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Hi my name is Susanne and I have done hundreds of face-to-face readings in my teens just for fun, but have now been doing professional readings for more than 15 years.

My mother used to read Hungarian Gypsy cards for as long as I can remember and my grandfather was a medium. I was about 3 years old when I started predicting things and events with eerie accuracy, so my family says.

My psychic interests and modalities include:

  • Clairvoyance
  • Clairsentience
  • Psychometry
  • Crystals
  • Tarot
  • Dream Interpretation

One of my business associates told me he was going to Bali. I then had my vision of an explosion and I saw all flames around him. I warned him to be careful, but I knew he would be allright. He was going to the Sari club that fatal night but he met up with some fellow Aussies and decided to go to another place for dinner. Fifteen minutes later they heard the bang. The same person was going to the Aquarium expo in Brisbane and as I was talking to him I visualised his tyres blowing out. I begged him to check his tyres that evening before he left to go home. When he was ready to leave he did check his tyres and he could not believe it, but all four tyres were slashed.

I love all animals and I have owned a pet shop for 26 years. My other hobbies are cooking, due to my European background, sewing, making beaded jewellery, listening to music and tenpin bowling.

I love helping people less fortunate than myself and I am a firm believer in alternate medicine in which I have a diploma.

If you would like a reading with me please use my ID No. 2028.

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Country: AU
Starsign: Pisces
ID Code: 2028


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Reviews for Susanne

Susanne is rated 6.0/6 from a total of 125 Rated Reviews.

Thank you Susanne for a very positive and uplifting reading. Fingers crossed that everything works out as you see. I'll keep you updated. Thanks again.


OMG Susanne. He called. Pink candle all the way!! I immediately felt uplifted after your reading. It’s been a difficult time but I’m keeping hopeful of a positive outcome based on the reading I had with you. Thanks Susanne. xx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Mariella review:

Dear Mariella. Always a joy reading for you and thank you for your lovely review. I am so excited that you got immediate results from my suggestion. Blessings.


Thank you for a wonderful reading Susanne... you were able to confirm how I was feeling, and you provided me reassurance without sugar coating it. I just hope your predictions come true. x

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Monica review:

Dear Monica and thank you for your kind review. Sugar coating is not my style because the truth is always the best advice. Blessings.


Thanks for a great reading Susanne. You said you're never wrong and I’m hoping I can ring you back and tell you that you were right about my situation!! Looking forward to talking to you again. Your insight was amazing. Thanks so much.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Nerissa review:

Thank you so much Nerissa for your lovely review. It is always a delight to read for you. I hope to hear about the insights I received for you. Many blessings. x


Thank you Susanne for another amazing reading. :)

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Princess review:

Dear Princess, thank you for your kind feedback. It's always a pleasure reading for you. Blessings. :)


Another awesome reading. Thanks Susanne. Amazing.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Mariella review:

Thank you again Mariella. Happy that we have a great connection. Blessings. x


Susanne gave me clarity regarding my situation. Looking forward to the predictions.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Mariella review:

Thank you for your positive review Mariella. I enjoy reading for you because of your openness to hear what I have to say from spirit. Blessings.


Thanks Susanne for a positive and accurate reading. Susanne told me that I had a four leaf clover in my cards and to buy a ticket in something which I did, and ended up winning $1000.00, so thank you very much. Looking forward to having more readings with this Lovely Lady.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Michelle review:

Dear Michelle, thankyou for your feedback. I am absolutely thrilled to hear about your win. Wishing you many more to come. Blessings.


Thanks Susanne, absolutely amazing predictions and accurate. Always feel better when speaking to this woman… just a beautiful soul. :)

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Suzypops review:

Thank you Suzypops. You are a beautiful soul too. Thanks for sharing your feedback about my readings. We get great connections. :)


All of Susanne’s predictions are mind blowing. 100% spot on. I thank you so much and will by all means keep you posted!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to H. review:

Thank you dear H. I love it when the connections are so strong from spirit. Thank you for your lovely review. Love and light. x


Always a pleasure talking to you, can’t wait to see what the next 3 months bring.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Steven review:

Dear Steven, ditto to you too. Looking forward to talking with you again. Blessings.


Susanne, thank you for such a positive and fun reading, so good to be able to keep a sense of humour about life. The reading certainly went in a different direction to which I thought it would, but it was exactly what I needed. Let's see if all those perfect ingredients can give a more fully baked cake. Looking forward to speaking again.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Kris review:

Dear Kris, thank you for your positive feedback. Looking forward to cooking with you again. Blessings.


Great call with Susanne, she picked up immediately and was able to know I was moving without me saying anything at all. I look forward to your predictions coming to fruition by Spring and will let you know the outcome. She picks up fast and tells it like it is.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Jo review:

Dear Jo, it was a pleasure reading for you. You had no expectations and you were open to what I could see and what I had to say. Makes my work fast and easier. Blessings.


Just spoke to Susanne, absolutely amazing. She did predict the breakup of my son and his girlfriend… I had his girlfriend crying to me… happened sooner than I thought. I just don’t have the words what to say about this woman. She is wonderful and given me guidance. Wishing her love and happiness. x

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Suzypops review:

Dear Suzypops, thank you for your positive feedback and validation. I am humbled by your kind words. Blessings.


Hi Susanne! It’s crazy how April 2018 you predicted I will be romantically involved with an older man considering I was never attracted to older men but look at where I am now! You were able to predict very detailed information like the nature of the encounter, and what he would wear! It was all eerily spot-on, I could not believe it! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing gift with me!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Liz review:

Dear Liz, my accuracy depends on my client’s receptiveness to receive information. I am very excited for you that my predictions have come to fruition. Blessings.


Thanks for a very spot-on reading for today again Susanne! Looking forward to talking with you again soon.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Ellie review:

Dear Ellie, thanks for your positive feedback. I also look forward to speaking with you again soon. Blessings.


