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Hello my name is Thomas and I can help you…with the guidance of spirit!

“It is not the strongest of us that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.” “Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could; some blunders and absurdities have crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; you shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.”

“Consult not your fears but your hopes and your dreams. Think not about your frustrations, but about your unfulfilled potential. Concern yourself not with what you tried and failed in, but with what is still possible for you to do.” Just some of my favourite quotes above from Charles Darwin, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Pope John Paul XXIII!

You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection.

Just as treasures are uncovered from the earth, so virtue appears from good deeds, and wisdom appears from a pure and peaceful mind. To walk safely through the maze of human life, one needs the light of wisdom and the guidance of virtue. I will help you understand whatever situation you find yourself in. Together with the help of spirit we will find the path that will set you back on your life’s journey with a happier heart and renewed hope to light your way.

Thomas’s Psychic History

I was born in the wilds of the north west of England in 1951 just a stone’s throw away from the beautiful Lake District, in a converted Roman castle, located in the quaint and charming fishing village of Whitehaven. I migrated to South Australia with my family at the age of 14. After meeting my future wife on a Pacific cruise I moved to her home state of Western Australia in 1983.

I am married to my soul mate, my beautiful wife Christine, who became the light at the end of my tunnel. She is my constant source of inspiration, unconditional endless love and encouragement. We have no children to make us laugh or cry. We live just north of Perth in a beautiful green leafy area on the coast.

As a young boy of five years of age I had my first contact with spirit. It was confronting. I ended up in tears and being consoled by my mother. I later found out that my mother was a second generation medium, her mother was the first. I received my early schooling in the psychic world from my mother.

I had three main interests as a young boy, reading anything that had to do with ancient Egypt, writing stories and a fascination with the spiritual world. All three have developed into my life long passion.

The future unfolded into successful careers in advertising, marketing and sales, which I am sure spirit had a lot to do with but I always felt there was something missing in my life.

It wasn’t until I returned to Whitehaven, my birthplace, on a holiday that I met a remarkable lady by the name of Brenda Towers, a working medium. Joining her “circle” I found the missing element, the need to work more using my gift to help people. Over the years I have presented at many Spiritual Churches in the North of England and South Australia to ‘share the message’.

The gifts given to me by spirit are:

  • Clairvoyance
  • Clairaudience
  • Clairsentience
  • Crystal Ball Scrying
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Tarot Card Reading
  • Psychometry
  • Reading from photographs
  • Write psychic novels

Some years ago I studied under the guidance of Zen Master, Eric Harrison, to improve my meditation. This is now allowing me to go deeper into that state. I meditate for half an hour first thing in the morning, again before going to bed and also before I commence my readings.

On holidays a few years ago Christine and I were in Cambodia (South East Asia) in a place called Sihanoukville. Whilst visiting the Buddhist “Upper Temple” I got the chance to speak to the Abbott, a frail serene old man, who spoke broken English well. I am always keen to get insights into life from all perspectives. He informed me that there were only three vital questions we needed to seek answers to in our life. 1. Where did we come from? 2. What are we doing here? 3. Where are we going when we leave this life? I asked him for his answers and his reply was an illuminated warm smile.

Ladies..why not get a man’s perspective on your relationship issues? I would love to help you.

If you would like a reading from me please use my ID No. 2020.

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Country: AU
Starsign: Aquarius
ID Code: 2020


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Reviews for Thomas

Thomas is rated 5.9/6 from a total of 192 Rated Reviews.

Thomas is the only psychic to consider when you need grounded guidance, delivered with absolute compassion and care. Just like a doctor, to be a great psychic you not only require immense talent but also a wonderful bedside manner. Thomas absolutely delivers on both accounts and has been a constant light over the years. The first and best choice.


Amazingly accurate!! Straight to the point and no sugar coating. Thank you Thomas.


Just had my reading today with Thomas and it’s my 3rd reading with him. I'm very impressed with the accuracy with him and having the insight from a guy that is truly gifted, touching on exactly what happened as if he was there. I’ll be returning to him again. Well worth the call… thanks Thomas. Much love.


Excellent reading Thomas! Straight to the point. Nice short reading where you got to it immediately. No beating around the bush. No sugar coating. Love love love that. Thank you!


Once again, Thomas is the best! I've been waiting for 3 weeks to get a reading from him again. He is so precise, onto it, has a real gift, not a time waster, just answers the question, no airy-fairy nonsense, and knows what he is doing. Thank you so much again! 100% highly recommend.


Thomas is truly an honest and amazing reader. Thank you for sharing your gifts and teachings to help all like me that turn to your advice and insight.


What a superstar you are Thomas! Thomas’ guide gave me real clarity about my current confusing situation, and also provided hope and reassurance about a better future ahead. Such a talented and brilliant psychic. Do yourself a favour folks and give Thomas a call for an inspiring and comprehensive reading.


Thomas is a kind person and a good listener. Wishing him a Happy New Year 2021. Thomas is also a good clairvoyant and counsellor. All the best for Thomas.


Dear Thomas. Wishing you and your family a joyous Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Thank you for all your wise wisdom and counsel. Much appreciated. Thank you.


Thankyou Thomas for yet another excellent reading. Your readings are insightful and straight to the point. You give clear as well as definite answers to any issues I am facing or having to make decisions on. Your psychic ability and many years of experience are evident, and I always have to smile when everything works out just as you said it would.


I have spoken to Thomas on a few occasions. He is always a complete gentleman and his insight and gift is amazing. He is straightforward, sincere, and always uplifting. I have truly appreciated his words of wisdom, insight and encouragement. His predictions are 100% on point which is why in times of doubt or confusion he is my go-to man. Thank you again Thomas. Light and love.

The Happy Gardener

As always Thomas has the gift and the answers. He is straight to the point, no flies on him, honest and down to earth. Worth listening to.


Excellent! Exceptional! Higher-level! Yes, all the preceding. An outstanding guide, teacher, adviser and psychic. I have had many readings with Thomas over the years and he has never failed to both impress with his "clear light" energy and insights. His readings have always been accurate and inspirational - I feel privileged to receive the benefit of such a "master level" adviser.


