What to Wear for your Starsign Virgo

image of elegant woman wearing hat and black and white dress

Virgo women strive for perfection and are very detail-oriented. They value quality fabrics and study all fastenings and embellishments before purchasing any piece of clothing. Virgo dislikes costume jewelry, fake fur and anything that is obviously cheap.

Black and white is Virgo’s go-to colour palette. To put a spin on your favourite look, choose a bold pattern, like stripes or chevron, in black and white and add bright accessories for a pop of colour. Virgos also like natural tones, like beige and ivory, but tend to play with blues and greens as well (think navy and citron).

Virgos strive for simplistic elegance. Achieve this look by purchasing investment pieces that won’t be out of style in a year or two and basic pieces that you can mix and match. Functionality is also key for Virgo – focus on pieces that can be dressed up or dressed down and have multiple uses.

As most Virgo women are all about the details, incorporate clothing with added zippers, peeks of leather and eccentric piping into your wardrobe. These added details make neutral pieces more exciting and allow more fluidity in your outfits.

Many Virgo ladies elect to tailor their clothing to achieve a perfect fit. If this is you, see if you can find a good, local tailor that has a loyalty program. If your budget doesn’t include tailoring, don’t buy anything you can’t return without trying it on first, and order things in multiple sizes when you’re shopping online.

Rachel Zoe, Nicole Richie and Blake Lively are all Virgos who favour feminine but sexy styles. They always look coordinated and purposeful, but never over the top. Playful but grown up, these Virgos have mastered dressing for their star sign. Hang a few snapshots of these ladies by your mirror if you need some inspiration!

Author: Rose Smith