Hi Susanne, thank you so much for my reading this morning. It was just what I needed and so spot on. I will definitely be one of your regulars. I look forward to more readings in the future. Thank you again and Happy New Year. :)

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Amy review:

Dear Amy. Thank you for your lovely feedback and welcome aboard my regular happy train. Look forward to speaking with you again. Stay as beautiful as you are. Blessings.


Dear Susanne. Thank you once again for your ability to understand what I am needing at the time of my call. Your guidance and support is very special to me, as at times the vibration of the earth is toxic to me. Your gift in communicating with my guides is awe inspiring, and the trust my guides have in you is heartwarming and gives me the insights which are needed. Love and Light.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Dian review:

Dear Dian, once again thank you for your feedback. I am honoured to be able to help, and understand the difficulty that you are going through. You are highly spiritually aware yourself. We will eventually get there together. Blessings.


Spoke to Susanne this morning and just had to let her know that another one of her fruitions has come to light. I am thanking this woman from the bottom of my heart. xx

Miss Ziggy
Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Miss Ziggy review:

Dear Miss Ziggy. As always, it is a joy to read for you. I am excited that things are starting to unfold for you. Blessings.


Bless you Susanne! Thank you for your guidance and for alleviating my constant anxiety! My future looks bright indeed. Lots of confirmation that I could relate to. Have a wonderful Christmas.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to S.B. review:

Dear S.B. I am happy to hear that I have helped to relieve a lot of your anxiety. And thankyou… I really appreciate your positive feedback. Blessings.


So clear! Saw things I only knew! Drew me in from the start and for the hour to follow! Look forward to the predictions unfolding very soon! Thankyou Susanne. :)

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Deb review:

Dear Deb, you also drew me in, so open, so receptive, a joy to read for. Thank you for your lovely feedback. Blessings. xxoo


Thank you for my reading Susanne. Very helpful and to the point.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Jess review:

Dear Jess. I am delighted I was able to help you, and as always to the point is my reading style. Blessings.


Thank you so much Susanne! You are a great reader. Always consistent and funny. I do always really appreciate your guidance. You’re a beautiful soul.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to L. review:

Dear L. I always enjoy our ‘touch bases’ and it’s great we can have a laugh no matter what the situation is. Looking forward to our next giggle. Blessings.


Had a thoroughly enjoyable reading with Susanne last Thursday. She gave me so much information as well as hope for the future. Can’t wait to see if it all unfolds how she says. Will definitely call back and can’t wait to talk to you again. xx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Nerissa review:

I enjoyed our reading also Nerissa. It helps when people are open to the truth. We will talk again soon. Blessings.


Susanne, thankyou immensely for your insight into a decision I am wrestling with. It was absolutely lovely to speak with you and I will touch base again soon. xxx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to S.L. review:

I am so happy I was able to help you S.L. It was a pleasure to speak to you also. I look forward to our next catch up. Blessings.


Love talking to this lady, she is so spot on awesome xx. Feeling fantastic thank you.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Sue review:

Dear Sue. Thank you for your kind words. You are pretty awesome yourself. Blessings and love. xxoo


I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with Susanne today. She put my mind at ease and made me feel better about my situation. I highly recommend her to all and I will definitely be calling her again in the near future. Thank you so much.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Shelley review:

Dear Shelley. I am thrilled that you enjoyed talking to me. I am also glad that I could ease your mind. You are a treasure. Blessings. xxoo


Amazing, amazing, amazing! Thank you so much for the reading, on point and accurate. I will follow your advice. Will definitely call again.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Sarah review:

Dear Sarah, thank you for your awesome feedback. You’re pretty switched on yourself, but we all need validation at times. Keep to your principles and you will be triumphant. Blessings. xxoo


Thank you Susanne for your reading. Love how straight to the point you were, and your witty personality. Was great to speak with you. Was a first time read with you. Definitely will be in contact again.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Lisa review:

Dear Lisa, thank you for your lovely feedback. I am extremely happy you enjoyed your reading. It was an absolute pleasure to read for you. Love & light. :)


Everything starting to unfold nicely. Thank you so much Susanne. xx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Sue review:

Dear Sue, thank you for your awesome feedback. I just love unfolding things to enable you to move forward. Love and light.


Susanne, thank you for wonderful insightful reading this morning. In our last reading you told me I could ask for a sign and what I want that sign to be. I asked for confirmation that my readings and connection with divine was real and true, for this to come to me in the form of a heart shaped rock. My beach walk that day gave me a beautiful heart shaped stone of faith… never will I doubt.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Alison review:

Dear Alison. I still have goose bumps that you took my advice… your sign came so quickly after our conversation. You deserve to have such divine assurance. Stay as beautiful as you are. Love & light.


Susanne has a very supportive way of reading for you, her predictions make a lot of sense, and she is very wise! Thanks Susanne, I will definitely call you back to let you know how events unfold! I’m looking forward to your predictions to come true!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Ioana review:

Dear Ioana. Thank you for your lovely words and confidence in me. I have to say it was lovely to be able to use my mother tongue with you. Viszontlátásra!


Absolutely ecstatic with my reading from Susanne today. She told me her prediction then backed it up by a reading with the cards. Everything she said resonated with my situation and made sense and I’m looking forward to seeing how this all unfolds. I'll definitely keep you updated and hopefully become one of your regulars.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Nerissa review:

Dear Nerissa, thank you for your lovely feedback. I am delighted you are ecstatic and I will gladly add you to my list of regulars. Stay as beautiful as you are. Love and light.


Another thing this amazing lady got right for me. Thank you so much. xx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to S. review:

Dear S. Thank you for your validation, it means a lot to me. When you follow the truth you can never go wrong. Love and light.


Really enjoyed my reading with Susanne - I was so surprised by what she had to say; looking forward to the next few months now. Will definitely ring Susanne back!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Becca review:

Dear Becca. How lovely you enjoyed your reading with me. Most clients are very stressed at the thought of ringing a psychic. People like yourself who are open to this reap the most benefits. Love and light. xxoo


Susanne is lovely, straight to the point and picked up my situation very quickly. Will definitely ring again. Look forward to the positive changes and predictions she has given me. Thankyou Susanne, you are definitely one of the best.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Jan review:

Dear Jan, thank you for your lovely feedback. I am very humbled by your kind words. Love & light.


