20 Ways to Let Go and Move On

image of woman running free in the green field

Bad things happen to every single person in the world. Though they vary in circumstance and degree, we’re all forced to deal with negative situations. What matters most is how we overcome and deal with the challenges we face.

Instead of letting something bad control your life, let go and move on. Here’s how:

Let Go

  1. Cry it out. Bottling up your emotions isn’t going to do you any good in the long or short term. Cry when you feel like you need to cry, and over time your tears will help heal your wounds.
  2. Find a creative outlet to channel your anger or frustrations. Painting, writing and singing are great ways to express your feelings.
  3. Take up meditation or yoga to help balance your physical and emotional self.
  4. If it’s an option, express your feelings to the person or persons who hurt you. This is often a key step in being able to forgive, forget and move on.
  5. Buy a stress ball, and give it a hard squeeze anytime you feel a rush of negative emotions.
  6. Write down exactly how you’re feeling in a journal. Writing can be extremely cathartic, and in a sense you’re letting go of negative thoughts and memories.
  7. Learn whatever you can from what happened so you can prevent it from happening again in the future.
  8. Find a few physical items that represent the tragedy you experience and throw them away.
  9. Replace emotional thoughts with factual thoughts. Instead of “I’m not worthy of love,” try thinking “My husband left me because he fell in love with another woman. I too can find love again.”
  10. Laugh, laugh and laugh some more. Attend a comedy event or watch a funny TV show. Laughing releases endorphins, which make you happy, and takes your mind away from negative thoughts.

Move On

  1. Learn a new skill that you can use to advance your career or pick up a new hobby.
  2. Make a list of your achievements and accomplishments, and aim to add to it on a weekly basis.
  3. Find an exercise that you enjoy and incorporate it into your routine. Swimming, tennis and dancing are all fun activities that will help keep your body in shape.
  4. Reinvent your living space to be more positive and reflect the person you are now. A splash of colour should do the trick!
  5. Reward yourself for moving on. Whether you buy a new purse that you’ve been eyeing or go on a vacation to a tropical destination, take the time to treat yourself.
  6. Join a group activity. Signing up for a running group or a book club would give you opportunities to meet new people.
  7. Focus on the future. Imagine what your life looks like five years from now and ten years from now, and do everything you can to make that vision a reality.
  8. Get organised. Whether it’s your messy garage or your overstuffed closet, cleaning out the clutter will rejuvenate you and breathe new life into your day to day routine.
  9. Join a charity that supports a cause close to your heart. Giving back to your community and helping others will give you a sense of purpose and remind you of all the good in the world.
  10. Start a collection. Try collecting mugs from the different places you’ve visited or pieces of handmade jewellery.

If you’ve tried any of the above tactics, let us know what worked best for you! Do you have any tricks or tips to add to this list? Or, if you are having trouble letting go and moving on, call one our psychics at Absolute Soul Secrets you can provide some tips and skills to help you.


Author: Rose Smith