Thomas is unique. Great Human Being, kind and accurate. For me he is a great moral support. I recommend Thomas very strongly to call him. You will feel relieved with Hope, Faith and Inspiration.


Dear Thomas. As you wind down your hours so you too may grab some rest, now seems the perfect time to thank you for all your wisdom and serenity you deliver in your reads. A true honour to have spoken with a man of his calibre. Humbled.


Fulfilling reading which I thoroughly enjoyed! Thank you very much Thomas for your honesty and wisdom. xx


The best reader.


Thomas is always spot on and accurate! Other psychics give me false hope with relationships but it’s only Thomas who is truthful and honest, and only his predictions that have come true. Thank you!!


Thomas always my trusted guide… honest, accurate, straightforward for three years. Really cares about his clients.


Belated Easter Greetings to you Thomas. Thank you all your guidance and insight. It is truly appreciated and trusted.


What a beautiful, stoic seer always leading you to calmer waters. Whenever my mind is completely razzled, I can always rely on Thomas to make sense of the mess.


Thank you Thomas for being so accurate and honest with my readings. You are a thorough gentleman and very easy to talk with.


Thanks Thomas from your accuracy in helping me uncover an online scam!


A very honest reader that doesn't give false hope and fairy tales. I consulted him a year ago regarding 2 men I was interested in and he told me that neither of them would go anywhere as far as a relationship goes. ALL other readers gave me false hope telling me that both men were an option for me. Not Thomas - he told me the truth. Thank you! I am back again, and he has given me new predictions.


Thomas a big thank you for your accuracy and insights over the last year!


Thank you for being open and honest! Your insight of my situation was interpreted with greater love and light that gave me guidance on how to move forward with a more positive mind set. Much love and blessing for the festive season.


Thomas is accurate, efficient and a good human being giving hope and strength to people. Excellent and well-spoken gentleman.


Hi Thomas... thank you so much for your insightful reading again. You receive the most amazing pictures that you relay during your reading that truly align and resonate with the issues I was dealing with... thank you for being clear and authentic.


Thanks for all your guidance and insight Thomas. It has been very useful over the years. Christmas greetings of love and light.


Merry Christmas young Thomas. May you have a beautiful festive season and New Year. You have been a star.


Hi Thomas. Thank you so much for all your help all these years. I have been having readings since 2013 on several issues and you have not let me down with your readings. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year with your beautiful wife.


I just had an amazing reading from Thomas! He is so supportive and his messages are so clear, he has excellent guidance from spirit! I will take on board everything you said Thomas, the Buddha story makes so much sense! Hopefully the work situation will get resolved as you said! I’ll definitely call you to let you know! Many thanks.


Good afternoon Thomas. Thank you so much for the call today. Everything you told me did happen. You guided me, was so invaluable. Your words of wisdom helped me through this. As you spoke to me it felt like I knew where my destiny was going. I honestly cannot thank you enough for all your help and guidance. You are a true gentleman. You have inspired me, I am now a better person.


Hi Thomas, once again your assessment of the complex situation that I am dealing with and how it played out so far was spot on. I am very thankful of the clarity of your advice. He is amazing and highly recommended!


Thank you so much for your reading a week ago Thomas... Number 2 was best option but hasn’t been accepted. I am hoping tomorrow brings the change to that. Your reading was clear, full of detail and very relatable, especially jumping on the life boat :) I appreciate your time and energy and thank you.


Hi Thomas. Once again thank you for your great input and insight into my dreams too. I like your down to earth talking style.


Well Thomas saw as it was… 100% right… could not believe how accurate he was. It was not what I had hoped for, but he certainly hit the nail on the head. I guess I will have to work out now where I will go from here.


Thank you again Thomas. I like your honesty and input. At times I do know… but need to talk to other people like you. I thank you very much. You’re a great reader for me.


Thank you Thomas for helping me to laugh again! You were just what I needed. After a really rough day, you helped shine a light again, so thank you. I look forward to going to 'Spain' lol.


Thank you Thomas for a wonderful reading. I had rung 2 psychics before, and they only gave me vague, general advice. When I spoke to you, I found you friendly and professional and your information was accurate and extremely helpful. I will definitely call again when I need insight. It was a pleasure having a reading with you.


Everything Thomas says comes to fruition... He is clear, precise and direct but funny and compassionate at the same time. For so many Thomas is a rock, a stoic voice of support and accurate guidance. Undoubtedly the very best.


Many thanks again Thomas. Highly recommended.


Another great reading Thomas. My family need to sort out things out. Thanks for looking into the cause. I look into them and Paul as I get not much contact. Thanks again Thomas.


Thomas was accurate, he picked up on the whole situation and my concerns straight away. Easy to talk to and good advice. I will call again. Thank you Thomas.


Lovely to talk to. Answered my question straight away and didn't waste my time. Very competent. Highly recommend.


I have had a few readings over a period of time with this gifted blessed individual, and he has always been accurate. Blessings. x


Thanks Thomas you are awesome :)


Thanks again Thomas. You have lifted my hope of better things to come. I'll be calling back.


Good luck and take care Uncle Thomas. Thank you again. xx


It’s always good speaking with Thomas. We have spoken 3 times in the last 3 months. It’s left me feeling a bit confused. I’m now hoping to hear from my ex-partner, as she’s in my thoughts daily. And I’ll trust in what Thomas has said to me.


I had a great reading with Thomas. Very clear and accurate about my work and personal situation. Looking forward to the coming months and everything being ok.


Thomas is very clear and helpful and has guided me to what I needed to know. Total trust in him. Thankyou Thomas. I will keep in touch.


Thomas always explains and is always kind, caring and accurate. He’s always confident with his predictions as am I. He is getting a piece of my wedding cake. Thankyou Uncle Thomas.