I had my fourth reading with Susanne about one week ago. Absolutely amazing and spot on every time. If you want to know the truth just call this lady. She has a soothing calming effect. xx

Princess Ziggy
Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Princess Ziggy review:

Dear Princess Ziggy. It's nice to hear I have a calming and soothing effect. Thank you for your lovely review. Love & light.


Sorry for delay in writing my review from Monday. I felt blessed to get you at last. I will be patient as you have maintained my faith. You provided such insight into this person and it was very accurate. Thank you for your insightful reading.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Alison review:

Dear Alison. I am flattered you feel blessed to have a reading with me. Be assured I always tell what I feel and see and never what people want to hear. Thank you so much for your feedback. Love & light.


After some recent news had me overthinking/stressed, Susanne managed to get me to calm down, laugh and smile. By the end of the conversation I was/still am in a much better state knowing that all my fears/thoughts are for nothing bad as only good is to come! So again, I thank you! You are my type of person, straight to the point no bullsh*t/waffling! Chat again soon. xx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Kylie review:

Dear Kylie, thank you for your lovely comments. Your feedback is important to me. As for your reading, I am always guided by the truth. Love & light.


I've just had to give Susanne a quick call to let her know that one of her predictions that she made for me have come to fruition! Thank you Susanne for your guidance and help! I'm looking forward to your other predictions coming true! You really are a saviour and know how to calm me!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to J.B. review:

Dear J.B. Thank you for your feedback regarding a prediction coming to fruition. It was a biggie and the rest will eventually fall into place. Love & light.


Hi Susanne, my 2nd reading with you wasn't much on prediction but more on dream interpretation. I remember you saying one of my dreams involved locks… similar to your gypsy card = mystery unlocked! And it did unlock the mystery as my reason dream just unfolded the mystery! Oh, and I dreamt of you last night about leaving a review when it happened, and now I'm here because the mystery is solved! xx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Emily review:

Emily I am thrilled that your mystery has been solved and I am honoured that you shared your personal dream with me. Dreaming about me is a bit scary though lol. Love & light.


I've just had another amazing reading with Susanne! What I love about her is that her predictions and views never change. I feel very connected to her and feel like she gets me. She is always so uplifting and encouraging, even when I can’t see things working out, I do however BELIEVE her, and that's why she is now my GO TO lady. Thank you so much Susanne. Love and light.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to J.B. review:

Dear J.B. I am honoured that I am now your go to lady. Thank you for your confidence in me and your kind words. Love & light.


I luv this lady even when she is lecturing me, I know it’s for my own good. So genuine, accurate and beautiful inside & out.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to B. review:

Dear B. I wasn't aware that I lecture LOL :) I just get passionate about people. But bless you for your kind words. You are not so bad yourself. Love & light.


Thank you Susanne for your reading, your honesty and straightforward read was much appreciated. Luv & light.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Amanda review:

Dear Amanda. Thank you for your positive feedback. I only read one way and that's with honesty and integrity and I thank you for acknowledging that.


Oh my gosh! Susanne was absolutely spot on with the info, with only a little info given from me. She checked with me to see if the cards matched my thoughts and feelings, and it was as if she/they were me. I have not had anyone so accurate ever. She is amazing. She has given me some guidance, which I will follow, and will definitely be giving her a call back to update her. Thank you so much Susanne.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to J.B. review:

Thank you for your lovely feedback J.B. My gypsy cards always open up to me a gateway to amazing revelations. Love and light to you.


Awesome reading and very easy to chat to.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Peter review:

Dear Peter, I am delighted you felt your reading was awesome and you felt at ease talking to me. People like you warm my soul. Love & light.


Just had my third reading with Susanne. Absolutely mind blowing, so accurate. Such a lovely lady to speak to. Thank you for your time and kind words. Feeling blessed. xx

Hunny Bunny
Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Hunny Bunny review:

Dear Hunny Bunny. Thank you for your lovely comments. You being open to the truth enhances my accuracy. I am delighted you feel so blessed. Love & light.


Thank you very much for your time Susanne! I asked for no sugar-coats and you delivered. Looking forward to my readings in the future. Love and light.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Ellie review:

Dear Ellie. Thank you for your feedback. I would never sugar coat anything because without the truth, we as people would never move forward. You my love recognise that, which I am grateful for. Love and blessings.


So happy ‘n glad I've spoken to you! Being a new customer I’m absolutely blown away by your skill and accuracy! The most impressive part about you is I don't even tell you any single thing ‘n you picked up everything! So caring, kind ‘n understanding with lots of good energy around. You make me feel like I’ve known you before. Not only that, I can definitely TRUST you! Will book again. Thank you. xx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Emily review:

Dear Emily. It was a joy reading for you. As I mentioned I don't get too many new clients as my regulars keep me busy. Your words are very kind and I am honoured that I have earned your trust. Love and light to you.


Star rating 5.9?? I don’t think so! A brief call to Susanne recently to let her know that yet again all her predictions are unfolding just as they always have over the past few years. Whether short or long term they always come to fruition. Star rating should state “in a league of her own”. Susanne seriously you are the bomb of Absolute Soul Secrets! Simply amazing. Keep shining lovely lady. x

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Anonymous review:

Dear Anonymous. Wow and thank you for your lovely comments. I don't know about the 'bomb' but I am humbled you think that way. xx


Absolutely amazing reading, so accurate. Thank you so much. Has put my mind at ease. Will be calling her again. x

Susan Lovely Lady
Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Susan Lovely Lady review:

Dear Susan lovely lady. I am delighted that I have put your mind at ease, please keep listening to your own intuition to give you the answers that you seek. You also are spot on. Love and light.


She has been right in the last 2 readings and is very accurate with only yes or no. She is the real deal so highly recommend. I’m sorry we got disconnected… my phone died before we could finish talking. Thank you though… you put me at ease!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to M.G. review:

Dear M.G. I am very happy that I was able to put you at ease. Thank you so much for your kind words, your feedback is very much appreciated. Love & light.


