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image of woman struggling to avoid procrastination now or later

Date: 31.05.16 Author: Rose Smith

How To Avoid Procrastination

Some people are scared of becoming successful and that is why they procrastinate. Getting a psychic reading can help you break the cycle of procrastination, generate healing and allow you to work towards your desires through releasing blockages.

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image of woman embracing an easy life in the sunset

Date: 03.05.16 Author: Rose Smith

Soul Contracts Connection or Coincidence

Soul Contracts are agreements, that each of us enters into before birth. Prior to the contract being made, your spirit guides allow you to choose from many life lesson scenarios. Your soul choices become the foundation of your Soul Contract.

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image of woman with curly hair hugging and loving herself

Date: 29.03.16 Author: Rose Smith

Speaking New Truths to Yourself

Don’t believe you really are fabulous, inside and out? That little voice in your head which carries on a constant dialogue of negative talk has got to stop! Time to start speaking new truths to yourself. Embrace and believe in the fabulous person you are.

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image of woman holding sign control your life

Date: 24.03.16 Author: Rose Smith

Taking Back Control of Your Life

Have you blindly lost control or started heading along the wrong path because you have chosen to try to live up to others’ expectations? Taking back control of your life is totally doable through self-awareness, and stepping away from negativity.

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image of couple in their midlife going through a crisis

Date: 12.09.15 Author: Rose Smith

Dealing with a Midlife Crisis

Anger, fear, depression and hopelessness are some of the many emotions you feel during a Midlife Crisis. It can be difficult to see the big picture and shake the overwhelming feeling of disappoint. Focus on the achievements in your life instead!

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image of woman on a swing on the beach

Date: 28.08.15 Author: Rose Smith

Destress Your Life

No matter where you are in life, you deal with stress every day. Stress is simply a part of life unfortunately. However, there are things you can do to manage your stress levels and prevent unnecessary stressors. Read our tips.

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image of a woman in park on green grass arguing with friends

Date: 07.08.15 Author: Rose Smith

The Five Friends Who Aren’t Really Friends

What exactly is a bad friend? To make it easy we have put them in to categories for you. A bad friend can be labelled as a Brake, Betrayer, Copycat, Black Cloud or Tempter. Can you identify these traits in any of your “friends”?

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image of woman running free in the green field

Date: 24.07.15 Author: Rose Smith

20 Ways to Let Go and Move On

Bad things happen to every single person in the world. Though they vary in circumstance and degree, we’re all forced to deal with negative situations. What matters most is how we overcome and deal with the challenges we face.

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image of beautiful vampire woman in the moonlight

Date: 19.05.24 Author: Rose Smith

Are Vampires Real? Identify and Banish Energy Vampires

An energy vampire is someone who is full of negativity and tries to drain you of any joy or pleasure you may be feeling. Face it, we have all come in contact with an energy vampire at least once in our lives. Find out how to protect yourself from them.

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Image of woman with sign saying help!

Date: 05.03.23 Author: Rose Smith

Get Your Ex Back Quickly – Are You Sure You Want To?

How are you supposed to devote your heart and soul to your husband, wife or partner if you’re still in love with your ex? Having feelings for an ex while you’re married or committed can throw your emotions into a tormented whirlwind.

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