I can second that Thomas is a brilliant life coach. Not only can he give absolute clarity about the future but he also gives you strategies and tools to best manage the present moment, so you can suck every last minute out of the day. Both a wonderful psychic and life mentor - a powerful combination to empower you to paint your best life picture.


Thomas is what I refer to as my life coach! A spiritual director, guiding me with strategies that I have learned to apply to all avenues of my life, including my career, relationships both at work and romantically, and my spiritual path, direction and purpose in life! Ladies give Tom a ring, I promise you your life will change for the better, as he coaches you through! xx

Going Places

Absolutely loved our brief chat. The clarity blew me away! Thankyou Thomas!


Thomas is always kind, caring and above all honest and accurate. Total trust in him.


Hi Thomas, another great reading from you once again. You share things well. A lovely reading as always.


Many thanks Thomas for the clear explanation of how the situation stands. I shall certainly take your advice on board.


Thank you for your spirit’s guidance. Thomas is easy to speak with, and straight to the point. Highly recommend Thomas.


Thanks again for being so patient with me guiding me through such a tough time but you've stayed true to your prediction and that's given me comfort. He did come back like you said he would, now to be patient and let the rest unfold naturally. Bless you. I find you a very gifted reader. xx


As always Thomas is spot on. No nonsense, no fence sitting or ambiguity, just clear and direct answers allowing you to relax and push forward with confidence. A gem.


Thanks for the reading Thomas. I’m going to sit back and be patient and see if your prediction comes true. In the meantime I will focus on putting myself first.


Absolutely amazing. He picked up on matters that there is no way he would have known if not psychically gifted. Very accurate and straightforward which is exactly how l like my readings, straight to the point and honest. Thank you Thomas, you were amazing.


Again thank you Thomas to guide me through once again. This has helped me through to P. which I like, and the names I have given you too.


Friendly, helpful, positive reading, good deeper insights into who you are. Sometimes you need to interrupt to say you get something already, as he is very careful to explain in detail.


Thanks again Thomas. I had to come back again today just to clarify a few things you said yesterday but WOW… you’re truly gifted and your amazing insight is incredible. You have a way of calming me down as I have found my journey to be rather stressful at times. Your guidance and insight helped me immensely. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and have all faith in what you predicted. I'll be back to update. x


Well said Thomas.


I have had a few readings with Thomas now with many aspects being on point and unfolding as predicted. I suffer from anxiety and at times can be a difficult customer to read... but I like that Thomas can diplomatically curb my energy and continue to read with professionalism and care and he doesn’t mind how anxious I can be.


This man is brilliant. The things that he said, there's no way that he could have known them. He's given a positive outlook, and the advice that he gave me made me smile and laugh. I am taking his advice now and building myself a life. Thank you Thomas for helping me and my family again. I just want to say that you're an amazing person.


Wishing Thomas and all of you at Absolute Soul Secrets, a wonderful and Merry Christmas. Thank you Thomas, for all your accurate insight and guidance this year! It has been much appreciated!

Miss G.

A great reading with Thomas. With a confusing situation at hand, Thomas began the reading with humour to lighten my anxieties. Thank you for your honesty in answering my concerns. I look forward to the next 12 months.


Thomas as always you are an A grade reader and in a class of your own. After reading for me for a while now, I have found your predictions to be accurate, reliable and consistent. I always really appreciate your professional, caring and friendly manner. Many thanks!


Thomas is truly one of the only psychics that isn’t vague and non-committal and I appreciate this immensely. His readings are delivered with conviction and flare. The analogies he imparts provide clarity and a mechanism for best handling trialling situations. Wonderful man with a wonderful talent for helping people.


Thank you Thomas for so much validation in my reading today. You’ve highlighted so many areas from the get go, but most of all is the clarity of my path. I cannot thank you enough my friend. God bless.


I have had readings from Thomas over a long period. He is a very clear channel and gives direct and accurate advice, enabling me to move forward in positive ways. Thomas is friendly and honest, giving what he receives and expressing it in a useful and creative way. I would recommend Thomas as he is very accurate and amicable. Thank you Thomas for your amazing insights.


Thomas is so assuring and friendly. He makes me feel so good after I have spoken to him. He is precise with the message and direct.


Absolutely fantastic!! I’ve had a few readings with Thomas and they have all been the same ... which is great!! You’re a true gentleman. Thankyou.


Dear Thomas. Thank you for your support and accurate readings you have provided me in the last little while. As per usual I am absolutely amazed at your accuracy and detail. Thanking you always.


Thomas gives me faith that not all men are liars. I love this man’s readings, so truthful and in depth. Thomas’s readings always give me the right answer to the questions, even if I don’t particularly like what he is saying, he gets to the point. I love his philosophy and enlightening stories, very uplifting and I take them on board every time. Thanks Thomas, much appreciated. xx


Second time to call Thomas. Thomas is very accurate to the details without me saying anything! Thanks for your suggestions and I will talk to you again soon!


I've had about 6 readings with Thomas over about a 3 year period , I find Thomas to be very accurate , helpful and uplifting !!!


I am just amazed at Thomas’ accuracy and honesty. I was 100% certain 7 days ago that he was wrong, but he was correct as usual. I rather hear the truth. Amazing detail which prevents one from making wrong decisions. Many blessings and thanks.


Great individual with amazing talent and accuracy… a pink diamond. Thank you as always.


What I really love about Thomas is his honest and straightforward readings. Many years ago, I remember calling him asking about a man I genuinely loved. He told me that unfortunately he did not see us reuniting and despite my tears he was correct, and the truth became liberating. Even now his readings continue to provide insight and guidance on the path moving forward, and for this I thank him.


Thomas is not a good reader for someone who just went through a break up and having anxiety. Please be more friendly next time. Once I finished the conversation with you, I had to call another 2 psychics to clarify with what you said. I don't know about the future yet, but those 2 psychics gave me completely different answers. I had an anxiety attack when I finished the reading with you.


Very intuitive and inspiring reading. Really helped put all the pieces together to move forward.


Had a few readings they have been inconsistent. Although, I feel Thomas has picked up some accurate details. His delivery and explanations are not descriptive.