Thanks for the clarity and reading of energy. Great to hear things are going to happen and to forget about blocks. Much appreciated.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Meryl review:

Dear Meryl. Remember when you remove blocks, light will always shine in and new doors will open. Always remain positive. Thank you for your kind words. Love & light Susanne.


Absolutely amazing.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Ange review:

Dear Ange, always a pleasure to read for you. Many thanks for your feedback. Love & light.


Thank you for your reading Susanne. I think you are bang on about the situation that was troubling me, and I feel more at ease now after having spoken to you.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Amber review:

Dear Amber, so happy that you are now at ease and I was able to make a difference to your perspective on the situation. Love & light.


I would just like to say that Susanne has been amazing keeping me mentally sane, and reminding me I’m on the right track… even though at times I can see past the MOUNTAIN lol you will know what I mean. Have an amazing Easter.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Tina review:

Dear Tina, you are getting closer to the mountain lol. Thank you for your kind words and love & light to you.


Have just gotten off the phone to Susanne and OMG what a beautiful amazing lady! I have had a few readings with Susanne and she never remembers who I am but is always consistent with what she reads. Thank you lovely lady, you have helped me to get back into my happy place.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Felicity review:

Dear Felicity. Firstly I am sorry for not remembering you, as I am always channelling for my clients. I am so delighted you are happy with your reading. Thank you for your great feedback. Love & light.


Susanne is absolutely amazing and the real deal. She saw right into the situation with no prompting from me and picked up exactly what needs to happen. She was spot on and it is working already! Thank you, I will definitely be contacting you again.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Melanie review:

Dear Melanie, as always a joy to read for you, you are receptive and open to the truth. Please trust your own intuition as you are very switched on. Love & light.


Susanne was amazing, provided so much clarity, went right into the situation and told me what I needed to know. Susanne is very highly recommended.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Caroline review:

Dear Caroline. I am happy I gave you clarity, which can help you to make the right decisions for your future. Love & light.


Susanne is absolutely amazing. A truly gifted woman who cares. So down to earth and easy to talk to.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to M.B. review:

Dear M.B. Thank you for your feedback… loved talking to you. I am also glad I could help you. Love & light.


I had a follow-up call with Susanne to clarify something and, again, she amazed me and gave me such wonderful advice (I shouldn't say this because once others find out about how great she is I may not be able to get through :) ) But it blew me away when she said 'write your name in full, for example if you have a middle name, write ‘Jean Marie' and I told her that was my middle name! xo

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Jean review:

Dear Jean. Thank you for letting the cat out of the bag. Lol. I am humbled you feel that way. Love and light.


Susanne without a doubt is an amazing reader, truly gifted! Thank you for the clarity. You are sincere and uplifting and you have helped me more than you'll ever know . What a lovely lady. What an amazing gift. A true blessing. xx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Anna review:

Dear Anna. Once again thank you for your feedback and it is my pleasure to be able to help you. You are a beautiful soul. Love and light.


Susanne is very upfront, honest & respectful in her readings. She is also very accurate. I trust her with life questions.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Peter review:

Dear Peter. I am humbled that you feel you can trust me with your uncertainties in your life. Love & light to you.


Very accurate and straight to the point. Thank you!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Sarah review:

Dear Sarah. Thank you for your positive comments. Blessings and love and light to you.


I was blown away with the wonderful reading with Susanne this evening. She was so quick and in-depth with the information she gave me and so lovely and friendly. I can't wait to see this unfold.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Jean review:

Dear Jean. I am so happy that you were pleased with your reading and thank you for your positive feedback. It makes my job extremely rewarding. Love & light. x


I've had a few readings with Susanne now and she never ceases to amaze me. Susanne actually knew the name of the person without me telling her. Talk about spot on! I look forward to speaking with you again You are amazing!! Thank you. xx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Anna review:

Dear Anna. I am touched by your feedback. It was really your openness to clarity that makes my work easy to give you all the positives you need to move forward. Love and light.


Extremely accurate reading from Susanne. Her advice was down to earth and void of judgement. I hope her predictions happen and will be back to let her know. Her insight of what had been going on was spot on.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to N.B. review:

Thank you for your feedback. It was a joy to read for someone who is open to another perspective, which long term helps spiritual growth. Love and light.


Thank you Susanne for your reading. You quickly picked up on the things happening around me. Looking forward to what the future holds. Blessings to you.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Annette review:

Dear Annette. I am happy you were pleased with your reading. I must say your future looks very bright. Love and light.


Had my first reading with Susanne. Such a caring, compassionate soul who gave me honest insight throughout the reading. A positive experience. Highly recommend.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Sian review:

Thankyou Sian for your feedback and I am so glad your first reading was a positive experience. Love and light.


Very pleasing… quite accurate with information and very down to earth. A lovely kind lady and terrific at her job. Thank you.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Michele review:

Michele, thankyou for your kind words. It was a pleasure to read for you. I am so happy you were pleased. Love and light back to you!


I have had 3 readings with Susanne and she has been spot on with her predictions. I would highly recommend her to everyone who is after a bit of guidance in their life.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Leona review:

Thankyou Leona. It is wonderful to hear that my predictions were spot on for you. Timing is always a bit tricky. Love and light.


Though things aren’t terrible, it appeared to me that it has come to a halt again. Susanne has confirmed things as I had expected but also reassured me as she did previously that the now is only temporary. Things will improve soon. She also picked out similar if not the same cards as she did before for the other person which tells me things/predictions have not deviated. That’s really good news.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Karen review:

Dear Karen. So glad I could reassure you about your situation. My clairvoyance and the gypsy cards mimicked the outcome and both were positive. Blessings for the New Year. Love and light.


