negative advice or opinions of others. Always remember that these not-so-positive opinions are actually an expression of their own fears and doubts. The energy from a positive person can be strongly felt and is contagious in a positive way.

Always listen to your Heart and Soul. Remember the power of your thoughts will unlock your hidden potential.

Author: Rose Smith