Thanks again Thomas for another amazing, accurate reading! Thomas is the real deal. I have spoken to him a few times now and he is so spot on accurate, it’s scary! But mostly reassuring :) He picks up on situations quickly and without any information or prompting from me. He just gets on with it and doesn’t waste time with answering questions. You really are so gifted. Thank you for your guidance.


Your timing is insanely accurate, your wisdom and your funny disposition are so uplifting. You always remember me and my story. I like the fact that you always stick to your words and rightly so. I hope you realise how much you help people like me though such awful times. Things are changing as you said and I'm looking forward to so much. Lots of love to you.


Thomas is awesome!

Miss G.

Thomas has helped me for 12 months and been honest and accurate about everything. He is now part of the family.


My second reading with Thomas, my first reading was honest and direct hence why I had a second with him. Loved this reading. Gave me hope and I know he does not give information just to please people as I learnt this in my first reading lol. Thank you Thomas, I look forward to the future. You are a blessing.


I truly loved my reading from Thomas, I've called him now twice in two days. He was full of confidence regarding the outcome of my situation as am I. Thank you again for your kindness and experience in your readings. I highly recommend this gentleman for guidance and support as well as direction.


I have had several readings with Thomas, his accuracy and clarity is amazing! He has a genuine way of explaining his reading ,he truly cares and gives guidance as though you are family. Such an uplifting person, there should be more people like him in this world. Look forward to continuing the connection. x


Thankyou Thomas for succinct and reassuring guidance on the potentials of my future. Your confidence reassured me around pursuing changes relevant to the outcomes you provided in my reading.


My confidante. Honest, reliable, accurate, keeps me sane.


Thomas! There are no words to express nor describe your astounding gift! My go to person for clarity, certainty & accuracy. A wonderful gem. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


I had more than several readings with Thomas for a few years and his readings were very clear, accurate, very honest and kind. Last few years I have survived because of his advice and his guidance. He is like a brother that I never had. Thank you Thomas for every kind, accurate word and the support during the readings. You are the best and one of a kind.


Always a pleasure talking to Thomas. His accuracy and detail is extremely impressive. Very honest and detailed.


Thomas is a brilliant psychic and adviser. I trust his guidance and insight immensely and feel blessed having come across such a talented, pure-hearted man that is so connected with the spirit world and your higher path. Eternally indebted.


I have had many readings from Thomas and he always leaves me with peace of mind. His readings have been accurate even down to dates. I find him very caring and straight to the point. I would highly recommend Thomas and will definitely be using him again.

Little Fish

Thomas is phenomenal. Only my second reading with him but remembered everything he told me last week (before I even said who I was!). Very impressive ability, easy to talk and to the point. Will definitely be calling him again!


I’ve had 2 readings with Thomas so far and he's just so easy to talk to and has no trouble tuning into what's going on in my life. He assured me things will work out for me but I just need to give it a few more mths. Fingers crossed his prediction comes true and I'll come back to update. Truly lovely to talk to and an absolute gentleman. Thank you.


Thomas you are like my uncle. My saviour last 7 months. Honest, kind, accurate and straight to the point. x


Thank u Thomas for your continued support, guidance and accuracy. It has given me the strength and ability to continue forward. Bless your soul.


Thank you for a beautiful and amazing accurate reading. Thank you :)


Bless Thomas. Such a wonderful, intuitive man with an incredible outlook on life. He deserves six stars and beyond and beyond. An honour to have spoken to such a fine man during life’s beautiful journey. Thank you Thomas for all you have imparted to me.

Miss Bernie

Thank you Thomas - just the right person I needed to chat to today. So wish I had chatted to you months ago I would have saved so much time, energy and money on other readings. So appreciate the very valuable tips on many aspects of my progress. Will be back to update. Much appreciated!!


Thank you Thomas. Absolute no nonsense straight to the point reading. Spot on and accurate. Blown away. Thank you and at peace. x


Thanks Thomas for sharing your time and gifts with others and especially for your straight forward advice and wisdom. I appreciate your honesty and ability to tune straight in. Thanks for steering my thoughts in the right direction!

Concerned Mum

Thanks Thomas for a great reading. Very in depth and accurate about the situation. Fingers crossed for your coming true in a few months’ time. I'll come back to update.


Thomas is an amazing human being. He is accurate. He is a well-spoken gentleman. Thomas deserves many clients to have. I am very lucky and grateful to call Thomas. He is the kind of person who gives inspiration, faith, courage through his conversations and accuracy through the cards.


Just had a reading from Thomas again. As per usual uncannily accurate, truthful and to the point. Would recommend to anyone wanting the truth.


Thomas what an amazing reading. I told you absolutely nothing and yet you knew everything. Thank you for being such an honest and kind reader. I look forward to speaking with you again.


Just would like to say a big thank you to Thomas who has been extremely insightful and supportive over the year. Thank you Thomas.


Thomas your prediction of 3 days to hear from M was spot on & everything you told me about how he was feeling was also. I’m going to have to really try hard to implement your advice but I will do my best.


Always kind, patient and accurate. Now part of the family. Thanks keeping me sane with B. x


Thomas thank you for today. Truly grateful for your guidance and your reading has been accurate. You truly are a gem. x


Thomas, all I can say is a BIG THANK YOU.


OMG! Thomas is amazing! He told me, out of the blue (we weren't even talking about that) to have my husband get bloodwork done ASAP. He was actually having digestive issues and tests nailed the problem. Treatment under way and all looking good. Thank you Thomas so much, I am incredibly grateful. Looking forward to your other predictions coming through. God bless you. x


Dear Thomas. Thank you for always reminding me to picture the best possible outcome - this time a canvas with a picture of my life to walk into. “Be your own artist” you said. Such a powerful message! I hope to begin to practice that picture every morning and have more trust in my dreams. Thank you for your positivity and patience always.


Thomas, omg what an insightful reading. You described the situation I was wondering about accurately and clarified what I needed to know. Thank you for your advice and guidance.