Hi Susanne, thank you for giving me guidance and reassurance of a beautiful ending, one of the most beautiful and indepth readings that I have had! Hope all you said comes to pass!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Dora review:

It was a pleasure to read for you Dora. Sometimes what I see isn’t always what a person wants to hear but for you my love, everything was positive. Love and light. x


My first reading with Susanne today & I am glad to say that she was accurate on many levels starting with the no. 6 which was the no. of weeks my ex & I had communicated. How I have been, am feeling & where I would like have also been spot on. I agree with you Susanne that I know it will be a tough one but it’s reassuring to know that there will be light at end of the tunnel in the near future.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Karen review:

Dear Karen. So happy you are glad with your first reading with me. My accuracy comes from you being open to the truth. You have been a joy to read for. Love and light!


Beautiful Susanne! Thank you for your no nonsense reading... I was truly amazed by things you said without any prompting information from me. Thank you for using your gifts to bring calm, clarity, confidence and certainty to my situation.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to G. review:

Dear G. It is people like you that makes my job so rewarding. You are open to the truth which makes a world of difference.


A wonderful reading. Spot on and made me feel at ease. A real genuine reader. Am looking forward to seeing what’s happening in the next couple of months.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Kristina review:

Dear Kristina. Thank you I am so happy that I made you feel at ease. You are a beautiful soul.


Further to my previous testimonial, I am forever grateful to Susanne for spiritually keeping me on track. Her patience and understanding and insights have been instrumental in me leading a more peaceful life and knowing that it is not quite time for me. I trust her insights and she assures me I will know immediately the spirit world has given me the green light with all the tools required to fully embrace my life's work for the good of humankind. I am so grateful to Susanne for supporting me, whilst I am preparing for this final part of my journey. Many work as mediums, but Susanne is one of the most gifted clairvoyants I know who is humbled that she is permitted to use her gift. She is worldly and she views everything and everyone with unconditional love knowledge and intelligence. Love and light to Susanne.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Dian review:

Thank you Dian. I am delighted that I could make a difference to someone who is already so spiritually aware. Love and Light.


Had my first reading with Susanne. What a lovely and caring lady. Spot on reading advice. Beautiful! Susanne raised points that no one could know. Thoroughly recommend Susanne. Will definitely seek her guidance again. Thank you.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Adrienne review:

Thank you so much for your lovely words Adrienne. It really means a lot and I am so glad I could be of help to you. xx


Susanne was very insightful, understanding and sympathetic. She helped me stress less about things, believe in myself and listened to everything I had to say. A very loving woman who is there to help you or just to listen to you. Can't wait to talk to her again.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Jessica review:

I am delighted by your kind words and happy that I have helped shift the mist surrounding your situation. Love and light!


All I said was what do you see for me in next three months, and you picked up on a situation that I have been dealing with for the past 18 months. I really hope all comes to pass like you said. Thanks sooo much.


Wow... Was very uncertain when I first rang through and frustrated that I couldn’t articulate my emotions/processing... courtesy of some rather firm yet kind guidance and affirmation Susanne helped me pinpoint the real issues behind my questioning right down to connections that only I knew of... will definitely be calling again when my “radar” needs recalibration


An uplifting, succinct reading from Susanne, delivered in a warm and personable manner. Her Gypsy card readings reflect not just broad strokes but also pinpoint specific intricacies of my perplexed situation, and perspectives of the different parties involved. There are lots of brilliant and talented readers on this line, I am glad I have discovered another gem. Thank you very much for bringing light and clarity today. Will call again. Love & Light.


Hi Susanne, thank you for your uplifting reading. You were so accurate in many ways, especially on finding my true self, you made me feel so happy after speaking to you as your guidance gave me so much more light than ever before. You have a beautiful soul and you tell it like it is, which at times we all need to hear. Highly recommend this wonderful woman who can give you the accuracy and honesty about your true self. Your insight into a work situation was correct!!! Thank you, please call Susanne you will not be disappointed!!! Blessings Susanne, you make the world a better place with your sincerity and honesty. xxxx


Susanne has been assisting me with communication with the spirit world. I work with the spirit world, but Susanne has been validating the messages I am receiving. She works on such a high vibration that when I speak to her she understands exactly what I am saying which is very refreshing. I have been referring many of my clients to Susanne for her insight and clear messages from spirit to enable them to live an ordered physical life according to their own unique Heaven's plan. Susanne has an amazing gift to understand and know what the client needs, and the Spirit World understands that she is a gifted reader and are ready, willing and able to communicate with her at the highest level. With Susanne's help she can help the client recognise their karmic lessons for this life. Once a karmic lesson is acknowledged and learned, let it go and happily get on with life with all the tools required. Thanks Susanne.


What a wonderful spot on reading. I was given so much direction and guidance. Highly recommend Susanne.


Thank you Susanne for such a lovely reading. Can’t wait for this man to come into my life. You were so spot on. Thank you lovely lady.


Susanne is such a lovely reader! Her warm, funny and approachable nature makes you feel very comfortable and it is easy to connect with her. She is very accurate in her delivery and the things she picks up on. I am very thankful for her encouraging words about the troubling situation I am currently facing and I hope everything works out the way that she said it will. I will definitely be in touch and I recommend Susanne to anyone who needs some clarity and insight into their lives. Thank you once again. xx


Thanks Susanne, for your guidance and confidence. I'm excited and hopeful for my future. Bless you.




Susanne is always on the money. She has foreseen many things that have come to fruition and has been a guiding light through uncertainty.


Amazing. Gave honesty and the best reading I have had in years!


Susan tuned in to the individuals involved and was spot on. I look forward to her other predictions coming to fruition... Love and light beautiful lady. xx


I just had an awesome reading from Susanne. She had resonated what others have predicted for me on this line, with a lot more information and depth. Talk soon. Thankful.


I have enjoyed many readings with Susanne. Each and every time I have found that she is incredibly intuitive and imparts her knowledge with empathy and care. An absolute gem who is accurate and the real deal!


I had a specific question I needed to ask Susanne about our missing cat. She gave me specific details and said he wasn't hurt and predicted when he would return home. Susanne was spot on with her prediction and our cheeky cat is back home safe. I will always talk to Susanne when needed. She is a caring, gorgeous lady who tells it how it is. xx


I need to tell the world of my amazing experience with this reader. Susanne would have to be by far one of the best readers/clairvoyants I have ever had. Every time I had a reading everything that she said came true. She has guided me in the right direction and my life has never been as good. I believe it's because of the guidance of Susanne. She has an amazing gift. There is not another reader I will contact for future readings as none have even come close to Susanne. If I could give her a rating of 10/10 I would.


