The Five Friends Who Aren’t Really Friends

image of a woman in park on green grass arguing with friends

Friendships are the key to our happiness in life, but not all friends have your best interests at heart. Bad friends will do more harm than good, and they always cause more trouble than they’re worth.

What exactly is a bad friend? Someone who constantly forces you to question why you’re even friends with them in the first place. There are five types of friends who you should rid from your life immediately:

The Brake

To be successful in life, you have to adapt to change and continuously move forward. A brake friend seems to be stuck in the past – they’re living in their hometown, working the same job they worked in high school and dating the same type of guys. While you’re out meeting new people and trying new things, this friend is holding you back. It’s important for you to continue living your own life and not fall into the same habits as your friend, the brake.

The Betrayer

Have you ever had a friend who seemed to share every secret you told them? This friend is what we call a betrayer – they betray your trust any chance they get. Trust, loyalty and honesty are some of the most important qualities any friendship should have. If one of your friends is an obvious betrayer, you’re much better off without them by your side.

The Copycat

You tell a friend that you’re getting a new puppy, and the next day they’re at the pet store picking a dog of their own. You describe your dream vacation to California, and your friend is buying plane tickets to L.A. This friend is a copycat –  they don’t have a mind or personality of their own, so they steal your ideas instead. Whether it’s buying the same purse you bought a week ago or flirting with a new love interest of yours, the copycat will always be one step behind you.

The Black Cloud

It’s completely normal to complain to your friends about a crabby husband or unruly teenager, but a black cloud friend rarely says much else. They’re pessimistic and love to share their troubles with you. This friend probably doesn’t listen to any advice you give them, and it may be obvious that they’d rather be down in the dumps than floating among the clouds. A bad attitude is contagious, so ditch this friend before their negative energy brings you down.

The Tempter

What many people might call a bad influence, a tempter friend is someone who tries to talk you into doing things you know are wrong for you. Maybe you’re on a strict diet and they’re shoving a slice of pizza in your face or trying to convince you to hit up a club at 2:00am. when you have an important meeting in the morning. Though it’s nice to have friends that help bring you out of your comfort zone, a tempter has it out for you for one reason or another. Whether they’re jealous of your accomplishments or trying to derail your progress, you’d be smart to cut them out of your circle.

Though it can be difficult for you to part ways with someone you once considered a friend, you need to remind yourself what a healthy friendship looks like. Besides, you can use the time you won’t be spending with bad friends to spend more time with your good friends instead.

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Author: Rose Smith