Thomas is a fantastic reader. He is quick, precise and comprehensive in the way he communicates his psychic messages. I have had readings with him many times and found him to be consistent in terms of his ability to quickly tune in to a certain situation. Provides really good and clear advice.

A banker

Thomas is like an uncle. Always spot on, kind, caring and accurate like a caring family member. Straight to the point. I have missed him on here and look forward to his return.


Thank you Thomas for your amazing readings. The very first time I spoke with you, it was although you already knew my situation as you validated a lot of thoughts that I had in mind but was a little shy to ask directly. Thank you for using your amazing gift and for your constant reassurance.


Thomas has been consistently accurate and patient. He always has time for your questions no matter how many times you have asked him before! Of all the psychics on this line Thomas certainly imparts the most confidence in a given situation and provides the most useful tools for managing your emotions during tumultuous times. Well worth a call where sound advice is needed.


Thomas has been honest, kind and given me real solutions, no timewasting or sugar coating. He has been exceptionally accurate. Recommend him to anyone.


OMG Thomas you blew my mind. I didn’t have to ask a thing, you were so spot on with everything you said. Will definitely call again. xxxx


Hi Thomas, thank you so much for your lovely readings with no judgement. You have really helped me work through my anxiety and doubt.

Winning horse ticket #3

Thomas has helped me so much over the past 12 months. His readings are clear and honest. He has also helped me personally with my own anxiety and overthinking issues. I have been implementing some of the tools he has given me but am still a work in progress. I can count on Thomas and his wise words to calm me and makes sense to my soul. His readings have also been accurate and it’s great to hear a male perspective. xxx


After several readings over the past few years on this line, Thomas really is "number one" the best and most gifted! His readings were extremely accurate and what he read was exactly the way my life and situations are. He is so sweet and his wise words have really encouraged me on my journey. Thomas is a wonderful man with a great accent who made me feel welcome and happy. He is so genuine and I just love how he can help people! I would recommend everyone to go to him if you want a great insightful tarot reading. So helpful, motivating and overall a pleasant experience. xo

My Choice

OMG, it’s like you knew my soul. I will take all you said on board. Thank you your gift is rare and you are on a similar plain, you know what I mean. God bless you Thomas and god bless the little butterfly who made it happen. xxoo


Wow! Thomas hit the nail right on the head with my current situation in my relationship! His added advantage from a males perspective made it also easier for me to gain insights in order for me to remove the roadblock to my journey.


Thomas tunes in immediately and uses only intuition. His readings are always accurate and he delivers the messages in a beautiful way that are easy to understand. His readings are deep and to the point. He covers a lot of ground in a lot less time than other psychics. Thank you Thomas for sharing your gift and for helping me through many difficult challenges.


Just had a reading with Thomas. What a great reading thank you so so so much you’re a ☆!


Thomas is caring and genuine and his readings have always been spot on. Thankyou Thomas. Will be in touch.

Consultant B.

For me Thomas has been an absolute pillar of support. He offers practical and effective stress management techniques and insight that is highly accurate. His conviction in what he sees and says is unwavering and on all occasions has come to fruition with almost negligible deviation from his predictions. I have at times been a real pain in the rump with my negativity and despair.... Despite all this Thomas has remained resolute and completely patient with me. I am very thankful to have had Thomas help keep me steady on my journey with his clear and precise readings. Indeed life is a beautiful disaster.


Thomas you are a god send... you really help me to put things into perspective & have always been so upfront & honest with your readings. I was at a point of being ready to walk away based on my expectations & past experiences without considering how the other person was feeling. I definitely recognise this now but I've been too focused on my own fear of what could go wrong & getting prepared for the worst. I will take your advice on how to let go of my past as well & be more supportive. I love talking to you, I always feel uplifted afterwards because I know you are honest with what you see.


Thomas should not be in the position where he is dealing with people that could be stressed. Cos he has a very poor bed side manner. Is very a matter of fact ... you have the ability to effect people try make it a positive experience...


I just wanted to say a very big thank you to Thomas for his care and support, and for all of his help over the time we have been speaking. His kindness and generosity of Spirit is beautiful, and his genuine interest and care for me, my family and our direction has been a blessing - especially during the more difficult times when trying to understand and navigate through issues that have been a challenge. His bright and bubbly personality is infectious, his patience is amazing. On every occasion he has made me feel welcomed, nothing has ever been too much trouble, and his words have always been a great source of peace, comfort and inspiration – not to mention extremely accurate. God blessed him with a beautiful gift that he has chosen to use for good - I am beyond thankful that our paths crossed.


Thomas is a natural, insightful and intuitive reader. He clearly focuses on the important messages coming through and addresses them with detail, examples, and clarity in a timely manner. He listens and understands modern day relationships and has given me very useful relationship guidance over the years. The insight, strategies and Thomas’ natural intuitive and logical approach to matters, has helped me along my paths journey! It has assisted and guided me to make informative decisions with confidence, clarity and ease. Thomas's natural counselling ability, wisdom and insight is a true gift. I highly recommend a call to Thomas and vouch for his integrity of truth! It's life changing. Thank you for your guidance over the years.


Thank you very much Thomas! I needed to hear the truth which is going to propel me forward into a happier life, everything you have related has been spot on! I do appreciate your words of wisdom and will let you know how l am going in the future. Great to hear it from a man's perspective which isn't sugar coated but told with compassion.


Brilliant reader. Very insightful of the relationship issues.


My reading today with Thomas was the clarity I needed to move forward and have the courage and insight to be confident in the decision I needed to make in my situation. With absolute accuracy he provided answers and was spot with the details. I just wished I had more time with this lovely man. Thank you Thomas. Much appreciated.


Thank you Thomas for your caring and accurate reading. You've tuned into me with precision and confirmed what I knew while providing foresight and clarity. I look forward to catching up with you in a month for a progress reading.


I have been a speaking with Thomas for many years now on all manner of subjects. He is warm and engaging, and yes, accurate, and I look forward to future readings. He's a rare find, a true gem.