Just had a very honest and therapeutic reading with Susanne. I found her to be kind, to the point and easy to understand. Nice reading all round.


And the predictions just keep unfolding! Wow!! There are a number of very good psychics here at Absolute Soul Secrets but predictions just do not unfold in the same manner as Susanne's do! You Susanne are by far the absolute best!! I love knowing that when I speak to you what you see and say is exactly how it ends up being even though it may not feel that way at the time. So hard to imagine how one has a gift that is so fine-tuned! Keep up the brilliant work, you are the truest of true!!


Very hard to describe in a few lines what a truly amazing reader Susanne is. Predicted every major movement in my life last couple of years. Told me what I needed to know in order to adapt to changing circumstances. And gives me the confidence to move forward and embrace the ebbs and flows of this life as I know she is truly gifted. Many thanks. (Deserves more than 6 stars but that is all I am able to give according to star rating!)


Susanne is an absolute angel. I have been in contact with her for the past 4 years and am always in awe of her readings and guidance. Simplistic, loving and high vibration energy flowing through. Susanne gives you an amazing uplift - highly recommend.


I have had many readings with Susanne. She is amazing and I love her work. She is a caring and gentle person. I would highly recommend Susanne to anyone that needs a reading.


I believe we need to recognise that psychics are not God and just like the rest of us they have off days. I am also of the firm belief that we all connect differently. In the few years I've been having readings with Susanne, not only does Susanne read in a manner that is extremely detailed and compassionate, her readings for me have been absolutely bang on with her predictions. She has described the inside of my home, told me my home would sell, known when my little one was unwell, seen the changes that would take place in my work environment - this is just a small taste of all she has predicted for me that has come to fruition. Keep up the fantastic work Susanne. You are hands downs one of the best psychics on this site. 6 Stars! xx


Very disappointed in the reading I had with you. Your prediction failed. I did not get the job. I had asked you over and over are you sure about me getting this job and I didn't. Not recommended.


I have been speaking with Susanne now for the past few years. She is kind, compassionate, empathetic, honest, down to earth, non-judgemental no matter the situation with a wonderful sense of humour. Not only is Susanne exceptionally accurate with what is going on within your life so too is she with her predicted outcomes. You will not find a better psychic than this very gifted lady. Thank you Susanne for all the times you have been there for me. Love you to bits! May you have a very Merry Christmas with a New Year full of all you have ever hoped for. x

Poppets Mum

Thank you again Susanne for such an amazing reading! I always enjoy our readings and the clarity you give me. Your compassion and honesty throughout your readings are a credit to you. Thanks again and blessings to you :)


Susanne, I would like to thank you for your readings and seeing me through my tears. You are such a lovely person to talk to. Your insight and guidance was beautiful.


Susanne is a gifted reader. She has been highly accurate and gives me a solid and straightforward reading. It's never judgemental or opinionated and she wastes no time. Over the past few years she has been spot on as I reflect about a number of things.


I love speaking with Susanne! Without a doubt, she makes me laugh through every reading and helps me see a funny side to my situation. I call in every couple of weeks for an update regarding a specific matter. I'm waiting on a major prediction to come to pass and can't wait to come back and tell her that she was spot on!!! God bless you Susanne. xx


Susanne is a very good reader who is easy to talk too. I find her genuine and accurate.


I love having readings with Susanne. She is one of the best and most accurate readers on this site. Thankyou. xx


Susanne is just simply amazing. I trust her completely and what she says turns out to be so true. Thank you Susanne!!!!


Very experienced with psychic readings. I am a regular with Absolute Soul Secrets. My only medium for communication for an issue that has turned my world upside down over the past year. A very private and protracted pain that I do not share with family and friends because it is never ending. I have encountered many gifted psychics on this line who have helped me enormously through this difficult time. Susanne is one of the BEST. Thank you for helping me get so much closer to the closure I need. I know for a fact she is the real deal. Thank you Susanne. xx


You are a great reader. 100 per cent accurate.


Hi I have been speaking to Susanne for a while. She has been unbelievably accurate. She has kept me together in the toughest part of my life. Not sure I could have got through without her.


My reading with Susanne was absolutely amazing. I could listen to her all day! She made me feel comfortable talking to her and her reading was spot on. She has the gift that can help a lot of people in need. Thanks Susanne. x


Dear Susanne, thank you so much, you are truly amazing! Everything you told me was so spot on! You have a beautiful gift full of wisdom...I could listen and chat with you all day! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


My reading with Susanne today provided me an uncanny accurate, honest and compassionate balance of what has been in my life, what is and what will be, including challenges, actions and a surprise potentially eventuating which I had not thought of. Susanne is so down to earth and so very easy to talk to. I have written down her number and will definitely be consulting Suzanne in the future.


My first reading with Susanne and she was wonderful. She was so honest and didn't sugar coat anything. She said it wasn't over and I would hear from him very soon which I did within the next day and we have been having contact since. She did see a small back and forth period over the next month which makes sense now that I know why he disappeared in the first place. I have really struggled over the past week to have positive thoughts; I have faith that this will work out in the end. I felt like I was losing my mind with fear and worry. Thank you for your insightful honest reading I look forward to the rest of what you saw coming true in June. :)


My reading with Susanne was amazing. She was very accurate, honest, compassionate and funny. Her advice and guidance was awesome. She helped me enormously. A+++


I spoke to Susanne in 2015. She was so accurate and helpful that I seeked her out today as I am having relationship dramas. Susanne is a very precise reader and is kind and caring in how she delivers an honest reading. I would always seek to reconnect with her when I am looking for guidance.


