What to Wear for Your Starsign Leo

image of woman in bright gold dress

Leo women are bold and dramatic. They know exactly who they are and they aren’t afraid to show it. Flamboyant and daring, dressing as a Leo should be fun and playful, and you should never be afraid to embody your unique spirit.

Gold is Leo’s trademark color, whether it’s a gold sparkly mini skirt or a gold statement necklace. Red, purple and orange are other bright, bold colors that Leos should incorporate into their wardrobes.

When it comes to jewellery, anything that sparkles and shines will catch Leo’s eye. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new accessory trends, like midi rings and ear cuffs. Less is certainly not more for Leo – instead of taking one piece of jewellery off before you leave the house, try adding one more piece instead.

Ladies born under the Leo sign don’t do anything halfheartedly, a wonderful trait that should be showcased in their style. Crazy patterns, short hemlines and angular shapes convey Leo’s confidence and security with themselves. Balance is important, though – if you choose a brightly-colored top in an eye-catching cut, pair in with a longer skirt in a neutral colour.

If you have an affinity for designer goods, blame it on your starsign. Leo, who prefers quality over quantity, cherishes investment pieces and knows the power of a good suit. Ditch trend-of-the-minute stores and spend your time in high end boutiques and vintage shops. You may spend more per piece than other shoppers, but your wardrobe will reflect your elegant tastes.

When it comes to celebrity inspiration, look no further than Madonna herself. A typical Leo, Madonna treats fashion as a performance and always makes an impact with her clothing and accessories. Jennifer Lopez is another famous Leo who dresses the part – take a cue from Jen and experiment with body conscious dresses and skirts with high slits.

Author: Rose Smith