Thomas gave a very accurate reading, insights and helpful guidance regarding my current relationship. Brilliant! Thank you so much.


My reading with Thomas today was so incredibly accurate of my current situation. Thomas was very honest and very much inline with other highly rated readers. In addition he provided very sound advice on how to move forward while I wait for things to unfold over the coming months. I highly recommend him for his accuracy honesty and compassion. Thank you Thomas and I look forward to speaking with you again. :)


Thomas is a good clairvoyant, accurate, open-minded when talking to everybody especially with ladies. He understands ladies about their problems. He is an excellent person. I recommend him very strongly.


I had a reading with Thomas. Thanks to you for freeing my mind and giving me a precise accurate reading. All I gave was my name. Spot on. I’m off to do what I was born to do. Thanks for the boost of confidence.


Dear Thomas. I find your insightful readings to be not only accurate but extremely valuable in my day to day life. God bless.


Thomas is my number 1 reader… he's proved many readers wrong every time for my situation… I confide in Thomas and know that I get absolute clarity and feel confident. Thomas’ knowledge and gifts should be considered if facing relationship issues or concerns. Give him a ring and expect truth and clarity and most importantly confidence. Thanks Thomas. I appreciate your knowledge and deep wisdom.


Thank you Thomas. I have started saying the affirmation all day today. I’ll be checking back in with u soon. xx


I was truly blessed to find Thomas today; I just rang the line and was told that he was available! I wasn't expecting much, but was desperate, and the difference in my mood from the reading's start to when we were finished was quite miraculous really. Funny that his ID Code is 2020, a reading with Thomas will leave you seeing into your issue with the equivalent of 20/20 vision! I was really impressed with Thomas, and no doubt you will be too, he will now be my go-to Psychic. It was money well spent. His description of my friend and our relationship was amazing; I already knew some of the details of course, but Thomas delved deeper and I now have more compassion than ever for my friend. Thomas is also a really nice friendly and knowledgeable gentleman.


Back again!!! Thomas is definitely my favourite reader on here, I love the way he just gets to the nitty gritty of the situation without asking any questions and I can always count on him to tell me the truth about the person I'm enquiring about. I have had a really emotional time over the last 12 months and Thomas has been able to give me such accurate readings that just resonate with my soul even if it isn't what I was hoping to hear. The last 3 people I have asked him about he has been spot on, even as far as telling me one of them was getting on a plane and travelling somewhere. I got a message from that person about a week later saying he had to fly back to NZ to sort something out... Just blew my mind.


Thank goodness for Thomas!! I have truly been going through the most stressful period of my life and at times became so wobbly I felt I was losing all control. Thomas has been a wonderful soundboard and source of strength. He can pinpoint dates and key events with uncanny accuracy and calms my nerves every time. I work in the medical field and as such work with the facts and that's exactly what Thomas gives... factual information without judgment or deviation from his original reading. Thank you Thomas for keeping me together when I could have easily fallen apart.


Thomas you are so accurate and have been every single time. You don't ask for information and yet you have nailed every situation I've asked you about. It's so great to have a males perspective on things to without any judgement. You are fabulous & have helped me gain clarity on several occasions even when I haven't wanted to hear the truth. You always deliver it with honesty but also you are gentle & caring. Thank you so much. xx


Very good 5 stars reading.


Thomas is a natural gifted reader who gives straight to the point readings. He never sugar coats a reading, rather he provides words of comfort, guidance and wisdom. I have to say I love his honesty, his wisdom and above all else his spiritual teachings.

Legal Eagle

Thank you Thomas for a wonderful and insightful reading - filled with truth and understanding and compassion. I am so grateful and have much more clarity now to move forward and receive more. Blessings!


Thank you so much Thomas. Your reading was amazing, it was so precise and very uplifting. You’re truly the voice of an angel with a beautiful soul. I can’t thank you enough for this life-changing experience...Thank you! Thank you!


Thomas thank you for your patience. I have been having readings from Thomas for some time, and his guidance is very clear and accurate. I appreciate his honesty. He has helped me with guidance during my difficult times. You are a star and I commend you for your patience and accuracy. Keep up your good work.


Thomas is fab!!! I love his no nonsense approach to readings and his clear answers. What I love most about Thomas is that his answers never change…he remains consistent every reading and gives you great analogies that help you deal with a given situation. His steadfast approach gives you great confidence in his abilities. Thank you so much Thomas for all your guidance, compassion and conviction.


Thomas gave me very sound advice when I needed it the most. Thankyou Thomas. I wish you all the success in helping people in the future.


Thomas is the best! Some months ago he predicted great success for me, and now it's all happening exactly when he said! Mind blowing accuracy this man has, along with a wonderful sensitivity and care. If you want to know your truth, Thomas is totally the man to speak with. He has my unconditional recommendation.

The Actress bound for the Red Carpet

I have had a few readings now with Thomas from May till July, he has been consistent with every reading. He is honest and tells it like it is but in a way that is caring and it makes sense. He has helped me to understand the situation and has been so accurate. His timing with the "arrival" was correct and I'm looking forward to the next 6 months unfolding the way he sees it. I trust what he says and definitely recommend him as a reader. I'm sure you'll be hearing from me again. :)


Thomas is brilliant! He was so kind and caring during my reading, So lovely to speak with. What a gentleman!

Mary NSW

This was my first reading with Thomas and it won't be my last. He was so accurate at describing the situation and although I felt like I was on the edge of losing my mind I was able to take some comfort in what was seen in the reading. I took the advice and sent a message (kept it light and fluffy) and he replied and we have talked since. It does seem to still be slow progress as you also mentioned so patience is going to be the key for me over the next month which will not be easy for a control freak like me LOL. It's sometimes very hard to keep the faith when you don't know what's going on. I loved Thomas's honesty but gentle approach to the reading, it was great to get a male perspective as well. I'm looking forward to June.


Thanks so much Thomas. The real deal with a very special gift. Very accurate with my past and present which gave me great hope for the future. Cheers.