Susanne wow what a star. Everything she had seen for me has come to real life. She told me exactly how this man feels about me and I’ve spoken with this man. He told me how he feels and used pretty much the same words Susanne told me. Amazing. So now it's all wait and see where we go from here. I'll be speaking to Susanne again real soon. Thank you Susanne. xx


Just had an amazing reading with Susanne. She got my whole dilemma in a nutshell and just gave me a positive vibe on the whole situation without any judgement, but only care for my feelings. Soo happy to have had a reading from her. Will be calling her again thanks so much.


I had a very positive reading with Susanne today I feel so much more secure with a very overwhelming situation I have been going through. She totally understood were I was at and just made me feel soo comfortable and helped me understand my feelings. Thank you so much Susanne. I will be in touch to keep you informed. xxxxx


I've been very fortunate in finding Susanne and sharing many laughs with her. Aside from excellent readings, she has a warm, yet nonsense personality that I have found particularly settling during her readings. She has been consistent in her answers and shows a beautiful sincere empathy to those looking for some clarity. I very much recommend her and am grateful to have her walk by my side. Much love to you my darling.


Well...the universe lead me to Susanne just half an hour ago... and I feel so blessed to have such an amazing reading with her. I felt as though she knew me for years... Susan was spot on with everything. You can't help but have that instant connection and love for her...THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU! xx


Susanne is a caring and gifted reader. She has predicted accurately for me and I am now waiting on the final outcome.


I had a reading with Susanne about half an hour ago and loved it. She is totally intuitive and was spot on with things. I found her uplifting to talk to and funny. I am totally positive again and going into the New Year with hope. This reading is the best News Year’s Eve present I can get. Thanks Susanne.


Susanne - wow - you read for me only a few days ago and connected to the real issues that I was afraid of addressing regarding family dynamics with regards to my eldest son and father in law. You also advised me to keep learning with regard to my own clair abilities as well as the lineage from both my husband and I - I cannot wait to see this week if what you foresee regarding a potential new job comes true.


Susanne is such a beautiful person to talk to. If you need the truth there is no sugar coating her answers, she says it how it is but in saying that she just knows how to say it in just the right way for you to understand and see. I have been at crossroads, and Susanne has been wonderful in helping me understand the situation. I have no hesitation in recommending Susanne if you are feeling lost in your way and need some answers. This lady might be the lady who puts you in the right direction. Thanks again Susanne.


Susanne is a gifted woman and very spot on. I got my new job! I will always want to talk to her and what a lovely person to talk to.


This amazing lady is one source of sanity for me in this dark and complex moment of my life. She is very consistent with what she says and I really do hope it will come to light soon. She uplifts me every time I’m at my lowest and gives me clarity and hope with her abilities. Thanks so much Susanne. I am truly grateful for your words and hopefully they will come to fruition soon. xx


Susanne what a gifted woman. I have spoken to her on many occasions and her predictions were spot on. She has guided me through so many matters of the heart and I can honestly say she can read me like a book as she is so accurate. I always have a positive outlook after our readings. Thank you Susanne. I look forward to my future. xo


Hi lovely lady. I just wanted to let you know that just 5 days after my last reading with you, the argument you predicted I would have with a fair haired man over a child happened. All out of the blue but your words came pouring back to me and I was left thinking "ha" this is what Susanne was talking about. Now I can only hope and pray that sometime soon I can fill another testimonial space confirming that the major prediction I have been hoping for, for so long will also come to be. Thank you gorgeous. xx

Poppet's Mum

I have spoken with Susanne on a number of occasions now and she STILL stands by what she originally predicted for me last year. This year will be the year for me and the other person I asked about. I can’t wait but more so I can't wait to ring Susanne and say "You were spot on". I just love speaking with her. Every time I hang up from speaking with Susanne, I feel great and alive knowing that everything has a purpose and will work out the way it is supposed to.


Susanne is a wonderful gift. Susanne provides clarity to the most challenging of situations concerning the heart. I cannot recommend Susanne more highly for her insightful honest and accurate take of my situation. Thank you, you are a rare person.


This beautiful woman is absolutely brilliant! What a wonderful gift you possess Susanne! Although I have only just received my reading by you, you were so very accurate in your description of people, the age of my child, the gender of my child and the nickname of my child. I have been left with not a single doubt in my mind that you knew exactly what you were talking about and can’t wait to be leaving my next testimonial letting you know what you have predicted has come to be. Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you for the beautiful delivery of the messages you are given. Here's to a New Year full of love, healing and happiness for you!! xx


Hi Susanne, thank you for being so patient with me. You always reassure me and ask me to think positive. It's hard to think positive while my life is in such a mess. I fear the unknown and uncertainty and I sometimes think some of your predictions are impossible and too good to be true. But you're always consistent with your readings and some of your predictions did come true. You can tune into the situation without asking too many details. I'm looking forward to seeing your predictions come true. All my fingers and toes are crossed.


I sit here waiting patiently and can feel my heart pounding in my chest with a million questions wanting to jump out. You don't know me from Adam but my life is a mess. My heart, my mind, my soul. Instantaneously your kind and reassuring voice puts me at rest. I don't know how to thank you for your time, your sympathetic ear, your guidance, counselling and for helping me put my life right. You are so much more than a psychic, a woman of substance and an asset to your profession and an absolute delight. You listened...I am very grateful. Your wit and humour, you make my dark down days bright and blow me down with your prophecies and premonitions. They have all come right and I hope one day I get my Mr Right. With your many readings I doubt you would remember me but I shall always remember you. Thank you Susanne. I hope those that are needing a psychic choose you.

Guess Who

First time reading with Susanne and OMG. She was caring and found the right words to enable me to understand my current situation. Positive and honest. Only hours after I hung up with her the predictions became unfolding.


Susanne is an amazing reader with compassion and understanding. She was so accurate about the situation our family is experiencing. I am looking forward to seeing the outcomes she predicted come to fruition, as I am positive they will be as predicted. Love and light.


Susanne was fabulous and my reading from her gave me such confirmation and validation. She told me that she tells people the truth regarding what she sees and at times it is not what people want to hear. Fortunately for me though, it was all positive and my future gives me something to look forward to. She has a wonderful sense of humour also which helps you feel so at ease. She certainly does not make fun or light of your situation but she just nails it and is so accurate with just a touch of humour added. Susanne is a special person with a special gift. I will definitely call Susanne again.