I have a had a few readings with Thomas now to do with relationships. Spot on with every single reading. He gets the character of the person each and every time. And what a lovely man to talk to. This is the man I now talk to if I want to know the core of the man I am dating. I highly recommend anyone who wants an honest yet loving reading on relationships to give this man a ring. You won't be disappointed. Thank you Thomas... talk again soon. xx


Thanks Thomas, for an honest and insightful reading.


Over the past eighteen months I have sought advice from Thomas, not only with regard to business decisions but also on much more sensitive matters of a romantic nature. In both cases I have not only found his reading of the energies around me to be clear & free from any ambiguity but his experience & insight has been invaluable in helping me to better understand these situations. As a woman seeking enlightenment on affairs of the heart the fact that Thomas has been able to bring a masculine perspective to these readings has given me a greater sense of perspective, his ability to help me to understand WHY has been incredibly important in avoiding misunderstandings.

An Artist

I was very happy with Thomas' reading.


Thomas has been a huge help to me over the last few months. Thank you so very much. My life has turned around in a big way. Give this wonderful man a call...good insight and gentle guidance. Big thank you're a star :)

Thomas you are a credit to Absolute Soul Secrets. My impression of this gentleman was a natural born psychic and an active review list. He does not probe for answers. You were spot on with two of my questions. Thank you kindly for a truthful genuine reading. Money worth spent.

Thomas is amazing. He said we would have unexpected expenses with regards to a white good and other appliances. Within 2 days there was a power surge in the neighbourhood and our fridge gave up the ghost together with the VCR. On another occasion, Thomas said to be cautious when chatting to my husband while he was driving. He saw us emerging from a shopping centre and a nasty crash if I was not careful. We were driving out from a shopping centre and a car swerved in front of us. My husband twisted the steering column with consummate skill missing the other vehicle by a proverbial whisker. Thomas triumphs again! He has stated that someone I was close to is coming back into my life before the end of the year and I have no doubt it will happen. Ring him now if you want to know the truth about a job, a relationship or any other aspect of your life. He is the Mr. Darcy of Soul Secrets. A true gentleman in every sense of the word.

Thomas helped me feel at ease, and knew exactly what I was on about. He was accurate in my reading, and made me feel at ease with all issues surrounding me. He has given me the courage and hope to keep fighting. An amazing, and very friendly reader. Thank you Thomas.
Soccer Mum

Thank you Thomas. You are always so easy to talk to, and you understand the situation immediately. Your guidance is so accurate and has helped me move forward. Thank you Thomas.


I've been having readings with Thomas for a year now and I have to say he's amazing! He is very professional and accurate. Thomas has become my mentor now :) I know when I get off the phone I'll have all the answers I need without him even asking me anything. I always go to Thomas when I need clarification, as I know whatever he mentions in his readings comes to fruition. Thank you.


I have had many readings with Thomas and he is amazing. Extremely easy to talk to, gifted, friendly and understanding. He gives great insight, clarity and accuracy. I would recommend him to anyone who wants a genuine, caring and accurate reader, especially for women who need a male's point of view. He is a real gentleman. Thank you Thomas for all the help you have given me. Blessings.


I have had several readings with Thomas. He has provided wonderful clarity and insight in regards to my relationship questions. Always accurate, non-judgemental and wise. That's why l keep going back.


Thomas is an exceptional reader, who has provided me with insight and compassion through his sincerity and kind words. The accuracy of our readings has overwhelmed me at times and the clarity has provided me with understanding that I have struggled to attain for what I consider an intense and personal situation, which I never ever imagined myself to be faced with. I cannot express the gratitude I feel for finding a person who I can share my most inner thoughts, and who does not judge or measure me by what is or has been transpiring in my life. Thank you for your wonderful and thoughtful words.


I got caught in the brambles of life an absolute mess and confusion at my lowest and not knowing which end was up, that was until I met Thomas. Thomas is an amazing reader. He is kind, patient, empathetic, compassionate with an amazing insight. I know it has been a slow road Thomas with baby steps and I hope things come to fruition. They say men are from Mars and women are from Venus. It has been so nice to get a male insight and perspective. I don't know how I will ever be able to thank you for all you have done. For those who want a male perspective I can 100% guarantee Thomas.

Madam Butterfly

Thomas is excellent! The advice and insight he gives me is very wise. I am dealing with a very difficult personal situation at the moment, and Thomas has come up with suggestions that I would never have thought of to do myself, to deal with my situation. His advice and suggestions are working thanks to his ability to really tune in to me! Thank you Thomas. You have helped resolve many issues for me. It is so refreshing to get a man’s point of view from a very caring and lovely person.


I have had many readings from Thomas and he always leaves me with peace of mind. His readings have been accurate even down to dates. I find him very caring and straight to the point. I would highly recommend Thomas and will definitely be using him again.

Little Fish
Thank you so much for your insightful, and very on to it reading. You are very talented at what you do and one of the best here I have experienced. An excellent, genuine psychic.
Very impressed with Thomas. He was very accurate and really honest. He made me open my eyes and see the truth. This was what I really needed at this time in my life and he told me things about my ex that have helped me to understand things that have occurred. Thomas has a lovely personality and I would recommend him to anyone looking for help.

Thomas is a very beautiful soul, with deep insight, humility, energy and integrity. He could see my situation so clearly and go into specifics that were spot on with little information from me, as well as helping me with the bigger picture. He is a lovely storyteller, but isn't 'telling stories'. He grasps the light and the dark of things, and intuitively and intelligently understands their shape and works to help me with my perspective and outlook - he is very present and very healing. I have had two readings with him now and they have been consistent; I will see over the coming year how predictions come to pass. Thomas, you are a rare human being and you're doing such good work in the world. I really appreciate you. Lots of love. xx


A few months ago, I had a reading with Thomas. Some of things he told me regarding my feelings for a man were difficult to hear, but he was right. I made my own choice to walk away and it was the best choice I made, as it brought in someone new. I appreciate how frank and clear Thomas was in his delivery, telling you the prize, but the thorns to watch out for, the sacrifices to make, so you know how to proceed and what decision to make. I am thankful for his honesty and also love the abstract pictures he paints for you with your reading. Many thanks and blessings to you Thomas.