Susanne is the most compassionate lady with a fabulous reading style. She was spot on with things that are going on in my life right now, and I'm really looking forward to the bright aspects of what she picked up on for the next 3 months.

Kirsten NSW

I have had quite a few readings with Susanne and she is truly amazingly accurate, on everything that I have asked regarding health, relationships and finances. So much so, I have called her back to tell her as I was so surprised at the outcomes she predicted. I would strongly recommend a reading with Susanne as she is a gentle kind, warm person and makes up feel very special.


I had a reading with Susanne recently. She has such a gentle nature and was so positive about many doubts that I have at the moment. Fingers crossed that what she said will come to fruition, as I have had some conflicting readings over the last few months. Whatever happens, she was lovely to talk to. God bless. xx


Brilliant, accurate, awesome. Will look for Susanne again.


I feel that I now have some hope after talking to you today. Thank you.


Susanne is absolutely amazing, she has blown me away. So accurate; a lovely, warm and sincere lady. She knew things no one else could. The best. Thank you.


Susanne is amazing and she is so spot on, so warm and funny and makes you feel really wonderful about everything and I look forward to all the events she has seen for me. I just need to be patient with everything because I’m not very good with that. I will be in touch with wonderful Susanne real soon. Thank you darling. You shine there’s no doubt about it. xx


Thank you so much Susanne. You have given me great support but also wonderful readings. I have appreciated it very much so. You listen and are easy to talk to. You are also truthful. Thank you again.


Well Susanne is fantastic. She really is so gifted and is so on the money with everything she says. And I can’t thank her enough for making me feel better about everything. She is so warm and funny and it’s only a matter of time before things Susanne has seen will be right in front of me and I can’t wait to be in touch with her to tell her all about it. Thank you god for this fantastic lady who has a fantastic gift. You’re amazing Susi Q lol. Love you to the moon. Thank you again. xxoo


Susanne is amazing. I often speak to her to get advice and opinion on difficult situations and the accuracy and detail of her talents never cease to amaze me. Susanne has a rare gift and a heart of gold; she has a beautiful nature and a wicked sense of humour. There have been times when I've felt like some situations in my life have spun out of control to the point of feeling hopelessness. All I need to do is call Susanne and she always knows how to cheer me up by giving me positive advice and the reassurance that everything will be ok. Susanne has the ability to see the outcomes, which she has always been spot on. I thank you Susanne for all the support and sharing your wonderful gifts and helping those in need. Lots of hugs. xx

Porkie NSW

There are not enough words that I can express how I feel about the lovely amazing Susanne. This lady is truly amazing. She deserves more then a testimonial, she deserves a Gold Medal for her 100% accuracy, her loyalty, her empathy, her great sense of humour, her wittiness and most of all her understanding. Susanne you are simply the best, better than all the rest. You have helped me jump my emotional hurdles and have always turned my tears into laughter. Susanne you have helped me see and realise that I am a beautiful person and that I deserve beautiful things that are coming my way, I just have to be patient which is a big challenge for me. So maybe one day I will receive a medal for my patience and Susanne will receive her medal for her amazing physic ability. I can just see us up on the podium together receiving our Gold Medals. Thank you again, you are truly amazing and beautiful and don’t ever lose sight of who you are. Lots of love and light. xx

Guess Who NSW

Very accurate and helpful, and I bought those pink candles :) which help me and she gave me hope. Would highly recommend her to anyone in need. God Bless.

Alex VIC

I have been talking to Susanne whom I affectionately call "My Gypsy Rose" for several months now. Susanne is not only caring and compassionate but also very clear and direct and simple in her readings and keeps it REAL. She has the most amazing sense of humour which makes it easy when at times messages that are not pleasant or easy to accept. I have lost count at the amount of times that Susanne has been spot on the money with things that have occurred that it still baffles me..I mean she is a prophetic reader and no doubt I will be scratching my head with a big smile on my face on a few future events she has told me that will occur which are positive. She speaks with such warmth and care and I always feel at peace and happy after I finish talking to her. She has helped me immensely through my recovery process with my battle with cancer just by being able talk to her and her prophetic messages has helped me understand reasons that things had occurred the way they have. I recommend anyone to at least once speak with Susanne as you will find her very profound.

Annie QLD

I've been talking to Susanne for many months now. She has given me hope and has always understood and been accurate with my situation. Susanne is very easy to talk with. She is very caring, honest, funny and I absolutely love her. Thanks Susanne.

Michelle xxx

I found Susanne to be extremely helpful, insightful and personable. So much so, that by the end of the call I felt considerably better. Through clairvoyance, Susanne helped alleviate a lot of doubts I had been carrying for a long while. I am so pleased with myself to have taken the step to have a reading.

Nella VIC
13-11-2015 do I say this...absolutely amazing! Susanne has been assisting me and predicting all aspects over the last six months which have been 100% spot on. Most recently I attended a special function where Susanne described the exact colour and style of dress I was wearing, I was blown away. Not only is Susanne accurate, she is very compassionate, honest and down to earth. If anyone is looking for the truth, guidance or even a cheer up, I would highly recommend her. xxx


Hi Susanne. Thank you for your helpful reading today. You were spot on with everything. I will be phoning you again soon to tell you the progress and I have purchased a lovely pink candle. Thanks a lot for your time. Bless you.

Sabrina NSW

Well, what can I say about the lovely Susanne? A very insightful, empathetic, informative and inspiring psychic - plus the added bonus all her readings are conducted in a very friendly and cheery manner. Susanne has predicted some big exciting things happening for me, especially with my new business. I have full faith in Susanne's psychic abilities and that her predictions for me will come to fruition. Such a pleasure to have a reading with Susanne. I highly recommend her to anyone contemplating a psychic reading. Keep up your great work Susanne! You'll be hearing from me again soon!! Thanks.

Janine VIC

What a reading! This lady was spot on and helped me so much. She is so good I will always ask for her. Thank you for the care you take to find such wonderful people, I am impressed. Cheers.