Thomas is an insightful reader. He clearly focuses on the important messages coming through. He listens and understands modern day relationships and has given very useful relationship information and advice from a male’s perspective, which has proven to be successfully accurate coming from male insight. His wisdom, energy, experience, advice and his analogies have been accurate and have helped me along my path. Thanks.

Number 3 NSW
Thomas is amazing, I have had many readings now from Thomas, & he is very accurate with his readings & hits the nail on the head with many situations I ask about in my life. It is mind blowing how he does it, however the information from spirit, he passes onto me is for real, & really does happen. However I highly recommend any female getting a male spiritual reading from Thomas. Go ahead & try it, you will see what I am talking about. You will not regret it. Thank-you for the amazing journey I have had so far Thomas, even if it has been a roller coaster. I am even more excited to see what happens now around the corner.
Robbie QLD
Thomas is amazing. He is one of the best male readers and I wouldn’t go to another male reader. I have spoken to him a few times and everything he says is spot on. I will be in touch with Thomas real soon as soon as something has taken place. Thanks again Thomas for all your wonderful readings.

I was a woman that would not, I state "would not", have a reading by a male. I was never happy with them and I always felt they got it all wrong!! One day by default I had a reading by Thomas. I listened to what he said and felt that actually it made a lot of sense. Then over the next few months everything that Thomas had predicted happened right down to the exact time. I truly put Thomas to the test and he came up trumps!! Now and yes you guessed it, I trust Thomas implicitly and he is helping me create an amazing future at the moment and boy am I excited!! Go for it ladies and try Thomas like I did.... and let me know.... you will be blown away!


Thomas, I would like to thank you for your genuine way of reading, the whole reading had a great flow and rhythm to it. The depth and accuracy is fantastic. Thomas is a rare breed of a reader and I would highly recommend him to all. He is very insightful, and I am looking forward to what his future predictions shall bring. Thank you Thomas.

Rachel NZ

The highest accolade you can receive I believe is a recommendation from your peers. I spoke to Thomas after encouragement from a lady reader on this line and he absolutely was wonderful. Truly a gentleman and what I appreciated most was the fact that he gave me the truth. I would rather know it and deal with it than live in a fantasy world. He is insightful, encouraging and I found it helpful to have a man's perspective. I now speak with him regularly and always look forward to what he has to say, he has assisted me in getting my strength back and I am forever indebted. Thank you Thomas. You are an absolute gem.


I was recommended to Thomas a couple of months ago. I just had a reading and Thomas saw my work situation clearly and gave clear guidance on my way forward. Thank God for those insights!!! Thanks Thomas for putting all this in a way that makes sense!


What I love about Thomas is that his readings do not change. He was spot on with describing my interview panel and the result of a job interview. He is a kind, compassionate amazing man. Have a reading with him. He has proven accurate. You will not be sorry.


I have had a number of readings over the last 18 months and find many readers on this line are delightful. However, so far Thomas is one of the few with proven accuracy. He said my husband's dream job (which he was given on a temporary basis), would be extended by 3 months or more. We heard today that he has been extended till the 31st of May. He is honest, accurate & does not sugarcoat his readings. He cares about his clients. Thomas you show people respect, you are unerringly accurate & you are a delightful human being. Give him a go everyone! He deserves your time & you will walk away feeling a better human being by speaking with him.

Thomas was a lovely person and so comfortable to speak with. He confirmed (without him knowing), what other readers have told me. The month of August sounds exciting - so near yet still so far though. The waiting is excruciating as this is something I seemed to have been waiting for forever it seems, so I am hopeful that it will all come to pass in the time frame Thomas and others have predicted - finally! Thanks Thomas. I will keep you informed.

Thomas is amazing. I have had many readings throughout my life and have found Thomas to be the best. He focuses on the issue at hand and has assisted me in getting my confidence back in moving forward with my life. He is honest and accurate. Thomas is such a gentleman and always shows respect. He is a delightful person and I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting an honest accurate reading. I look forward to the next time I speak with him. Thank you Thomas, you are the best.


Thomas has the amazing ability to be able to see the bigger picture, not just what is happening at the moment. He has great insight. This has helped me enormously to deal with difficult family matters and to see a way out! Can't thank him enough. Thomas is a very gifted psychic!

A reading by Thomas was truly amazing. It was my first psychic reading by a male and let me tell you ladies he was gentle, chose his words diligently, honest and accurate. His male point of view was refreshing. After I put the phone down I was feeling hopeful and much more relaxed. He is now one of 3 psychics I will be reaching out to. Cannot wait to watch my life unfold just as all 3 have assured me. Blessings.
Thomas knew things about my past that no one could know about me. He has been accurate in my reading, things that were important to me. It’s now come to pass. He has a gift of knowing about the characters of men in my love relationships. He was right about a particular man that I was dating, and he made me see the truth about the relationship. He has that gift. I am so pleased I listened to Thomas who is a great, soothing and caring man. Thank you Thomas.

Thomas is a wonderful reader. He picked up on my situation straight away and he was quite accurate..I told him not to sugar coat anything for me and I can assure you he didn’t. He’s a warm and compassionate reader. Thanx Thomas.


Thomas you are one of the best. Your readings were accurate. It was good to have a reading with a male psychic. Thomas was excellent with his readings and guidance which helped me through certain issues.


Hi Thomas I just wanted to give feedback about your reading. You are a very insightful and to the point psychic who does not muck around. You gave me the guidance I was hoping for and that I didn't know I needed. You are accurate and very understanding. It is so good to have a chat with a male psychic who is just as good as a female psychic. Thanks.

Nadia VIC

Hi Thomas. I just want to say you are really fantastic. The best I have ever spoken to. Thank you for your time and your reading has made me feel better and has given me hope.

Karen NSW